When concern for your physical appearance affects your health

It happens to men as well as to women and adults as well as adolescents …

When the pursuit of beauty and physical perfection becomes an obsession, health can be compromised. And this time we are not talking about the female figure but men who seek to have a more attractive image: some want more muscles, others seek to be thinner, all run the risk of becoming slaves of the mirror. What do you think?

We all want to look beautiful and beautiful, and coquetry is no longer exclusive to the feminine world. It is enough to stand in front of the gondolas of masculine products, to give an idea of ​​how important is the care of the image for men.

And certainly, looking good is important to feel good. The problem appears when that becomes an obsession, and then there is no mirror that can reflect the objective reality, because you look how you look, you are never totally satisfied with your physical appearance. And the worst of all is that many times that leads you to take attitudes that can interfere with your relationships and your daily activities .

Some become obsessed with looking thin, as with those with anorexia nervosa , a type of eating disorder characterized by an abnormal fear of gaining weight. Those who suffer from it see themselves as fat, even though they are dangerously thin. They control what they eat, their meals are limited to minimal amounts of some “non-fattening” foods, and they often exercise compulsively, and even take diet pills or slimming supplements .

Others, on the other hand, become obsessed with the idea that they do not have enough muscle mass, a disorder called muscle dysmorphia, known as vigorexia. In these cases, those who suffer from it perceive themselves as weak, without muscle tone, which leads them to spend many hours in the gym and to modify their diet (they choose products rich in proteins and carbohydrates and eliminate basic foods such as fruits. and vegetables), and although they develop excessive musculature, they still look weak. In many cases, they also consume anabolic or steroidal products.

On this self-perception of beauty, a study conducted by Australian researchers, which was published in the Journal of Eating Disorders , suggests that men who only want to increase the size of their muscles tend to have more traditional ideas of masculinity. while those who strive to remain skinny are likely to associate with more feminine stereotypes.

This does not mean that those who had anorexia were less masculine, or that men with vigorexia were less feminine, but it reflects the pressure that men are undergoing at present, to define their masculinity. In the same way, these findings show that sexuality is not one of the main factors of vigorexia, as is often believed, but that it is more related to the way in which men see themselves .

In addition, the researchers noted that the research that has been done over the past decades shows that more and more men say that they are not comfortable with their body image, which may be manifested, either in a desire to lose weight and be thinner, like in gaining weight and muscle mass.

In both cases, the search for that ideal of beauty can become a problem since men tend to adopt unhealthy eating habits and tend to have a compulsion to do extreme exercises, so much so that it alters the quality of life and the usual social and labor relations.

Moreover, this situation can be aggravated if men use steroids or other supplements or drugs, which can damage their health.

Therefore, if you want to look good and healthy, it is best to advise and look for a nutrition and exercise plan according to your physical condition and your lifestyle, which allows you to see better without risking your health.

Are you obsessed by your physical appearance or do you worry at all? What do you think about vigorexia? We would love to hear your opinion, so we invite you to send us your comment below …

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