Work It Out Wednesday, wooo wooo!

From now on, our Work It Out Wednesday will have to double as Bridal Bootcamp because my dear friend and gym buddy-in-crime A is ENGAGED! Wooohooo!


He put a ring on it. S + A = ❀ ❀ ❀

We are super stoked for our darling A – congrats again boo! πŸ˜‰

This morning’s gal workout was medium toughness in anticipation of Sarah killing us in her bootcamp tomorrow (we know it’s coming…). It was a nice way to mix things up and take it easy (especially since my stems are feeling those 7 miles from Monday night – eeeesh). Here is what we did:


Cracking yourself up while Battle Rope-ing is highly recommended. πŸ˜‰

Work It Out Wednesday Bridal BOOTCAMP!

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes, while gossiping

Round One

Repeat this round three times. The time for each exercise is dependent on how long it takes the person with kettle bells to complete two sets of stairs (~1 min).

  • Kettle Bell Walk Up Stairs (2 sets)
  • Battle Ropes
  • Hands to Elbow Plank

Round Two

Repeat this round three times. The time for each exercise is dependent on how long it takes the person to lunge up and back down the basketball court (~ 60 – 90 seconds).

  • Lunges
  • Overhead Shoulder Press with Bar
  • Sit-Ups

We did a few sprints once we finished this round, since we were already on the basketball court (why not).

Round Three

Repeat this round three times. Do each exercise for :30 seconds.

  • Hang from the bar
  • Ball balance
  • Hold medicine ball out straight.

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Gossip and foam roll πŸ˜€


Blooper Reel! It’s okay to almost eat it while trying to balance on the medicine balls, if R captures the moment on film to share with everyone πŸ˜€


Boop! Still got it! I knew you guys loved this from last time, so I’m working up to cranking out some push-ups while balancing so I can upload a video (woo woo!). πŸ˜€

All of these pictures above remind me of this fitness quote:


Um, apparently sh*t is about to go down in the Booyah-sphere every damn day, because you know that pineapple on top of my head happens every. single. morning. Woooooooooot! Pineapple power!

Speaking of pineapples, I had the best, juiciest, most delicious pineapple ever yesterday:


And I learned some new things, that I think everyone else needs to know too:

  • You should store your pineapple on its side and turn frequently so the juice doesn’t all fall to the bottom (Also, you should only store your pineapple at room temperature for 1 – 2 days, but if you plan on waiting a little bit before eating it, you can store it in the fridge for a bit longer).
  • If you fail at proper storage (see above), you can turn your pineapple upside down (good luck balancing it, I put mine in a chair to help) for 30 minutes before cutting it.
  • You can use the end of your vegetable peeler to easily remove the eyes of the pineapple.
  • Momma Booyah (that would be my mom) always taught us that pulling a leaf out of the crown was a sign of ripeness. I just went to verify this fact, and learned that is not necessarily true, and external color does not indicate ripeness either. Unlike other fruits, pineapples stop ripening when they are picked, because a pineapple draws its sweetness from starches in its plant base. Regardless, I will still pluck a leaf and smell the bottom of all of the pineapples in the grocery store anyway because that’s how I roll.

So now you know. *ding*

We had a lot of fun at our workout this morning, I hope you guys have just as much fun as we did, if you decide to put your hair in a pineapple and attempt this Booyah Workout. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Hope you all have a great one today.

beyonce single ladies put a ring on it animated gif

Wait one more Beyonce GIF. Cuz it’s Wednesday. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

With warmth,

L ❀

Work It Out Wednesday!!!

photo-1 (6)

Oh hi. Bulgarian lunges by L. Watch that knee – your front leg should be at a 90 degree angle with the floor, unlike me above. Eh, I’m a work in progress. πŸ˜‰

Hi lovelies! Happy Hump Day! This morning, we had our fitness test (in order to track our progress) in Sarah’s small group training class. Yesterday, she sent out the most terrifying one-line email ever: “SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW AM BRIGHT AND EARLY.Β  THIS TEST IS GOING TO BE TOUGH!” When it’s in all caps, you know it’s going to be intense (and boy oh boy, it was). Despite the fact that just standing upright seems difficult right now, I am prancing around in a state of joy because I *finally* got my pivot turn down for sprints (our sprints consist of running down and back on the gym’s basketball court). Previously, I was the driver of the Sprinting Struggle Bus: my no-tread shoes coupled with my inelegant turns ended up in comical slides, U-turns, near wipe-outs and lots and lots of swearing. But TODAY was The Day, and I decreased my sprint time from 10.1 seconds to 9.4 seconds (woooooo!!!). I felt like I was performing with a handicap this morning because on Tuesday, R, A and I did a pretty intense weekly gal workout (we said we were just going to do “lots of stretching” but that never happens – we are all basically intense bros). When we were getting our pedis yesterday, R and I were both commiserating over how sore our quads were (which is why, when I went to do Box Jumps for my fitness test, I jumped into the side of the box instead of on top of it a few times – yikes). Our Tuesday workout that was responsible for the feeling of overcoming an extra challenge today was pretty clutch, so I wanted to share what we did with you guys. It’s a good simple, quick and moderate-difficulty workout for if you’re feeling really uncreative and want to stick with some tried-and-true basics.


Basic B Workout

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes

Round One

Repeat the round three times, doing each exercise for :30 seconds.

  • Goblet Squat with heavy kettlebell
  • Push-Up
  • Plank

After completing the circuit three times, do some sprints for cardio.

Round Two

Repeat the round three times, doing each exercise for one minute.

  • Bulgarian Lunges (switch legs after :30 seconds)
  • Box Jumps (high box)
  • Sit-Ups

After completing the circuit three times, run some stairs for cardio.

Round Three

Repeat the round three times.

  • 10 x TRX Low Row
  • 10 x Overhead Press (heavy weight)
  • 10 x Bicep curls (heavy weight)

After completing the circuit three times, do some more sprints for cardio.

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Do lots of stretching and drink water!! πŸ˜€

Ohhhhh! Also exciting – on Tuesday, we added on to our stack of boxes for the Box Jump Challenge, and I got up to the next height (yaaaaaaasssss)!! If you remember, at the beginning of January, I encouraged everyone one to pick just one thing to focus on improving (whatever that may be for you – if you need a refresher, check out that post here). So much progress is one week! Double booyah!! I guess that taking a full weekend off to hang with family in Southern Connecticut paid off. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Additionally, I want to give a shout out and huge thank you, because I spent the “sprinting for cardio” segment in between in each round during my Tuesday workout going to New Hampshire Sprinting Camp, where my coaches A & R helped me overcome the hump of my pivot-turn malfunction. I couldn’t have done it without their help, patience and guidance – best gym buddies EVER. πŸ™‚

I hope that you guys are having a super-extra kick ass day like me today! Woohoooo!

With warmth,


No Ragrets

photo 1

This is literally what Boston feels like right now. This snow – whaaat.

Greetings from the arctic tundra – Boston! This morning I laid in bed for a few extra minutes when my alarm went off at 5 am and had a pretty intense internal monologue regarding getting up to go to 5:45 am spin vs. rest day. I literally put my gym clothes on and took them off twice. Seriously.

rest day

Dude, seriously. I do. It’s bad.

My internal monologue went something like this:

Chill L: Uggggghhhhhhhh, I’m so tired. WHY.

Super L: Dude, you got this. You’re going to feel great!

Chill L: Maybe if I shut my eyes I will fall back asleep immediately and the decision will be made for me.

(….2 seconds pass…)

Super L: I’m not going to fall back asleep. Balls. I’m just going to get up and put on my gym outfit.

(…puts on gym clothes…)

Chill L: I want to be asleep right now.

(…takes gym clothes off, climbs back into bed…)

Super L: Ugh. This is so dumb. I just need to get up and GO. (Throws blankets off and climbs back out of bed. Puts gym clothes back on).

Chill L: (While brushing teeth) Why am I doing this again?

Super L: You’ll feel great after. You’ll get to see your gym peeps. You don’t even have to try that hard – active rest day! You can take an extra long shower after. Dude, you even have strawberries in your overnight oats! Scooooore. I bet you’ll even sleep great tonight and have a flat line sleep graph from the Garmin Vivosmart again.

In the end, Super L won and I went to spin class. I was late because of my internal struggles and didn’t get My Bike (because we’ve all passed 2nd grade and are adult enough to not be irrationally annoyed when someone takes your usual spot, right?). Regardless, I talked myself off the ledge and pledged to be calm, enjoy spin, chat with my buddies before class and take it easy, at my own pace. And you know what? It felt stellar. It was one of the best ass-kicking spin class moments that I’ve had in awhile. It makes a huge difference when you take all the pressure you put on yourself and set it aside somewhere else and just try to enjoy the class, listen to your body and take it easy! I felt that I performed really well, the music was great (thanks, Mike!) and I just felt good afterwards. Also, all those endorphs flooding my brain right now are pretty great. Two thumbs up.



I guess this goes to show you that you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself to get a good workout when you’re not really having balls-to-the-wall, Let’s-DO-THIS-kinda morning. If you go in feeling like, “Hey, I can do whatever I want right now! No pressure,” you probably end up having a much better workout (and morning) than if you went in there stressing yourself out because you weren’t really into it. Sometimes all you have to do is show up. Like Mike reminded us this morning as he instructed us to sprint up a hill, “Yah already did the haaadest paaaht, yah showed up! Yah heaah, so let’s work!” in his super amazing accent (translation: “You already did the hardest part, you showed up! You’re here, so let’s work!”). True, Mike. We did it! BOOYAH! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

Picture1Thus, all of these good vibes, associated endorphins and resulting tendency to feel extra zippy and ready to take on my day today, leads to my hump day theme of the day: No Ragrets (please tell me you’ve seen Meet the Millers, because this was my favorite part of the movie):

no ragrets

Also, I love Jason Sudeikis.

Yes. I hope you all enjoy your day today and zoom through it (without putting too much pressure on yourself and just let yourself be)! I mean, no ragrets – sometimes you just have to OWN it! Happy Hump Day, all!

With warmth,

L ❀

Work it OUT Wednesday

Woo woo! It’s HUMP DAY! We made it halfway. πŸ˜€ This morning I had my weekly Gym Buddy Workout with R and S. As per usual, it was wicked hard and spectacular all in one. Last week while I was wooping it up in Florida, I missed my small group circuit class, where we were doing pull-ups (I was legit bummed, because I really want to be able to do just ONE). Because R can successfully do 0.45 pull-ups and I can do 0.12 pull-ups, we added it to our laser-focused short list of areas of improvement (it will now sit alongside tall box jumps and super heavy sled pushes). If you remember, at the beginning of January, I encouraged everyone one to pick just one thing to focus on improving (whatever that may be for you – if you need a refresher, check out that post here). Well, after chipping away at it once a week, I believe I made a teeeeny tiny bit of improvement on my box jumps. Thanks S for capturing this special moment before 6 am:

photo 2I can now focus on the next stack!! Woooohoooo! And don’t worry, I will keep you all posted of my progress. Because even an inch of improvement can make you feel like a complete BOSS and add a little swagger into your day (especially when you can look at something and say “Hey! I did that all on my own!”).

R is a rockstar, so she put together our awesome WOD this morning, focusing on exercises that will help us achieve our specific goals. I can take zero credit for this, because I just participated. But R obv has the right idea: if you’re trying to focus on improving just one thing, do a little research and see what can help you to achieve your goal. Help yourself out! It makes complete sense, but I didn’t really think about it until this morning. Thus, our first round of exercises focused on helping us to accomplish high box jumps, the second will help us get better at doing pull-ups and the third was a great core workout (because you can never go wrong).

photo 5

Body By RS Workout of the Day

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes

Repeat each round three times for (1) One minute; (2) 45 seconds; (3) 30 seconds, with a quick cardio segment in between.

Round One: To Improve Box Jump Height

  • Step-ups (on a tall box)
  • TRX jump squats (or frog jumps)
  • Hamstring curls using yoga ball

In-between each round cardio: (1) Sprints; (2) 3 sets of Stairs; (3) Sprints

Round Two: To Build Pull-Up Muscles

  • Bar hangs
  • TRX bicep curls (or bicep curls with 12 lbs dumbbell)
  • TRX high row

In between each round cardio: (1) Sprints; (2) Alphabet Plank*; (3) Sit-ups for 1 minute

Round Three: Core Blaster

  • V-Ups
  • Plank
  • Russian Twists with 12 lbs dumbbell

We skipped cardio in between each round for this last set because we weren’t feeling it (/we were dying). πŸ˜‰

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Stretch and drink water!! πŸ˜€

So just to clarify: you do each round three times. The first time, you do each of the activities in the round for one minute, then you do your cardio, then you repeat the activities in the round for 45 seconds, then cardio, then 30 seconds for each, etc. Once you’re done with Round One, move on to Round Two! πŸ™‚

*Alphabet Planks: Plank with your forearms parallel to one another on a yoga ball, then write each letter of the alphabet using your arms to move the ball. It sounds easy but it is SO hard (and pretty fun too)!

photo 3

Here we are Alphabet Planking away. πŸ˜€

We had a fab time as usual. Working out with friends is great – you can encourage each other, give each other high-fives when you’ve aced your box jump, and laugh with you when you let go of the bar during the third round of your bar hang and proclaim “I’m dying a death right now!” And at the end of the workout, be completely red-faced and sweaty with, and cheers your accomplishment with fist bumps all around (additionally, you can text them to commiserate when you can’t walk up three flights of stairs at work because your legs are so done-zo). I hope you guys get out there today and kick some serious ASS. I hope that R’s workout has given you some inspiration to work towards your one goal – I know that getting my butt kicked by just hanging from the bar has stiffened my resolve to do that ONE SINGLE DAMN pull up. I will do it. Even if my hands get all blistered and callused from all my attempts (that’s what manicures are for, right?).

Happy Hump Day All! Hope you’re having a great day today. Kick some butt, eh?
With warmth,
L ❀

L’s Get Your Booty Movin’ WOD

Good morning all! I just had a kick ass early morning workout with my gym buddy R and her roomie S and we #killedit. Dude, it is COLD outside, and what better way to warm up than hit the gym and get your sweat on? Today’s focus was on arms and abs (I love working my core!) and is so simple that you can do it right at home – no crazy weird equipment required. πŸ˜€

photo 1

R, S and I killing it at Round 1. Thanks M for the photo!!

Last week, R and I decided to work on two areas we want to improve at the beginning of our Tuesday workout each week. We both want to improve the height of our box jumps, and the amount of weight we can push on the sled. So, after warming up, we used the soft boxes and gradually stacked them up (don’t worry Mom, they have Velcro to enable stacking safely) and practiced our jumps. I was able to jump on one I previously missed last week, with the help of jumping from a two-inch “booster” box. Sometimes it’s baby steps, but you have to believe you will get there. I am coming for you, double stack! I even have the bruises on my shins from my attempts this morning. Giving up does not belong in our vocabulary, amiright?!

I highly encourage you guys to pick one thing you’d like to improve on (whatever that may be – more push-ups, faster sprint times, increasing your squat weight, running one mile without stopping or holding a plank for 30 seconds – whatever! It can be as big or as small as you’d like, because it’s your goal, not anyone else’s). Try it at the beginning on your workout – even if it’s just one day a week, like R and I are doing, and see if you can just chip away at it each week and see where you end up. I bet you’ll end up a lot farther along that you think. Sometimes it takes having laser focus on just one thing to help motivate us out of bed in the morning, or to put those sneakers on after work. Who knows how long it’s going to take me to be able to get up on that double stack of boxes but I WILL do it. You’ve got to believe in yourself, and all that you’re capable of. You got this!!

photo 3

Here we are still killing at Round 1: L on the tricep dips, S on the overhead press squats and R slayingggg the lay down push-ups. We rock.

L’s Get Your Booty Movin’ WOD (PS: WOD = Workout Of the Day)

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes

Repeat each round three times for (1) One minute; (2) 45 seconds; (3) 30 seconds, with a quick cardio segment in between

Round One: Arm Blaster

  • Tricep dips
  • Medicine ball squat & press
  • Lay down push-ups

In-between each round cardio: (1) Sprints; (2) Stairs; (3) Sprints

Rest, drink some water/listen to the 6:10am Second Date Update on 96.9 FM and catch your breath before going to the next round.

Round Two: Abs Smasher

  • Ab bikes
  • Russian twists with medicine ball
  • V-Ups

In between each round cardio: Mountain Climbers (all three rounds)

One Final Blast Before Cool Down: Sprints and lunges for as long as you want. We sprinted half court on our gym’s basketball court and did lunges to half court and back, just for a little extra focus on the stems.

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Stretch and drink water!! πŸ˜€

So just to clarify: you do each round three times. The first time, you do each of the activities in the round for one minute, then you do your cardio, then you repeat the activities in the round for 45 seconds, then cardio, then 30 seconds for each, etc. Once you’re done with Round One, move on to Round Two! πŸ™‚

photo 2

This pic is obv blurry because we were moving so fast.

I feel like my butt was sufficiently kicked this morning and am ready to zoom through my day!! I can’t wait to eat a heaping serving of the Green Goddess Bowl I made this weekend for lunch! I hope that you guys have found some inspiration for getting out there and out of your workout comfort zone today. And, seriously think about that one personal goal – my shins are a little sore from smashing into the upper edge of that box, but they have steeled my determination to keep chipping away at it (those bruises are going to look HOT in my bikini in Florida!). It’s nice to have just one goal to really focus on. We’re totally going to kill it (eventually).

Sending you lots of booyah today! Happy Tuesday All!

With warmth,

L πŸ˜€

photo 4

This gigantic LL Bean parka is normally reserved for the Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo, NY to watch the Bills. However, it was 12 F when I woke up to go to the gym at 5 am and so I deemed it completely necessary. Sending you lots of warmth from the frigid Northeast today!! πŸ˜€

PS: Also to note – I’m a scientist, not a certified trainer. I come up with these workouts for fun and to suit my own needs. I love hearing what other people are doing, and gathering inspiration from their routines. It’s great to mix it up and get some new ideas for my own workouts. I love sharing my fitness journey with you guys for your own inspiration – but please before any crazy attempts are made, if you’re new at this whole working out thing, make sure you’re getting the appropriate training from a certified trainer/doctor’s ok if necessary so you don’t hurt yourself, mk?? I care about you guys and don’t want you to get hurt! We all are new at some point, and when I first started out on my fitness journey, my form was GOD AWFUL until my trainer taught me the appropriate form (and continues to fix, realign and helps me to improve today). So, make sure you have someone (who knows what the F they are doing) show you the ropes.

L’s Holiday Stress Smashing HIIT WOD!

I decided to suck it up and headed to the gym for a quick lunchtime HIIT workout. It had me sweating after only one round, and so I thought I’d share it with you guys! It’s a great way to smash the holiday stress (besides a nice hot and sweaty yoga sesh, or a glass of vino, or a bubble bath – any of those are acceptable too). Here we go!

What you need: a couple of dumbbells (I used a pair of 12.5’s and one 25 lbs)

  • :30 jumping jacks
  • :30 mountain climbers
  • :30 dumbbell lunges (right side)
  • :30 dumbbell lunges (left side)
  • :30 goblet squats
  • :30 burpees (/jog in place if you’re dying)
  • :30 shoulder presses
  • :30 burpees
  • :15 air jump rope
  • :30 dumbbell side squats (right side)
  • :30 dumbbell side squats (left side)
  • :30 tricep extensions
  • :15 air jump rope
  • :30 reverse flyes
  • 1:00 plank

Repeat three to four times for a full workout! In between each set, I listened to one song of my choice and shadow-boxed the first round (with 5 lb weights in hand, along with some duck and weaves and frog jumps), I did some extra ab stuff (bicycles, V-ups, sit-ups) the second round, and the third round I did some extra upper body (push-ups, ball slams, etc). After the fourth round I laid down on the mat and thanked the lordddd I was still alive (HALLELUJAH! That’s Christmas-y right?) It’s a great way to smush a lot of activity into a relatively short period of time. Each round is 7 1/2 minutes, and is super intense (at least for me, I was dying half-way through). Immediately after finishing, I grabbed a few sips of water and caught my breath before doing my “one song workout” in between each round. Needless to say, I feel SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT LIFE NOW.

photo 1

Real Talk: Okay, so I totally only took this pic because my gym buddy R told me that I look totally JACKED when I do these. Loving ittt!

photo 2

Not sure why it looks like my legs are out of alignment with my hips here, but yours should not be. PLANK IT UP! My fave move EVER. πŸ˜‰

I always have trouble when I’m on my own at the gym, which is why I tend to love going to classes because you never have to think this stuff up for yourself. This time, I just sat down and wrote down some things I liked and wanted to do (goblet squats) and mixed in some things I really despise (burpees) to give myself some “treats” but also something to work for during my workout. It’s always good to mix in things you are not loving because then you can be like “Yo, I hated that but then I totally rocked that sh*t. I am the King/Queen of the Universe right now.” I hope this helps you guys out if you’re feel a little uninspired at the gym. Obviously, feel free to substitute some things that you love/hate to customize your workout. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Happy Holiday Stress Smashing/Workout!


PS: Don’t forget to stretch or drink water!! πŸ˜‰ Very important stuff right there.

WOD: I Drank my Boom Juice This Morning


I started my morning off like this…

It was not easy to get out of bed today. I had to put some extra zap into my internal monologue to convince my limbs to extract themselves from the warm and uber cozy blanket cocoon they were wrapped in. When your alarm goes off at 5:05 am (yes I need those extra five minutes) everyday, it is hard to un-starfish yourself, put on spandex and get your booty out the door. When I’m really not feeling it, I always tell myself (“L, let’s discuss…”):

1. You’ll feel better if you go (When have you ever regretted going to the gym?).

2. You won’t be able to fall back asleep and you’ll be mad at yourself for not going (This is true 95% of the time).

3. Your workout is DONE before 7 am!

4. You get to see your gym buddies, and they all had to get up out of bed too.

Active L won over Grumpy L, and I managed to make it all the way to the gym to find out that the Boot Camp instructor was not feeling well and wouldn’t be able to make it. I definitely had a moment of “What?! NO!!!” and then realized that I was facing either a really boring workout on the treadmill (AND my headphones were sitting in my car….which was far away…ish…) or we were going to have to pull off Boot Camp ourselves. Luckily, my gym buddy K and I are the bossiest b*tches around, so we came up with a pretty dope circuit (with the assistance of the “Dance Cardio” Pandora station, we killed it). So, just in case you’re in need for a pretty killer workout today with limited equipment (a set of heavy weights, an aerobic step bench with risers, a barbell) – here you go!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


I was a total creeper and had to go back into the studio to take this phot so I wouldn’t forget what our kick-ass circuit was…

Each station was done for 1 minute each, and in between each circuit we ran 2 sets of stairs (~4 flights each per set).

Circuit One: Legs

1. Jumping over bench (Bench with 2 risers on each side)

2. Bulgarian Lunges off the bench with weights (Bench with 2 risers)

3. Sit-ups

4. Burpees

5. Dumbbell Step-Up on Bench (Bench with 5 risers)

6. Squats with barbell (with 20 lbs or more on barbell)

7. Push/flip heavy boxing bag

After repeating the Leg circuit twice, we switched the circuit around, using the same equipment, to focus on arms.

Circuit Two: Arms

1. Mountain climbers off the bench

2. Chest fly with weights

3. Plank

4. Burpees*

5. Dips off bench (or overhead tricep extension)

6. Shoulder press with barbell (I did a squat press because I’m a lover of squats – gotta get that booty!)

7. Push-ups

We did the arm circuit twice as well, and let me tell you, as I sit here typing it and drinking coffee, I can FEEL it! Workout success! It was not only the physical challenge that gave me the extra boost I feel today, but the mental challenge as well. I tend to go to classes every morning because I sometimes shy away from creating my own workouts. Beyond the fact that I simply like exercising in a group setting, creating my own workout seems a little intimidating. But you realize, that in a pinch, you know more than you give yourself credit for and it’s really not that difficult after all. It also helped that I felt I had to make my instructor proud, so I pushed myself to the very last second of that one minute interval (I was also the time-keeper, so I felt it was necessary to be a good example). It’s often the mental challenge that we overcome (knowing you pushed yourself, even though class didn’t go as planned, and there was no one cheering you on besides yourself) that makes you really feel like you drank your boom juice.


I ended my morning like THIS! BOOM!

In the end, it didn’t really matter that half the class left before we set up our amazing circuit and only ~10 – 15 people participated, it mattered that the two new girls who had never been before said, “This is really hard! You’re kicking our ass.” I knew my trainer would be proud. πŸ˜€

I hope you guys get a big ol’cup of boom juice this morning to get your day started. πŸ˜›