L’s Spring Break Packing Must Haves


Whether you’re off to spring break (in reality or in spirit) or planning a warm getaway, these travel essentials must make it into your suitcase. Get ready to get your tan on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Panana Hat


This hat is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I wear it all summer long to shade my face from the sun, whether I’m laying on the beach or not. It’s cute, chic and goes with pretty much anything – and adds a little flair to your basics. You can also completely smush it in your suitcase and use damp water and a hair dryer set on low to reform the shape. If it’s good enough for Paul Newman and Ernest Hemingway, it’s good enough for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Panama Hat, J.Crew, $58

2. Tote Bag


If anyone tries to tell you that anything other than L.L. Bean’s Boat and Tote bag is the best bag ever, they are clearly wrong. You can stop searching – this is seriously the best tote bag ever. It’s durable, strong, watertight and simply a classic (and you can monogram that sh*t). You can even use it to bail water out of your sinking canoe – I speak from personal experience. It’s made in Maine, and was originally made from builder’s canvas and used in the 1940’s to haul ice – it’s been tested to hold up to 500 lbs (so you can bring ALL the snacks to the beach with you). And, it’s incredibly reasonably priced. Win all around.

Large Open-top Boat and Tote, L.L. Bean, $34.95

3. Adorbs Bikini

swimI hate to dip in the same honey pot twice, but I love me some J. Crew. I’ve been buying their swimwear for years (you can get some great sales, too! Watch out for those 30% off coupons via email). This bikini (full disclosure: I have one in purple) is cute, flattering, retains its color/shape no matter what, and comes in more sizes and styles than you could possibly ever want (most of swim tops come in bra sizes, so you will get a near perfect fit for your girls every time). I love their solid colored suits because they are so easy to mix and match, and you can adjust the style based on how daring you’re feeling, since their bottoms come in a wide variety of cuts with varying degrees of bum coverage. This top has a great detail of boning at the sides and comes with a removable halter strap, so you can keep flashing to a minimum when you dive in the water to cool off.

Twist-bandeau Underwire Bikini Top, and Sport Hipster Bikini Bottom in Neon Pink, J. Crew, $50 and $40, respectively

4. Sunscreen


Hi, have we met? I’m a beach ghost. If I laid down next to computer paper I would blend in. Thus, sunscreen is a MUST. It’s really a must for everyone, no matter what your skin tone (I’m shaking my finger at all of you non-sunscreen wearers). I will NOT leave the house/hotel room/shady spot until I am covered head-to-toe in SPF 70. No sunburns here folks! This sunscreen is a great one for your beach bag because, since it’s a spray, it’s so easy to apply (Warning: Not for use in windy areas! You’ll get blotchy coverage!). Or, if you’re me, apply/reapply a bagillion times out of sunburn paranoia. I’ve been using it since it came out, and I’ve always been happy with it.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheerยฎ Body Mist Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70, $10.99

5. Bb Surf Spray

bb surf spray

Pretty much the best Spring Break hair product ever invented, Bumble and bumble surf spray gives your hair the perfect, glossy magazine-worthy beach waves, turning your post-pool party hair from yikes to yes in a few spritzes (so you can go from laying on the beach to happy hour without spending forever getting ready). Even my crazy curls get a beach-y, piece-y, matte texture that looks phenomenal with a newly acquired sun-kissed glow and brand new freckles. The. Best. And it works for all hair types, even my sister’s pin straight hair, if she would let me try it on her. ๐Ÿ˜›

Bumble and bumble surf spray, $27

6. Cute Dress

splendid dressI always like to bring a “cute enough for dinner but casual enough to throw on over my swimsuit” cotton (read: breathable) dress, because you never know where your next spring break adventure will take you. It’s perfect for packing in your tote bag and throwing over your suit to go out after the beach, and it can be dressed up with accessories to still look super cute and stylin’ over cocktails and a nice dinner. Versatility with vacation clothing is a big deal to me, and I do my best to make sure what I bring can be worn for multiple occasions. Simple, chic and versatile is where it’s at.

Splendid 2 x 1 Racerback Dress, Shopbop, $57

7. Wedges

wedgesSpeaking of dressing up/dressing down, it always serves you well to throw a pair of cute wedges into your suitcase. They can work with more of your casual pieces to dress them up a touch, and they (obvvv) make your legs look smokin’ hot. Work it, girl. I always like to wear wedges because they are super comfortable (and I want to be taller than 5’4), and they perfectly straddle the line between casual/chic that works especially well for spring break. These ones have a little metallic jazz that I could get into in order to amp my style game up a notch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Steve Madden Montaukk Wedges, Zappos.com, $79.95

8. Fun jewelery

gorjanaI adore Gorjana jewelery because it’s delicate, layer-able and always on-point (in a never-too-much kinda way). This lariat necklace would look equally cute over a maxi dress to style it up a little bit, and you can leave it on over your swimsuit if you want to rock it on the beach like a fashion blogger. Layer it with other necklaces over a flowy top (spoiler alert: one is coming up on this list next) and you have got yourself one hell of a cute outfit. I always find bringing accessories on vacation/Spring Break really does wonders to make your outfits looks intentional and chic instead of throw together from a suitcase. Win.

Gorjana Mika Lariat Necklace, Shopbop, $75

9. Flowy Top

20150326092903If you’ve read B & B before, you would know my undying love for anything and everything Free People (that’s my jam right there). I always love a little hippie vibe thrown into the style mix, and this cute flowy top is super adorbs and super versatile (yessss!). You can wear this tunic over your swimsuit straight to beach if you’re willing to flash a little cheek in the case of a gusty wind (hey, it happens) and you can also dress this up/down appropriately for dinner, wandering/seeing the sights or hittin’ the flea market. The gauzy cotton keeps you cool and comfortable, and looking hella cute.

Take Me to the Beach Woven Tunic, Free People, $78

10. Jean Shorts

hudsonLet’s be honest: Spring Break is nothing without jean shorts. I know my denim, and Hudson jean back pockets are like a Brazilian Butt Lift for your booty. They make your butt look super cute, and the rolled up hem gives your stems a nice leg lengthening situation so you fit right in with Cindy, Naomi, Christy and Claudia (we know my 5’4 self is into it). These ones are especially soft and have the perfect amount of stretch (enough so you can wear them all day but not so stretchy they get baggy and loose by cocktail hour) so you can even take them for a day-long hike in the jungle/shopping at the flea market and be perfectly comfortable.

Hudson Hampton Cuffed Short in Hackney, $128

11. Sunnies


Sunglasses! A vaca must if there ever was one! You’ll def need a chic pair to go from the beach to sight-seeing to hiking to lounging to happy hour and all over again. If I had an exorbitant amount of money to drop on a pair of shades, it would be this pair. I love the cat-eye look, and I’m obsessed with MK&A’s Elizabeth and James brand. So chic, so flawless – perfection. Want!

Elizabeth and James Fairfax Sunglasses, $185

I hope this list of must-haves helps you to pack for your next Spring Break Adventure! Enjoy it. And wooohoo, it’s almost Friday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ What are your Spring Break Must Haves?? Tell me all about it in the comments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

With warmth,


spring break

Friday Faves :)

photo-2I have returned from Florida! I only have about 1,372 emails to catch up on (yikes). It was a gloriously relaxing time – I was so spoiled! Waking up and being able to run on the beach at my leisure is absolute heaven to me. I spent a lot of time with my family, going on at least two beach walks a day, in addition to swimming and running. I even tapped into the Booyah Jar a few times for bootcamp motivation (my parents thought I was a psycho doing suicides down the street in 98% humidity). I don’t know how many times I said “this is greaaaaat” each day, but at least once for every email I have. ๐Ÿ™‚ My carnivorous Italian-American dad even didn’t mind eating some vegan dishes for Veganuary! This also was open season for my family to make blog-related jokes – everything we did was “________ and Booyah.” For example, “Doggie and Booyah” (my parents have a 4 year old black lab named Athena) where my dad said you can “make a little jar filled with slips of paper on how to take care of your dog, like ‘Take your dog out to do his/her business'”. His version was a little more colorful, and I know these jokes are probably lost on 98% of you guys, but I was highly entertained. Life is going to be really long and boring if you can’t at least laugh at yourself! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Now it’s back to reality, and real life! I was brushing snow off my car at 5 am before spin, and swallowed my Vitamin D this morning after breakfast instead of soaking it up on the beach. Back to it!! Let’s get right down to it: this week’s Friday faves. ๐Ÿ˜€

1. ioi Works Running Armband

armbandBasically, this little guy saved my life in Florida. I don’t love having to hold onto something (minus water) when I’m running, so I generally stuff my phone in a pocket. This works great when it’s below 40ยฐF/4ยฐC and I’m wearing running tights or crops that have side pockets on the leg. However, when it’s hot as balls (to my WNY self that would be over 40ยฐF) and you don’t want your phone pulling your shorts down, this guy comes to the rescue. I finally cracked and got this ioi Works running arm band (it’s from Amazon and available for Prime – surprise!) immediately before going to Florida on a whim. I’m usually not into it – I don’t like “things” on me when I’m running because I find them to be super distracting and annoying, they prevent me from getting into my running groove. This one is made of neoprene, so it’s stretchy (you don’t feel like your bicep is in a vice) and actually stays put. It even comes with a little side pouch for your headphones. I rolled my headphones cord up so it was out of my way and stuck the excess length in there – perf! The only thing I recommend is putting a little Body Glide in the spot where it goes if it’s really hot so you don’t get any weird chafing (I really did this in an excess of caution – the times I didn’t Body Glide my arm, it was fine. Remember, I’m also a sweaty half Italian).

2. The Gulf of Mexico.


‘Nuf said.

3. Nature’s Path Variety Pack of Instant Oatmeal

naturespathOn vacation, I made a packet of these before I went for a run each morning. They are quick, easy, packable, VEGAN! and organic. They are easy on the stoms and gave me a quick boost before my morning runs. Since everyone else was still sleeping when I would go for my morning run, it was extremely helpful that they are basically silent to make (a plus when you’re sharing a house with a 10-month old). I made mine with unsweetened almond or coconut milk and it totally hit the spot. I chose this brand in particular because it’s a) vegan and b) I like supporting businesses that are family run and strive for sustainability. You’ve gotta put your money where your mouth is sometimes. I almost always take a few packets of these with me when I go on travel, the Blueberry Flax flavor is another fave. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Athleta Chi Tank

photo-1 (2)I rarely cheat on Lululemon, but when I do, it’s with these Athleta tank tops. These tanks RULE. They are cute enough to be worn in real life, and unlike the Lulu version, they aren’t skin tight luon but have a little more breathing room that makes them cute enough for casual wear. The fabric is lighter and a little more forgiving, and super comfortable. When I wore this tank running, it was light, airy and sweat wicking (and zero chafing) – everything you could want in active wear. I am buying a bunch more of these guys for spring, because they are wicked cute (and they have some bright, fun colors on sale now, too)! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: There is a 20% off your entire purchase deal at Athleta until 1/19 with the coupon code ATHLETA20. Woohooo!!

I hope you guys had a great week – I can’t wait to catch up on reading my own blog roll and seeing what everyone has been up to this week! I miss you guys and can’t wait to bring you some more Bubbles and Booyah original recipes – I am super excited to continue to create and experiment with vegan cuisine in my kitchen this weekend (is it kind of sad that I am looking forward to going grocery shopping, cooking and then curling up with a glass of wine and Netflix tonight? I guess I’m getting old!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh also – It’s been over two weeks of Veganuary and basically this shiz is the best. I feel AWESOME. It makes you think about what you’re putting into your mouth, and be more creative with what you’re eating to ensure you’re getting all the delicious nutrients you need! Just watch out – I might join you veegs for realsies!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy, happy Friday all!

With love,

L โค


Booyah Bootcamp!

Many of you have read my post about theย Booyah Jarย last week and were wondering how my fitness journey was going on vacation. Well, I let my 10 month old nephew pick my exercises today, and was rewarded with a great core workout!! Here is what my nephew picked:

I nominated my sister to be my official B & B blog photographer in order to capture Booyah Bootcamp in action!


Side Plank, each side for 30 seconds.


V-Ups – I added a twist to kick it up a notch ๐Ÿ˜‰


Reverse burpees – if you don’t know what they are, they are basically a burpee with the normal jump, and then you tuck into a ball and roll backwards (instead of a push-up). They are toughhh but are a great core workout! And kind of fun (in a twisted way). ๐Ÿ˜›


Weeeeee!!! Frog Jumps – one of my favorite ways to BLAST my legs. ๐Ÿ˜€


Woooohooo, mid-launch on the frog jumps!

Let me tell you – it ain’t bad doing Booyah Bootcamp by the pool in Florida (even though it’s overcast and humid today, it’s 75F!! I’ll take it because I know I won’t be wearing shorts and tank in Boston for a long time!). After going through the exercises three times with a rest in between (prob should have done 4 but I was really just feeling 3 – I think I can get a special vaca dispensation), I went for a quick 3.3 mile run on the beach for cardio and called it a day. Now I’m ready to shop with my mom, sister and nephew while we get a few thunderstorms rolling through this afternoon. I hope you all are having wonderful days today!! Sending warmth your way (there isn’t much for sunshine at the moment).

With warmth,
L ๐Ÿ˜€

Good morning from Florida!

Hi all!! I’m just here to write a quick hi from Florida and wish you all a great Monday! I’m writing to you all from the lanai – it’s already 70 F here (wooohoo!). This morning I went on a sunrise beach walk with my sister and my nephew. It was an absolutely stunning and refreshing way to start my morning. I’ve been running like a maniac here – the sunshine and gulf air have been really motivating, so I’ve been doing a pretty awesome 6+ mile loop every morning. Today I’m taking it easy. At some point today, I’ll be doing a sweet Booyah Bootcamp built from the contents of the Booyah Jar. Check my Instagram feed for what I pull out later!! ๐Ÿ™‚ With that I’ll leave you some phots from my walk.



My sister capturing the sunrise with my nephew in the ergo carrier ๐Ÿ™‚ My heart melts for that little dude!


Sending all the Florida warmth and sunshine your way!! Especially up North where it is cold and stormy today!! โค

With warmth,


PS: Today is my half birthday! Approximately ten years ago today, I went to a fraternity party in full birthday regalia and convinced everyone it was my real birthday by shouting “IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYY!” …until my best friend B blew up my spot (and my sister outed me on Facebook – I bet I would have gotten away with it had it not been another girl’s actual birthday, whoops!) Whatevs, I believe these things should be celebrated regardless. So I’ll be wearing my imaginary birthday crown today and whoop-ing it up! I encourage you all to do the same just cuz. it’s Monday, it’s January – why not just add a little extra sparkle to today?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Monday All!!!

Jar o’ Booyah

photo 1 (3)

The Booyah Jar

Sometimes, I need a box of booyah To-Go. I’m just going to put this out there: when I travel (whether it be for work or vacation), I am really bad at coming up with my own bootcamp-esque workouts to supplement my runs (uh, and more importantly – even just motivating myself to just do them!). I’ve gotten much better, but I don’t always love having to sit and plan out a full body workout for each day in between sipping margaritas. Running is so easy – all you do is tie up your sneakers, put on some good jams and go. Since I’ve been working so hard and training for my half, with lots of strength training thrown into the mix, I don’t want to lose my guns when I go to Florida (I read some alarming statistics on how quickly you can lose muscle mass – and after all that hard work I’ve put in, that is not an option for me)! Thus, I came up with a fun way to avoid that sitch altogether: The Booyah Jar. WTF is that, you ask? Well, let me tell you!!

photo 2 (6)Let me start out by saying: I am not crafty. Despite having been in a sorority, I defied the odds and still made it through my college years without acquiring any craft skills. That’s okay though – this little project requires almost zero skills – only a mason jar, a piece of white paper, and some markers. I wrote down as many quick exercises that I could think of, cut them into small strips of paper, folded them in half and placed them in the mason jar (I have a lot of shoes to bring to Florida, so I will actually be bringing this in a Ziploc bag, but the Mason jar looks much nicer for permanent storage). It’s like a boot camp cheat sheet – depending on how you feel, you can withdraw as many slips of paper as you like, and based on the odds involved here, you’ll come up with a completely unique workout each time. It takes out all of the guess work and planning involved in coming up with your own workout away from home (or even at home!). And depending on how much time you have each day, you can tailor your workout to being as long or as short as you’d like. Plus, it’s a completely spontaneous and fun way to motivate yourself to be active – who doesn’t love a little surprise now and then? Also it takes literally five minutes to throw together. So easy! Also – make sure you throw some fun/silly ones in there, because everybody needs a good belly laugh every now and then, too.

photo 5 (6)

Here are all the exercises I put into my booyah jar – feel free to use these, or put whatever your favorites are in there! ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2 (2)

I added these fun ones in my jar for a special surprise – they are sure to bring a smile to my face if I pull one out.

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (3)I brought a Booyah Jar into my bootcamp class this morning, and my trainer totally dug the idea! At the end of class (usually a time reserved for grueling sprints up and down the basketball court), each person got to pull an exercise out of the jar, and we went around in a circle doing them together. So fun! I could see adding some more advanced exercises and bringing this to my Tuesday morning workouts with my friends, when we are too lazy to put together our plan of attack in advance.

photo 5 (2)

My trainer made me pull out the Carlton Dance slip this morning – the entire class had a good laugh watching each other do the Carlton at 6 am. Pretty epic.

I am really digging this craft proj, and I am so pumped to try it out when I go to Florida – I can’t wait!! I hope you guys are having a great day today! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sending lots of Booyah your way today! *Carlton dance*

With warmth (fa real bc it’s FRIGID outside today!),


PS: When I went to the gym this morning it was 1ยฐF (-17ยฐC) outside.

photo 3 (3)However, the gym was still warm (yay for forced air heat!). Don’t use the cold as an excuse to not go – you’ll feel SO much better afterwards. I did. ๐Ÿ˜€

photo 5 (3)