NYC Midnight Half Packing List


Hi everyone and Happy Friday! In lieu of Friday Faves, I wanted to share my packing essentials for my upcoming weekend NYC trip. I always find these packing lists helpful when others share them, so I wanted to spread the wealth. I’ll also be posting my OOTD pics on my Instagram account @bubblesandbooyah, so you’ll be able to see how what I packed translates into actual outfits. I’m staying 3 nights and 3 days in New York, and the weather is varying between sunny and 80°F (26°C) today to 61°F (16°C) and rainy on Monday.


Here’s what I packed:

  • Yellow patterned cardigan sweater (from Targ-ay, a million years ago!)
  • Brightly colored raincoat (seen previously on my post L’s Spring Running Essentials)
  • 2 Summer-y dresses, in jersey (easily fold-able and can be dressed up/down)
  • Free To Be Wild Bra from Lulu (also a throwback Friday Fave)
  • Flowy Free People top (for going out/being casual)
  • Jean shorts
  • Lounge/brunch outfit: Athleta tank top, Lulu wunder under crops
  • Race outfit (x 2, because I couldn’t decide): 2 shorts / 2 tanks / 1 sports bra / 2 pairs of legit running socks
  • Racing sneakers
  • Jazzy flat sandals
  • PJ’s
  • Lots of accessories: 2 long necklaces, a stack of wrap bracelets, fun rings and dangly earrings
  • Race essentials: gels, iPhone arm band, inhaler, portable water bottle, headphones

All of that stuff PLUS my toiletries/makeup fit into my fave travel backpack from Lulu. Also, since I can never travel without food, I packed a few packets of oatmeal, Justin’s nut butter packets and a protein bar. BAM. I’m a packing monster!


I am SUPER STOKED to see my BFF Britt and for this race/our adventure to complete this race. We may be slow, and tie for last place, but we will have 10,000 times more fun than anyone else, no doubt.

Here’s some more info on the Midnight Half organized by the Orchard Street Runners:

Wish us good luck! We will DEF need it.

With warmth,


xoxox ❤

L On-the-Go – Tropical Style!

Well, I’ve finally finished doing my least favorite thing ever – packing!! – all while gabbing with my bestie on the phone and having a full fledged fashion show in my bedroom for way longer than necessary. I even risked setting the jeans avalanche free from the top shelf of my closet while I was digging around trying to find my running visor I stowed up there sometime in August. I do, however, love writing these posts because I usually find them super helpful when reading other people’s packing essentials. I’m heading to Florida for 7 nights and 6 days, and the weather right now is between 70 and 80°F (gorgeous). If you’ve read any of my previous posts, my one requirement is that everything must fit into a carry-on approved roller bag (bc I am not into checking bags – I like to stow and go).

photo 2

Here’s What I Packed:

  • 3 cute dresses (one super casual that can double as a swim cover, a maxi and a regular dress)
  • 1 pair of jean shorts
  • A ton of athletic shorts (6 pairs – don’t judge me)
  • 6 pairs of socks/3 headbands
  • 4 short sleeve shirts (one Lulu swiftly that can be worn running)
  • 4 tank tops (that can be worn in real life/layered and while working out) + 3 tanks (that will definitely get sweaty and gross on long runs)
  • 3 bathing suits (bc I’m a female and obv need three different ones)
  • 2 pairs of crops (casual/active wear)
  • 1 pair of skinny jeans + 1 long sleeve shirt + 1 zip up jacket (to worn if it’s cool in morning/evenings, and on the way home)
  • Sports bras
  • 1 cardigan (if it’s cold, or to be layered over tanks/dresses)
  • Water bottle, arm band, gels, inhaler, bodyglide, extra sunnies (all the essentials for long runs)
  • Extra packets of oatmeal for snacks
  • Red Sox hat and running visor (bc I’m a ginger)
  • Various accessories – long necklace, chunky necklace, bracelets
  • Booyah jar (transferred into a Ziploc bag)
  • Chargers for phone and Garmin watch

….And it all fits!

photo 3

Well I’m off to bed. I have an early day tomorrow!

Goodnight all!

L ❤

L on the go – part deux!

Whew! Man it’s hard to get my blog on when I’m running around like a crazy person and adjusting to a different time zone. Anywho, I succeeded in exercising this morning (my first full day here!) and ran a semi-slow/semi-pathetic 4 miles at 5:30 am this morning in downtown Albuquerque. In the dark at least, New Mexico seems pretty awesome. 😀

In actual blog news, I’d like to share part two of my packing list: the carry on! I packed this baby to the gills yesterday morning before heading here, and I’m proud to report that I successfully fit everything in there AND (bonus!) my bag still fit all the way under my seat – woohoo!

I got this awesome printed Lulu backpack on sale in CT with my sister. She always finds the best Lu on sale and it must have rubbed off on me that day bc this bag is SICK. It literally has a billion pockets and fits all your sh*t.


Here’s what I packed.
Laptop (to keep in contact with all you lovelies, although I’m blogging this from my phone during a talk – shh don’t tell) 😉
Wireless mouse (I love this thing)
Book (second one in my ancient Egypt series by Wilbur smith – it’s AMAZINGGG!)
Wallet (no brainer)
Phone charger (just in case you have a moment to juice up in the airport)
2 magazines (Glamour from Dec and Jan bc I’ve been wicked busy and haven’t even opened the December issue)
Wet wipes (no germs for me! I wipe down all surfaces I touch on the plane – along with those of my colleagues, I don’t want those germs either. So I’m talking armrests, tray table front and back, etc. Yes, I’m certifiably nuts).
Hand sanitizer ( see reasons listed above)
Advil (altitude sickness is not gonna win)
Hair elastics (always need those)
Snacks!! (Nuts and a builders bar in addition to the lunch I packed and also stowed in here)
Liquids (hair products, perfume and eye make up remover – My essentials.)
Vinyasa scarf
S’well reusable water bottle

And that’s it. Fight the urge people, to not fall victim to over packing.

I hope this helps in your holiday travels, I’m sending you love from the beautiful southwest today!!



L on the go!

Here we go again, another work travel adventure. This time I’m heading to New Mexico (super stoked, I’ve never been!). I’m currently writing to all of you beauts from the Logan Airport amongst all the business commuters. I thought I’d share another packing list, since we are getting close to prime time holiday travel, it may help your packing needs!! Here we go.

What’s being packed:
Three casual shirts (one is a run shirt but cute enough to be worn in real life, thanks Lululemon!)
One pair of skinny jeans
Workout clothes (two tanks, one long sleeve, one pant and one crop, two sports bras, a headband, ear warmer and running gloves for both in the gym and outside workouts)
Business attire (a pencil skirt, two blouses, a dress, a nice pair of slacks, a cardigan)
Fun outfit (sweater dress)
Travel home outfit (slouchy sweater, leggings, tank)
Shoes (sneakers, TOMS flats, high heels)
Two pairs of tights (& plenty of undergarment unmentionables)
Food!! (4 packs of vegan oatmeal, 4 kind bars, 4 chia bars, 4 CLIF builders bars – who knows what kind of food will be available?)

All of that fits right into my small, roller bag that is a carry on (along with a few toiletries) with room to spare. I always do my best to choose things that can be mixed and matched. I do my best to fight the urge to overpack (an affliction I frequently suffer from). I always bring mix and match workout gear so I have the option to go for runs outside and do some weight training in the gym – I don’t like to be limited. It’s high elevation (for little sea level, asthmatic moi) so I don’t have high expectations for long runs but is like to challenge myself to at least two runs, even if they are short. 😉

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I usually find my veg options pretty lackluster on travel. I’ve packed my own lunch to eat on the plane (two apples, best baked tofu, and the last serving of the butternut and kale I made last week). I always bring a bunch of things I can eat: kind and chia bars for quick snacks, oatmeal for breakfast/if I’m starving and can make using the coffee machine in my room, and builders bars just in case I’m way below the amount if protein I need for the day. It always makes me feel better to a) have snacks and b) know I won’t starve! 🙂

Stay tuned for my carry-on travel essentials in the next post. 😀

Hope you all had a great weekend! I’ll be posting my weekend recap sometime this week. It was a good time (to say the least!).



L On-the-GO! Packing Essentials, Part Deux.

Just arrived at Logan Airport in Boston, wearing my fave travel outfit: yoga leggings and a sweater dress (super comf, but you don't look like a slob in yoga pants - win!)

Just arrived at Logan Airport in Boston, wearing my fave travel outfit: yoga leggings and a sweater dress with wedge booties (super comf, but you don’t look like a slob in yoga pants – win!)

photo 2

Travel Essentials!! Clockwise, from bottom left: Small tote, cardigan, two blouses, sweatshirt, shirt dress, trousers, pencil skirt, t-shirts, long sleeve shirt, tights, socks, headbands, shorts, jeans, sports bras, crops, tank tops, sneaks, dressy flats, casual flats, miscellaneous essentials, extra snacks and Advil.

Well, I’m successfully entrenched in my hotel room before the evening work activities begin, so here we go. My brain is a little warm and fuzzy from the celebratory beverage/altitude, so bear with me! 😀

The name of the game here is “multi-purpose” – I don’t bring anything that can’t be used in more that one way. It has to be functional, mix-and-match, comfortable and flattering; AND layer-able, because it’s warm in Colorado this time of year (low 70s) but cools down at night (high 40s). I’ll be gone for two work days and three fun days. I’m planning on running/hitting the hotel gym at least three times while I’m here. Here’s what I packed!

My Carry-on Luggage Contains:

  • Two “nice” work outfits: a black pencil skirt, fitted cropped trousers – both in black for unlimited pairing options (the Minnie pants from J. Crew to be exact, also a great pair of pants that fees like you’re cheating because they are stretchy, comfy and super flattering) and two short sleeve blouses, one patterned, one solid white lacey-ish – can be mixed and matched for going out in the evening
  • One solid colored cardigan – super multi-purpose
  • A shirt dress (can be paired with leggings or tights, and the cardigan can layer on top)
  • A zip-up sweatshirt (for casual wear, and an extra layer in case it gets really chilly)
  • One pair of jeans (I always pack my favorite pair, so in that case you feel super cute and comfy at all times. My sister always harps on me with the excessive amounts of jeans I pack, and this time I’m really trying to keep my luggage paired down. I’m a little denim-obsessed – you should see the avalanche of jeans that fall on me every time I open my closet – so choosing one pair was hard. I picked a casual, not-so-distressed medium wash skinny jean)
  • Three t-shirts (black, white and medium blue; good for layering and casual wear)
  • One long sleeve running shirt (that is cute enough to wear in real life)
  • Two pairs of shorts (one for running, one for casual wear – it’s going up to 80F on Saturday!)
  • Tights/nylons – nude and black
  • One pair of crops (casual wear, being comfy after work, running in cool mornings)
  • Four stretchy tank tops (working out, casual wear, extra layers)
  • Shoes: sneakers, casual flats and dressy flats
  • Extra snacks! Instant oatmeal, extra protein bars
  • Longchamp small tote bag (I use this as my purse)
  • Miscellaneous: extra Advil, two sports bras, two headbands, the usual suspects for undergarments…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I always have a hard time packing (no matter how many times I do it, it always seems annoying and I’m waiting for iRobot to put out a relative of the Roomba that will do this for you, like on the Jetsons). I always end up dragging my feet and packing in a stressful huff in the eleventh hour (as I did last night). I always love it when people share their travel essentials because it gives me good ideas of how I can mix and match my wardrobe to fit my own needs. I travel frequently for work, and I generally tack on a “fun” weekend to the end of my trip. I’ve definitely improved in my packing skills to get everything I need in carry-on bags only. The most difficult part is the self-edit: “do I REALLY need three pairs of jeans/four dresses/sixteen pairs of shoes?” Oh ALSO, if you’re super observant, you may notice the miscellaneous items are packed in ziploc bags – a trait I inherited from my mom, that it totally freaks me out to think that someone (ahem, a TSA agent if I’m randomly selected for a bag search) may handle my undergarments, or my snacks may spontaneously combust during travel and stain all my clothes. Thus, I always pack “sensitive items” in ziplocs – just a weird quirk, and a life hack. That way, you’ve always got extra bags just in case! Like a girl scout, always prepared. 😉

I hope this helps you in your future travels!

From the Wild West with Love,


PS: My pre-flight breakfast was super yummy, so I thought I’d share:

Overnight oats with pumpkin, blackberries, raspberries, almond butter, pepitas, coconut flakes, a ton of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. Mmmmmmmmm!

Overnight oats with roasted pumpkin, blackberries, raspberries, almond butter, pepitas, coconut flakes, a ton of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. So. Freakin’. Good. I’m going to miss having this for breakfast everyday!

L On-the-Go! Packing Essentials, Part One.

photo 1

What’s in my (Lululemon) bag: laptop, sunnies, scarf, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, Advil, inhaler, gum, headphones, snacks, wallet, gum, chapstick, business cards, book, iPad mini and liquids

I hate packing. I really do. There’s no rational reason behind it because in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not a big deal. I’m heading to Colorado for work/fun and here I’ll share my packing essentials. Due to all the luggage fees, I tend to stuff all the things I need into two carry-on bags. My “purse” or “under the seat” item contains all my immediate essentials for the plane ride. Here’s what I bring!

My “Under the Seat” Carry-on Contains:

  • Laptop/wireless mouse
  • Headphones
  • Sunnies (for the “please don’t talk to me” nap time)
  • Advil (in case of too many bubbles)
  • Wet ones sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer – thanks to my sister, I now carry these in my bag everywhere! I immediately wipe down the surfaces that I touch on the plane (tray table, arm rests, etc) so I will not get sick! Thanks J for turning me into a germ-a-phobe, too.
  • Vinyasa scarf (the best purchase from Lulu ever! I use it as a scarf, obv, but you can unsnap it and use it as a blanket, towel, shawl, etc – the options are endless and it’s come in handy many times over)
  • Gum (for a mouth refresh)
  • Snacks (a must! As a veg, I am always afraid of my protein options so I bring lots of granola/energy bars that are high in the prots: Builder’s bar, bare naked granola bar, Kind bar)
  • Book (this one is about cadaver research so it’s sure to be a deterrent to any chatty seat mates)
  • iPad mini (for the boredom)
  • Liquids, wallet, business cards (self-explanatory)
  • Water bottle! (Not pictured, but I literally bring a refillable water bottle EVERYWHERE)

This airport wifi is a little wonky, so stay tuned for part deux: the roller bag carry-on. 😉