Fave Cold Weather Running Gear

Happy Hump Day, all! I did my 5 mile loop this morning and the weather was a chilly 27°F / -4°C outside at 5 am. Brrrr! It’s actually starting to feel like November in Boston.


When the weather changes significantly (or in weather conditions I’m unsure about), I religiously check Runner’s World What to Wear Running tool. The results of this tool seem more like a suggestion than a tried-and-true fact. More than half the time, I disregard their advice and usually just pick my outfit out on the fly. I feel like they really favor “light jacket, long sleeve technical shirt, tights and sports bra” as their main cool weather outfit. I mean, come on – they don’t even include VESTS in their tool, one of my favorite things to wear running when the temperatures drop. Also – which tights should I wear? The thin ones? Medium thickness? Lulu tech fleece? Brooks Utopia Thermals? I may spend too much time thinking about these things, but being comfortable while running is important to me. I am usually a victim of overdressing, which slows my pace down because I’m either too hot, awkwardly carrying my layers, or stressing about what hooligan is going to steal them out the bushes I’ve stuffed them into. So, I have rounded up my favorite cold weather running gear to share with you.

Ear warmer


Hats are too warm for me unless we are talking arctic circle temperatures. I like to keep my ears warm, and still be able to put my hair in a pineapple on top of my head (although, there are cute ear warmer headbands with cutouts in the back for your ponytail, if that’s your thing). They are easy to slide up if you’re getting too hot, or even take off and stuff them into a pocket (that almost never happens to me – keeping my ears warm is a MUST). It’s also a bonus that this Lululemon Run and Done ear warmer features 360° reflectivity.

Running gloves

running gloves.jpg

I found these Mountain Hardwear gloves a few years ago, and I have been obsessed ever since (they have even made an appearance on one of my Friday Faves). This pair has features that I couldn’t do without – every single finger (not just thumb and pointer finger, as is standard with most running gloves) is touch screen compatible (yes), they feature fleecy cuffs to keep cold air out (yes!) and they have a fleece nose wipe patch on the back of the thumb (double yes!). Sadly, I’ve searched the internet high and low for this year’s model, and they must not be out yet. If you’re in the market, keep these features in mind – they are super useful. Also, it’s great to get running gloves with reflective features, as you want to be as reflective as possible when running in the dark to stay safe.

Fleece Running Pants

toasty tech.jpg

Lululemon Toasty Tech II Tights

Let’s be honest: my buns get really cold when I’m running outside in the late fall and winter. To keep ’em warm, I am partial to Lululemon Tech Fleece pants, which have sadly gone up in price (UGH). They are great for 20 – 30°F, but if it’s colder than that you definitely want to pull out the big guns: Brooks Seattle Tights. These are the tights to wear when you won’t skip your run because it’s snowing and blustery outside. I have an older pair (Brooks Utopia Tights) that are so warm, I save them for the coldest days. The Brooks Seattle Tights feature windproof and waterproof panels, zips at the ankles for easy on/off and if you get hot, and are meant to be worn below 20°F.

brooks seattle.jpg

Brooks Seattle Tights

Marmot Kitzbuhel Insulated Vest


This Marmot vest is my favorite vest for cold weather running. It doesn’t look like much, but BOY is it warm! It’s thin and lightweight, but the insulation packs a punch. It has quilted insulation and stretchy fleece panels down the side for warmth and movement. Of course, the zipper helps you regulate your temperature as you warm up or get cool, which I really like. Bonus: it’s not actually for running, so you can wear it in real life too. 😉

Rulu and Wool Everything!

wazzie wool.jpg

I love Lulu’s Rulu fabric, but this year’s batch has been thinner than normal and not so great (womp womp). On my quest to move on to bigger and better, I’ve discovered Oiselle Wazzie Wool. Merino wool is nature’s answer for warmth, water-repellent, stink-free and breathable running gear. Oiselle has this super cute side-zip merino wool running top that will definitely be on my Christmas list this year. You can’t go wrong.

Speaking of wool…

wool socks.jpg

I am obsessed with merino wool running socks. There are lots of great options out there, but SmartWool is a fave. These PhD running socks are actually my favorite, and I wear them for every race (if you have small feet, you’re in luck! They are on sale at REI).

Safety First!


In Boston, it gets dark really early (at like 4 pm). Nathan has some awesome products for visibility in low-light conditions. I have both the StobeLight and the Pulsar Stobe, which both hook on to your clothes or running shoes and provides visibility to cars, people and bikers. They are super bright and lightweight (so you don’t even remember they are there). It important to be visible so you stay safe while you are logging your miles.

Welp, I hope this helps, at least for now! I’ll be back with more of my favorite gear as the temperatures drop even more and as the snow comes to New England. 😀 This isn’t really a popular opinion, but late fall and winter are my favorite times to run outside. I actually LOVE running in the snow (you can take the girl out of Western New York, but not the WNY out of the girl). It’s much easier for my asthma lungs to breathe without pollen, and I like the cold and quiet since no one is half as crazy as I am and out running in the Baltic temps at 5 am. 😀

I hope you all have a booyah-filled day! Happy Hump Day, all!

With warmth,


Rest Day = the Best Day?


Today was supposed to be my last run before my race.

I didn’t go for that run.

I actually rolled back over and went back to sleep for another hour.

Then when I woke up I felt guilty. Like, really guilty. Then I thought – when was my last rest day?

….. I literally can’t remember. I think it was in August. Seriously.

My glutes are more sore than I’d like four days out from my race, and I have been feeling very tired – no wonder, really, if I can’t remember the last time I had a day off. I feel like I’m edging pretty close to the fine line between training and overtraining, and it’s time I slowed my roll for a hot minute. I’ve had a lot of red flags:

  1. Despite getting a fairly solid 8 – 9 hours of sleep a night, I’m feeling pretty exhausted, all the time. So much so that I was worried I was coming down with something (also, my allergies have been horrendous, so that’s not really helping either). I’m also ready to go to sleep every night at approximately 8 pm (even though I normally go to bed at Grandma Hour of about 9:30 pm, 8 pm is a liiiiiittle early, even for Granny Booyah over here).
  2. I’ve felt sore (at least one or more of my muscle groups) almost every day, since uh, I can remember.
  3. I’m starting to feel a little burnt out (not so good when you’re 4 days away from a big race). 😦

All of these red flags are pointing toward Rest Day. It’s really hard for me, since I’m very stubborn and I like to really challenge myself, to accept that I need to take a day off from training every now and then. I always feel so fantastic after my workout, I use that as a motivational tool to get me out of bed even when I’m not feeling it, so I often push myself a little farther than I should. I’m a bad rester! I need some Rest Day Rehab. 😛

So, here’s what I’m not going to do:

  1. Go for a run after work because I’m feeling guilty, even though my legs/buns are sandbags.
  2. Go to a 90 minute hot vinyasa class because I can (and will) convince myself that “stretching” is all I need (but let’s face it: 90 minutes of vinyasa is not just stretching, it’s hard work!).
  3. Go to a bootcamp class at the gym after work because I’m feeling guilty.

K now that I’ve put those out there in the universe, I am going to have to hold myself to them.

Instead, I’m going to go for a mellow walk at lunch, enjoy my protein filled breakfast smoothie, drink lots of water, eat lots of delicious things and have a hot date with my foam roller later tonight (aka vacuum my living room rug, too, since those two activities come hand in hand), and maybe do some gentle yoga stretching (I may have to call in for reinforcements and ask my yoga instructor girlfriend Rachel for some tips).

So now, I’m turning to you, my gentle readers/Booyah family: what do YOU do for rest day? How do you cope if you’re in need of Rest Day Rehab like me? How do you recover on your rest days? I’ll take all the advice I can get.

77aac71b9561a360872b6a0443cfbd47I know #GratiTuesday has come and gone, but this quote really spoke to me. It is a stellar idea to stop every now and then and be thankful of all that your body does for you – it is definitely worth taking a moment to allow yourself to rest and recover.

I hope you guys have a peaceful and restful hump day!

With warmth,

Sun Goddess Bowl


Hey everyone! This weekend in preparation for my race, I made a bowl bursting with flavor and nutrients, to give me a good kick in the pants and get amped up. This one was really good – I’m stoked to share it with you guys! At the end of last week, I headed to my local farm stand and grabbed a whole bunch of fresh, locally grown veggies to create something awesome, including fresh kale, broccoli and cilantro. To make these veggies shine, I combined tahini, lemon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cayenne and liquid aminos into a bangin’ and spicy sauce that tastes (and looks!) like sunshine. I tossed my sunshine sauce with gently steamed kale and broccoli, chickpeas and soba noodles to create a one-of-a-kind and incredibly nutrient dense meal to give me energy for race day. It was beyond stellar. Best of all? It’s completely egg, dairy, nut, soy and gluten free. 😀 Without further ado:


All the ingredients for the Sun Goddess Bowl.

Sun Goddess Bowl


For Sunshine Sauce:

  • 1/2 cup tahini
  • 1 – 2 lemons, juiced
  • 2 Tbsp liquid aminos
  • 1 inch cube of ginger, roughly chopped
  • 2 – 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne
  • 3/4 tsp turmeric
  • 1 – 2 Tbsp water (as needed, to create a smooth texture)

For Bowl:

  • Soba noodles (or your favorite grain/pasta)
  • 1 bunch of kale, destemmed and roughly chopped
  • 2 crowns of broccoli
  • 1 15.5 oz can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained (or 2 cups of cooked chickpeas)
  • Fresh cilantro, a handful roughly cropped
  • Hemp seeds
  • Sesame seeds


  1. First, I created my sunshine sauce. I combined all of the ingredients into a mini food processor and blended until it was mixed. Be sure to stop and scrape the sides of the food processor with a spatula to incorporate the dry spices into the sauce – they tend to get flung to the edges of the food processor in the early stages of blending. I had to add about 2 Tbsp of water to get a nice smooth consistency with the sauce. You could also use veggie broth to thin the sauce if you have some on hand. Set the sauce aside while you steam your veggies.

    Sunshine sauce in the food processor.


    It makes quite a bit. I transferred to an airtight jar and stored the remainder in the refrigerator.

  2. Steam the veggies! I steamed the kale for one minute, and the broccoli for 3 minutes. I like it just barely steamed, with the veggie retaining a little bit of texture. When they were done, I set them aside with the rinsed and drained chickpeas.


    I allowed to steamed veggies to rest for a minute before incorporating them into the dish.

  3. Cook the soba noodles! Soba noodles only take 4 minutes to cook, so I left that step for the very end. When your sobas are done, toss your warm noodles with a large dollop (~1 – 2 tbsp) of sunshine sauce to better incorporate it into the dish.


    The soba noodles tossed with about 2 tbsp of sauce.

  4. Top with steamed veggies, chickpeas, fresh cilantro, hemp and sesame seeds. Enjoy! 😀


    The finished product!

Wow, was this GOOD. I really enjoyed it: the spiciness of the sauce was warming, the tahini and aminos added a nice, earthy balance and the turmeric added a really unique element to the overall taste. Since I was making a single serving, I only cooked a single serving of soba noodles, tossed the hot noodles with the sauce and then topped with the steamed veggies. If you’re making for a crowd, feel free to toss all the ingredients together before serving. I also ate this for lunch yesterday, and served the sauce and steamed veggies over red quinoa. It was delicious!


I hope that whatever way you enjoy it, you love it as much as I did! It’s definitely one of my favorite concoctions thus far. Happy eating, booyahville!

With warmth,


Chocolate-Cherry Run Recovery Smoothie


Happy Thursday, all! Can you guys believe it’s already Friday tomorrow? This week flew by! As you know, yesterday I got up and crushed an early morning run. Post-run, I made an awesome antioxidant-filled smoothie for recovery. It was AMAZING. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but in real life I am a scientist, and there’s usually a method behind my madness. I enjoy doing my research and finding the reasons WHY certain foods are good for you. It’s exciting to find out the amazing properties and health benefits of the bioactive compounds contained in the foods we eat and love. It’s always fun to learn something new about your environment, right? So, today I’ve outlined the reasons I included each one of the components of my stellar smoothie below:

Cherries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries provide antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, and all sorts of other bioactive compounds. In fact, one landmark study shows that just one cup of berries provides all the disease-fighting antioxidants you need in a single day.*

A scoop of vegan protein powder helps you feel energized, keeps you full longer, helps to refuel after your workout, and helps you hit your daily value of protein per day, especially if you eat a plant-based diet like me.

Flaxseeds are an fantastic way to fulfill your recommended daily intake (RDI) of omega-3s of 1.1 grams; one tablespoon of flaxseeds contain 1.8 grams of omega-3. Flax also contains fiber, some of which is broken down in the body into lignans, which may slow down the progress of certain breast cancers and other types of cancers that need estrogen to thrive. Additionally, all that fiber helps make you feel full, promotes regular digestion, and may have other heart-healthy benefits. Researchers believe the fiber in flaxseed binds with cholesterol in the intestine and prevents it from being absorbed.**

Soy milk is fortified with calcium and vitamin D, and 1 cup of soy milk contains 45% of your recommended daily value of calcium. It also has 8 grams of protein, no cholesterol, and is low in saturated fat.

Cinnamon is my favorite spicy addition to any smoothie, overnight oats, baked goods, or just about anything. Cinnamon slows the emptying of your stomach to reduce sharp rises in blood sugar following meals, and improves the effectiveness, or sensitivity, of insulin. It’s like a tiny powerhouse: just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day has previously been shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It also has tons of bioactive and flavonoid compounds that have positive effects on your metabolism – basically, it’s an all-around health gangsta.***

Cacao powder is full of antioxidants and tastes like chocolate – enough said.

Bananas are a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, potassium, biotin, and copper. And they taste delicious and help bring a creaminess to your smoothie.

Run Recovery Smoothie


  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of mixed frozen berries (cherries, blueberries, blackberries & raspberries)
  • 1 cup of soy milk
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use Vega)
  • 1 Tbsp flaxseeds
  • 1 Tbsp cacao powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I did – it was so delicious, and full of good things.

Happy Thursday!

With warmth,


Anatomy of an Early Morning Run

Alarm goes off at 5 am on the nose, cheerfully blaring dance beats approximately 6 inches from my face. I groan because another hour of sleep would be welcome. I sit up, rub my face to help me wake up and move the curtain aside with my foot. It’s dark outside. Like, no sign of dawn coming soon dark. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. I check the temperature. It’s already 74°F and presumably humid as sin outside. I’ve been snoozing happily in my air conditioned room with a fan on (arctic sleeping temperatures are a must) in the comfort of complete white noise immersion. I exert all the will power I have to peel aside my duvet and get out of bed.

I do not feel like doing this right now.

I pull on my laid-out-last-night running outfit while I push the slow turning cogs in my brain to churn out an intention for the day. The wheels are slow today. “You are strong.” I tell myself. No, no – I can do better. I saw a good insta quote last night: “You did not wake up today to be mediocre.” Yeah, it’s hump day – I like that. Let’s do this.


I lace up my favorite sneakers as extra motivation – the ones that will be on my feet when I run 13.1 miles in 12 days. Let’s get a feel for these race sneaks one last time, I think. Then they will be retired until race day.

It is in fact humid as sin outside. My asthma is acting up because of horrific ragweed season in Boston. Let’s take it easy on this run today.

(Yeah, right – I always say that and I always end up zooming after the first mile. I hope that happens today, although the chances feel slim to none at the present moment.)

Mile One: I put on some good beats and start off slow. Everything in my mind is telling me to stop running. “Keep going, keep going. Just go slow. Don’t stop.” The motivational ticker inside my brain is arm wrestling mind over body. Thoughts keep floating up urgently towards the front of my mind: my back hurts from working out yesterday. My hamstrings feel like they are composed of lead bricks. It is really friggin’ hard to breathe right now. I push them away. “Shut up, and run.” I say it out loud to make it count. Down, up, down, up. Focus on your breathing. Focus on your footsteps. Stop thinking about your hammies. Loosen up your shoulders.


Hi, moon. Nice to see you. As you can, it was just the moon and I this morning zooming along.

Mile Two: YAS I’ve done one mile already! Shoulders back, stand up tall. Okay, this isn’t that bad. Let’s kick it up a notch. I feel loose, and fast, and I’m going faster, yes! I am a lightning bolt! I AM THE WIND!

Mile Three: More than halfway done, woo wooo! Keep zooming, don’t slow down!

Wow, I can’t even feel the soreness in my back anymore.

Ah, it’s really quiet. The crescent moon looks pretty dope right now. See, L? This is why you get up at the crack of dawn to do this. It’s peaceful. Namaste bitches, I’m about to crush this hill!



Mile Four: THE SUN! It’s coming up! Hooray! That pink color in the sunrise is really nice. They should make running pants that color, they would be so cute. Like pink with purple. Dark purple. And blue. Like a little bit of light blue. So cute. I wonder if those exist?

I totally got this. Almost home free.

I wish I brought water, I’m wicked thirsty. No, no – don’t think about that. You are strong. You are a lioness, on the hunt. Rawr!

Goddamn these hills. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY HILLS.

What is with this ragweed?! Someone needs to set all this damn ragweed on fire right now so my lungs can get some friggin air. Eff that noise. Where did all this friggin ragweed even come from?!

ragweed - Copy

Ragweed – instrument of the Devil.


Ok, box it up L! No whining. There’s a smoothie at the end of this. It will be frozen. And very, very cold. And liquid-y. Kind of like water. That I should have brought with me.

No, no, no – we are losing focus here. Move forward. Keep going. You got this. Go!

One more hill.

Mile Five: Just…make…it…up…the…hill!!!!!!!



Omg I’m going to die. I’m dying. I’m dying a death. Water. Air. Dying. Breaaaaaathe.


I DID IT!!!!!!

🙂 !

(Okay, I’m not actually dying. In fact, I feel flippin’ phenomenal.)

I did it! Booyah!!!


Running early in the morning is hard. But if I can do it, you can do it. 😉 😉 😀 😀

You got this.

Happy Hump Day! I hope your day is full of booyah!

With warmth,


Friday Favesss!

Whewwwww! We’ve made it to the end of the week! Ms Booyah over here is wicked tired, it’s been a busy, busy week this week. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking it easy and relaxing this weekend.

Here is what I’ve been feeling this week:

  1. Beach Sunshade


I finally accepted my fate at a fair redhead, and bought a sunshade for the beach. I know, I know, it’s the end of August, but after that very snowy winter we had here in Boston, I’m going to use up those Beach Days for all they are worth until it is simply too friggin’ cold to be outside in a two-piece. I can’t last in direct sun for more than three applications of sunscreen, before no amount of SPF 45 can save me from getting burned. I picked up this dope sunshade from my favorite place to shop (AMAZON! That prime shipping is solid!) and I am so pumped to bring it to the beach this weekend. Especially because I am getting up at the crack of dawn to get a good spot. 😉

Coleman Beach Sunshade, Amazon, $42.49

2. Lululemon CRB


I’ve been writing these Friday Faves posts for a long time, and I’m not quite sure how this one slipped through the cracks, but I don’t believe I’ve ever professed my love for Lululemon Cool Racerback tank tops. These suckers are the best! They are thick, sweat wicking, cover your bum, fitted (so they don’t make you a flasher when you do inversions, mountain climbers or impromptu cartwheels) and come in really friggin cute colors, so you can wear them in real life too (all I pack when I go to warm climates is Lulu, because I’m a sweaty mess in humidity, but also because Lulu is cute enough that you can get away with pretending they are real clothes and not athletic wear). These tank tops are the only things I wear consistently, and for every exercise: cross-training, lifting, running, yoga, cycling, life. They work for everything, and because they don’t have a built-in bra, you can adjust the level of support for your girls according to each activity. Lulu insider hint: if you’re going to get one, wait until the new Fall colors come out. 😉

3. Morning Coffee Essentials 

upphetta-coffee-tea-maker__0148954_PE307276_S4Ikea French Press, $8.99

There are few things in life I like more than coffee. Every morning, I start with a big whopping cup of java. Before I’ve had a sip of coffee I’m completely mute – despite working out, and being a morning person – L runs on coffee. I’m sure that all of you can get a pretty good sense from my blog that I am far from introverted – but I need a good cup of joe in the morning to get to my default bubbly state. My sister and bro-in-law have gotten me hooked on using a French press instead of a drip coffeemaker. I recently got a new teapot (to replace the sad, old crappy one that broke) and a good coffee grinder. This teapot is bright, cheerful and a friendly face to see in the morning. I found it at Target (where it was cheaper than it was on Amazon – yeah, deals!):


…and, I got this coffee grinder on clearance!! It’s on sale online, too. You can find it here: KitchenAid Coffee Grinder, $23.99.

coffee grinderThe teapot works like a charm: it takes about 10 minutes for water to boil, and the whistle is loud but not annoying – I could hear it clearly from another room. I was delighted to find, when returning to the kettle 30 minutes later to refill my green tea, that the water was still hot. The coffee grinder is awesome – you can remove the grinding cup to thoroughly clean it out, and I feel like it’s super powered – it blasts through coffee beans in no time. You can also use it to grind chia seeds, flax seeds or whole spices without any coffee contamination since it’s so easy to clean in between uses. I need these things in my life, otherwise…bad news bears.

4. Athleta Sonar Capris


I’ve been disappointed in Lulu’s running pants lately (what happened to all the running capris with side pockets, HELLO) but I’ve heard pretty awesome things about Athleta (cough Sarah cough), and I checked them out last week, when I fell in love with the Chatarunga capris. I loved these pants, too but didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with too much Athleta at once. 😉 These pants have a reflective back zip pocket that can fit an iPhone 6 (!!!), are compressive and sweat-wicking and come in fun colors (check out that orange and bright blue). What more could I possibly want in a running pant?

Sonar capri, Athleta, $55-69

5. My Return to Yoga


I let you in on the fact that I’ve finally returned to yoga after a too-long hiatus on Wednesday. Well, I went again last night (even though I was tired and feeling blah after my long week), and Oh. Em. Gee, you guys! YOGA IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST! Everyone needs to do this. Why? Let’s review why yoga is so flippin’ glorious, courtesy of the Mayo Clinic:

  • Stress reduction. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.

  • Improved fitness. Practicing yoga can lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. And this means you’re less likely to injure yourself in other physical endeavors or in your daily activities.

  • Management of chronic conditions. Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

In my experience, despite how I feel walking into the yoga studio, I always leave with a sense of calm and serenity that is unparalleled from every other physical activity I do. Not even running helps tie my body and mind together as one as much as yoga does. It completely shifts your focus and perspective. Learning to connect my breath to movement helps me in all my other workouts: training and running especially. Plus you will stretch muscles and tendons you didn’t know you had. The best thing? I’m not Gumby: some of those poses are really hard for me to get into or hold, but it doesn’t matter – it’s about you. Yoga is the one place where you can close your eyes, shut out everything else and just focus on how you feel. So please everyone – go to yoga! Try it out, find a studio you like, watch YouTube videos, whatever. Just find a way to incorporate a little yoga into your weekly routine. Your body will thank you.

What are you guys up to this weekend? For me, it’s relax, beach, and creating some yummy food for all you Booyah Peeps. Tell me what you’re up to this weekend in the comments!

With warmth,


xo ❤

Friday Faves!

bye week

Bye, work week! 😉

Woohoo! It’s finally Friday! This week has been one of those weeks where I feel like every day I wake up, get to work and it’s Monday. Although, I have to say, after Sarah’s kick ass Flashback Friday spin class it is definitely feeling like a Friday! My legs are legit sandbags/lead bricks, and I’ll be singing and bopping along with some old school rap in the lab today (all I know is that I was spinning to 2 Live Crew’s Hoochie Mama at 5:50 am this morning, which brought me back to days of driving to BHS with my bestie L, rapping along to the song, and probably driving through snowbanks). *Raising the roof*

Here’s what I’ve been feeling this week:

  1. Serena Williams on New York


I just love her. She is looking regal, elegant and powerful in all the stunning photographs in the profile and on the cover. The profile focuses on her unparalleled dominance in tennis and desire to enter the fashion industry upon retirement. I enjoy reading about female athletes period, but Serena is such a boss of epic proportions it’s fantastic to put her career in perspective. Kerry Howley writes, “The last time a man as geriatric as Serena won a grand slam was 1972. She has won three in the past six months.” Please note: Serena is 33 years old. Holy balls. That is amazing! Bravo, Serena!

You can read the profile here.

2. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Vegan Ice Cream

coco bliss

This is the best flavor of vegan ice cream, ever. I have had a serious addiction to dairy-free ice cream this summer. I joke that my neighbor and good friend C (who lives just around the corner) is an ice cream enabler (on top of my own #treatyoself enabling) because she’s always down to grab some mid-week ice cream for dessert. Which is pretty much the best. I think my pants are counting on my ice cream consumption to slow down a little once fall rolls around. But til then…YOLO!



Also, since I ran out of time to make dessert for my Wednesday night dinner party (see my Champagne and White Peach Sangria post, which includes a mini re-cap) I decided to Supermarket Sweep-level buy out the non-dairy ice cream section of Stop N’Shop. I grabbed a few of my favorite pints (Fomu Maple Bourbon Walnut, So Delicious Chocolate, and So Delicious Gluten-Free Cookie Dough along with the Salted Carmel/Chocolate) and set up a “Non-Dairy Ice Cream Social,” complete with CocoWhip and sprinkles. My friends loved it! I highly recommend it for your next friend gathering – so fun, and when do you ever get to do create-your-own sundaes anymore? Not nearly often enough. 🙂


…and After! 😉

3. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Trail Running Shoes

trail shoes

Sarah, my friend/trainer/fitness guru suggested these trail runners for our upcoming Tough Mudder. She’s always thinking ahead, because I would not want to ruin my favorite trail runners in all the mud and goop. And, since we are going to be running 10 – 12 miles to complete the obstacles, we will need solid shoes. My gym buddy D and I both got these on a Groupon deal for $55 (the retail price is $110), so we will be the ultimate outfit matchers. I love finding good deals on fitness gear/sneakers because they are always so expensive – it just proves to keep your eyes peeled for good deals, they exist! Keep your fingers crossed they fit. 😀

You can find this sweet Groupon deal here.

4. India Bridal Fashion Week

india bridal fashion week

Absolutely stunning and so fun to look at! The intricate details and beading is next level. Check out this sweet post with all the good pictures here.

5. Lulu crops

run the world tight

I’m so glad these crops are sold out in my size because I want them with an undying passion but my bank account does not. Although, I’m still obsessed with the Teeki leggings I posted about in last week’s Faves

Check them out here: Lululemon Run the World 7/8 tight

6. Star Walk


This is literally the best app ever, and totally worth $2.99. You basically hold your phone up to the night sky and it shows you the exact positions of the stars and celestial objects directly above your head, in real time and based on your location. It’s like an interactive star gazing map! I am obsessed, and I used it to figure out where the Perseid Meteor Shower was going to be on Wednesday night (although I totally missed it because I was passssedddd out – did any of you see it?). It contains so much more information and awesome features than I could ever cover in a single bullet point in my Friday Faves, so you should totally check it out. Best app purchase EVER! I highly recommend it, I can’t say enough good things about it.

Read more about Star Walk here.

I’m looking forward to having a mellow weekend! I’ll be gyming it up for Sweaturday tomorrow, possibly going for a hike and definitely hitting the beach this weekend – it’s supposed to be hot and sunny this weekend in Boston, hooray! What are you guys up to this weekend? Tell me in the comments.

With warmth,