Rest Day = Best Day

Happy Friday all! I am totally ready to enter hermit mode this evening, with yoga pants, a glass of vino and House of Cards on my TV. So pumped. It has been a long week, and I am glad to have made it to Friday intact. The stars have aligned, and this Friday is perfectly in sync with my “I need to be horizontal!” rest day. Yoga stretching video(es) on YouTube, here I come! 🙂 Now for why you really stopped by B&B today, here are some great things that I’ve been loving this week:

  1. Tituss has his own Pino Noir. YUSSSS.


I am cry-laughing at this, because I thought his “Peeno Noir” video episode on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was perfection. He is so talented, so funny and I love him. I need to find this! The end.

2. As mentioned above, House of Cards Season 4 is out!


If you need a re-cap like me, there is a great one in the New York Times today. I can’t wait to see what happens!  As you can see, I hate Netflix. 😉

3. I need this hydration backpack.


This is the updated, for femmes only hydration pack designed by Ultimate Direction. I. Need. This. Sadly for me, it doesn’t really mesh with my grad student budget, so….yeah. I’ll be getting this is a few years/seasons when it goes on sale. It has collapsable water bottles in the front pockets (no sloshing!), better/roomier pockets, enough space to fit a 50 or 70 oz hydration pack in the back and is made to fit women properly. Amaze!

4. Chloe’s Kitchen


This cookbook has lived up to its hype. I made a version of her Tempeh Piccata this week, and it was phenomenal – great flavor, texture, filling and satisfying! So yummy. I can’t wait to make some of her desserts this week – she rose to fame after winning Cupcake Wars with a vegan cupcake recipe (and it’s included in this cookbook!). All of the cookbooks I have gotten recently are wonderful and so inspiring. I’ll be posting my version of her recipe this week or weekend, so you can see what it looks like when B&B makes it. 😉 Vive Vegan Cooking!

Well that’s all I’ve got for today – my mind is on comfy pants, Netflix and total relaxation. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! This next week is “Spring Break” (yes, in quotes – grad students don’t really get a spring break, as we are expected to be here doing our work) and it will be a nice week off from classes.  The weather is supposed to be a little warmer and more spring-like where I live, and the break from sharing gym equipment with the undergrads is also a bonus! 😉

What do you guys have planned for this weekend? Anything fun? I’ll be doing all the normal stuff with some bonus rest and relaxation. 🙂

Hope you all have a weekend full of Booyah!

With warmth,


Friday Faves!

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve made it to the gateway of the weekend! 🙂 Man, it has been a long time since I’ve written one of these! It has been a long, busy and exciting week this week, and I’m looking forward to my hot date tonight: bad reality tv, wine, popcorn and comfy pants! Woohoo! Here is what I’ve been feeling this week:

  1. Naked Grape Pinot Grigio


Once upon a time, I was extremely judgmental of my sister’s choice to regularly drink boxed wine when she lived in central PA. I, of course, was channeling my Bostonian snooty vibes hard, and felt I was above that shiz. Fast forward six years, and I was standing in a liquor store calling my sister and brother-in-law, consulting their professional opinion on the best boxed wine to serve for my happy hour (and newly minted #gradstudentlife – psh, I can’t afford those fancy bottles of wine!). They directed me towards this amazing choice for white wine by Naked Grape, and it was basically perfect. Let’s be real: I was serving this wine to a bunch of educated Food Science grad students, 50% of whom were studying wine and knew a little something about the subject. My choice did not fall flat; it ended up being a crowd-pleaser, and in my minutely-professional opinion, was EXCELLENT. It was very tasty and well-balanced. It was easy to shove the entire box into my fridge and leave it for people to serve themselves – no corkscrews required. I will definitely be a repeat offender purchasing this boxed wine for all future Happy Hour events. Bonus: since it’s in a box, it keeps for three weeks – score!

2. Spartan WOD 


My trainer/sister from another mister Sarah told me about these workouts, and best of all – they are FREE! A lot of online workout programs require you to purchase them, but these are zero dollars. You can sign up to get the workout of the day sent to your email inbox, and you can also look at some of their previous workouts on their website. Most of them are super intense, so if you’re looking for a good butt kickin’, you’ve found it. I adapt these workouts to my abilities and what I’m feeling that day. Since I’m just getting back into my intensive workout routine, the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness, for all of you non-bros) is no joke. I am sore most of the time, which makes it nice to be able to use these workouts as a guideline to follow. Which brings me to the next thing…

3. Lululemon Yoga Mat


I got legit rug burns on my elbows from planking on my carpeting last week, so my Lulu yoga mat has been getting some heavy usage. I bought the thinner version (3mm thickness) when it first came out so that it was easier to travel with, but it is still pretty heavy. This mat is no joke – mine has taken a lot of abuse over the past year and a half, and it’s still standing up well. I use a yogitoes towel over it when things get really sweaty so I don’t go flying, but the grippiness and elasticity has held up well. When you’re living the #gradstudentlife, you really need to get bang for your buck, and so far so good – this mat has been a solid purchase.

4. Baskets, baskets everywhere. 


My brother-in-law gives us a hard time, since the women in my family have a genetic predisposition to excessive basket buying tendencies, but they are seriously just SO HELPFUL. When I moved into my new place, I spent an inordinate amount of time wandering HomeGoods and studying various basket sizes/shapes; I eventually settled on three rectangular nesting baskets for $9.99. Not only was it a great deal, I found them super useful! I have the small one on my kitchen counter for my extra sets of keys, mail, and important things that need to be paid attention to (since I see it everyday on my way out the door): bills to be paid, mail requiring a response, coupons I’ll actually use, etc. I have the medium-sized one in my living room, on a shelf on my media console table. It holds TV/blu-ray player remotes (why are there so many?!) and coasters. A larger one in my bathroom wrangles a bottle of lotion and my cosmetics bag(s), so they aren’t just hanging out cluttering my counter, and it can be easily picked up and moved for a quick wipe-down before guests arrive.

5. Cards Against Humanity


If you find inappropriate and non-PC humor right in your wheelhouse, I think that you need to own this game, if you don’t already. This game combines a wicked sense of humor with an anonymous fill-in-the-blank situation. It uses an eyebrow-raising answer (chosen by each of the players from their hand of cards) to funny phrase (chosen by the “Judge,” who changes each round) that is guaranteed to get your party rockin’. I find it to be the perfect way to end your week – just add a little social alcoholic lubrication, and you will soon know just how non-PC your friends really are. It’s super fun to play, helps break the ice/get the conversation flowing, and always results in a laughter-filled night. However, if you are easily offended, this game is not for you – but if you find being inappropriate terribly entertaining, this game is up your alley! 😀

I hope that you guys all have had a great week – I know that I’ve definitely enjoyed myself, even thought it was crazy busy! I can’t believe it’s already February – can you believe it?! We had a little peek of warmer temps earlier this week, and I am now looking forward to the fresh air and mud on my trail runners – the first signs that spring is just around the corner. What have you guys got planned this weekend? Any big Superbowl plans? I’ll be the lone vegan at my friend’s house party, I can’t wait to make my friends try whatever crazy vegan thing I make! 🙂 Tell me all about your plans in the comments, you know I love to hear what you’re up to! 

Happy weekend!

With warmth,


Friday Faves!

Hello all and happy Friday! It has been a crazy busy week, and I don’t know about you, but mine FLEW by! Sorry for the dearth of recipes recently – I made my Spanish-syle lentils earlier in the week and have been really loving the leftovers with crusty bread on the side. Tonight I have a vegan Daiya frozen pizza with my name on it, and I am gearing up to full carbo-loading mode before my last half marathon of the season. I have a few new recipe ideas up my sleeve, so next week we should be back to business on B&B. You know how it is – life gets in the way. 😉

Since I haven’t done a FF in awhile, get ready – this is going to be a good one! 😀

  1. Nike Epic Lux Flash Tight


These are what night running dreams are made of! They are super reflective and cute looking running tights, that will make you very visible in low light conditions. Since the sun now sets in Boston at around 4:30 pm (!!!), they would be a great addition to any post-work run, and they are cute to boot! I love them in the purple color, which has completely sold out from the Nike website. They are still available in black and navy at other running stores, though.

2. Wild Friends Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter

61OPfRAdNuL._SY679_ - Copy

Um, hi. This is the best peanut butter EVER! I previously purchased Wild Friends nut butters – I like them because they are made from simple ingredients, are low in sugar and don’t contain palm fruit oil. I really like the wide variety of flavors and nut butter they use, as they jazz up my overnight oats and PB&J sandwiches. I found this jar of their fall seasonal flavor at TJ Maxx for $4.99 (thanks to my friend Lauren for the tip!). You can order jars online from Amazon for $6.99, and I’ve seen them cheaper, priced around $6 in my local grocery store. It is totally worth picking up a jar – I am excited to start carbo-loading with peanut butter toast later. 😀

3. BitchStix Lip Balm

emint - Copy

Who doesn’t want a lip balm with a badass name? The best thing about this product is that 100% of net proceeds from all BitchStix products are given to domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs. And, the tackiness of the formula is just want the doctor order to stay on throughout your entire long run. The eucalyptus mint scent is wonderful, as well.

You can find them here: Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm

4. theSkimm

theSkimm - Copy

I just signed up for this email newsletter that summarizes all of the day’s important headlines into one email. It’s easy and quick to read – the perfect way to figure out what’s going on during your commute, over your bowl of cereal, or the first email you read at your desk. I really like the way it is written, making it fun to read and not boring. You can sign up at theSkimm website.

5. Oiselle KG Tights

kg-tights-lightning-life - CopyApparently the internet is having a rough day, because I cannot navigate to the Oiselle website and give you the details of these running tights, but they were inspired/maybe designed (?) by Kara Goucher, the OG of women’s running. They are super cute, very functional (zippers to easily get into/out of the tights), and I love the yellow stripes! So cute. Definitely want to add these to my fall/winter running wardrobe.

Well, that’s all for this week! I hope you have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll be running the Seacoast Half Marathon in Portsmouth, NH – wish me luck! 😀

With warmth,


Friday Faves!

Happy Friday, everyone!! It’s a stormy rainy day in Boston, what better way to hop into the weekend with my fave post! 🙂

Here is what I’ve been feeling this week:

  1. New glasses


Have you guys heard of Zenni’s Optical? My sister has shopped there for years, and has about 47 pairs of super cool prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses from them. I hadn’t gone to the eye doctor in an embarrassingly long amount of time, so it was high time for Ms Booyah to get her eyes checked this week. So I went to a very nice eye place in a very nice New England town, and I found a pair of eyeglasses that I absolutely loved. What I didn’t love was the fact that they would cost me $388.87. For one pair of glasses. I’m only nearsighted, so I only wear glasses for driving and reading things that are far away. I was absolutely floored. My extremely sensible sister gave me a wake-up call: hello, that is an outrageous price to pay for eye wear when you can get a pair from Zenni’s for less than $50.

At first, I wasn’t that thrilled about it, but then I started looking online and found the SUPER cute cat eye glasses pictured above. They cost $17.90. Seriously – with free lenses, and a protective coating over the lenses – they were less than $20. ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! I can now go back and buy 19 more pairs of glasses, for the $400 I would have spent at the fancy place. Also, you can upload a selfie so that you can “try on” the glasses online before you buy. Booyah Tip (from L’s sister, J): Measure your current pair of glasses and compare to the measurements given online so you know how they will fit on your face. 😉

2. Athleta Energy Chaturanga Capri


While I was waiting for my brow appointment on Newbury Street (all the important things in life, obv), I wandered into Athleta to check out their new fall stuff and absolutely fell in LOVE with these really cute capri bottoms. The bright blue color is amazing, and I’m obsessed (they look way better on Athleta’s site – I couldn’t find a picture that would do them justice, so check them out over there). I love the striped pair that I have – the material is thick, totally opaque and wicks sweat like a champ. I love that this pair of crops doesn’t have any pockets so you don’t have anything poking you when you’re laying on your back doing ab exercises (sit-ups are hard enough as is without a zipper digging into your back).  Love, love, love these! ❤

You can find them here.

3. Capt. Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver


For more than 120 days, these two women have withstood obstacles (insurmountable obstacles, to any regular person), at the notoriously difficult Army Ranger School. They are the first two women in history that have graduated from Army Ranger training, receiving the coveted black and yellow Ranger Tab on their uniform. I have goosebumps on my arms as I type this – it is so incredible, and swells my heart with such pride, when I think of what these incredibly accomplished, astoundingly athletic and patriotic women have achieved. Just think: we, as women, can do anything. This is monumental.

Watch the video here.

4. Jennifer Aniston’s wedding band



OK so this might be a little shallow after the accomplishments of America’s first female Army Rangers, but LOOK HOW PRETTY! Pure gorgeousness. I also love her simple mani.

5. CEP Compression Socks

I grabbed these for a steal! As my training runs get longer over the summer in preparation for my plethora of fall half marathons, I finally invested in a pair of compression socks to help accelerate my recovery. Wearing compression socks after a long run helps your muscles to recover faster and more efficiently. I will be wearing the shiz out of these (and, I grabbed two pairs on clearance for a steal at City Sports – definitely watch out for deals on these, as they are normally around $60 for a pair).

Check them out here.

I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’m not up to much – hopefully the weather cooperates and I’m able to hit the beach again! Other than that, I’m looking forward to a relaxing, mellow weekend. What are you guys up to this weekend?? Tell me all about it in the comments! 😀 😀 😀

With warmth,

Friday Faves!

bye week

Bye, work week! 😉

Woohoo! It’s finally Friday! This week has been one of those weeks where I feel like every day I wake up, get to work and it’s Monday. Although, I have to say, after Sarah’s kick ass Flashback Friday spin class it is definitely feeling like a Friday! My legs are legit sandbags/lead bricks, and I’ll be singing and bopping along with some old school rap in the lab today (all I know is that I was spinning to 2 Live Crew’s Hoochie Mama at 5:50 am this morning, which brought me back to days of driving to BHS with my bestie L, rapping along to the song, and probably driving through snowbanks). *Raising the roof*

Here’s what I’ve been feeling this week:

  1. Serena Williams on New York


I just love her. She is looking regal, elegant and powerful in all the stunning photographs in the profile and on the cover. The profile focuses on her unparalleled dominance in tennis and desire to enter the fashion industry upon retirement. I enjoy reading about female athletes period, but Serena is such a boss of epic proportions it’s fantastic to put her career in perspective. Kerry Howley writes, “The last time a man as geriatric as Serena won a grand slam was 1972. She has won three in the past six months.” Please note: Serena is 33 years old. Holy balls. That is amazing! Bravo, Serena!

You can read the profile here.

2. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Vegan Ice Cream

coco bliss

This is the best flavor of vegan ice cream, ever. I have had a serious addiction to dairy-free ice cream this summer. I joke that my neighbor and good friend C (who lives just around the corner) is an ice cream enabler (on top of my own #treatyoself enabling) because she’s always down to grab some mid-week ice cream for dessert. Which is pretty much the best. I think my pants are counting on my ice cream consumption to slow down a little once fall rolls around. But til then…YOLO!



Also, since I ran out of time to make dessert for my Wednesday night dinner party (see my Champagne and White Peach Sangria post, which includes a mini re-cap) I decided to Supermarket Sweep-level buy out the non-dairy ice cream section of Stop N’Shop. I grabbed a few of my favorite pints (Fomu Maple Bourbon Walnut, So Delicious Chocolate, and So Delicious Gluten-Free Cookie Dough along with the Salted Carmel/Chocolate) and set up a “Non-Dairy Ice Cream Social,” complete with CocoWhip and sprinkles. My friends loved it! I highly recommend it for your next friend gathering – so fun, and when do you ever get to do create-your-own sundaes anymore? Not nearly often enough. 🙂


…and After! 😉

3. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Trail Running Shoes

trail shoes

Sarah, my friend/trainer/fitness guru suggested these trail runners for our upcoming Tough Mudder. She’s always thinking ahead, because I would not want to ruin my favorite trail runners in all the mud and goop. And, since we are going to be running 10 – 12 miles to complete the obstacles, we will need solid shoes. My gym buddy D and I both got these on a Groupon deal for $55 (the retail price is $110), so we will be the ultimate outfit matchers. I love finding good deals on fitness gear/sneakers because they are always so expensive – it just proves to keep your eyes peeled for good deals, they exist! Keep your fingers crossed they fit. 😀

You can find this sweet Groupon deal here.

4. India Bridal Fashion Week

india bridal fashion week

Absolutely stunning and so fun to look at! The intricate details and beading is next level. Check out this sweet post with all the good pictures here.

5. Lulu crops

run the world tight

I’m so glad these crops are sold out in my size because I want them with an undying passion but my bank account does not. Although, I’m still obsessed with the Teeki leggings I posted about in last week’s Faves

Check them out here: Lululemon Run the World 7/8 tight

6. Star Walk


This is literally the best app ever, and totally worth $2.99. You basically hold your phone up to the night sky and it shows you the exact positions of the stars and celestial objects directly above your head, in real time and based on your location. It’s like an interactive star gazing map! I am obsessed, and I used it to figure out where the Perseid Meteor Shower was going to be on Wednesday night (although I totally missed it because I was passssedddd out – did any of you see it?). It contains so much more information and awesome features than I could ever cover in a single bullet point in my Friday Faves, so you should totally check it out. Best app purchase EVER! I highly recommend it, I can’t say enough good things about it.

Read more about Star Walk here.

I’m looking forward to having a mellow weekend! I’ll be gyming it up for Sweaturday tomorrow, possibly going for a hike and definitely hitting the beach this weekend – it’s supposed to be hot and sunny this weekend in Boston, hooray! What are you guys up to this weekend? Tell me in the comments.

With warmth,


Friday Faves!!

Hooray, it’s here! Happy Friday! This week it has been hot as sin across the country, and I’m so glad the weekend is finally here!! Now we can all go to the beach/lake/river/pool/sprinkler/kiddie pool in your driveway to cool off!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Here’s what I’ve been feeling this week:

1. Dr. Jen Welter


This week, the Arizona Cardinals made history by hiring, as an inside linebackers coach through training camp and the preseason, Dr. Jen Welter. She’s the first known female coach in the NFL. And, she’s a total badass: she was a rugby player at Boston College (hollaaa!), a women’s pro player for 14 seasons and a two-time Team USA gold medalist. She’s previously made history as the first woman in a non-kicking position (running back) in a men’s professional football league. She then went on to become the first woman to coach men’s professional football, for the Texas Revolution. And between all of that, she earned a master’s degree in sports psychology and a Ph.D in psychology.

Last year, Welter told Today, “I want little girls everywhere to grow up knowing they can do anything, even play football.”

GET IT, JEN. You are an inspiration! Even though my childhood dream to play football like Becky O’Shea in Little Giants did not pan out, I am glad there is an inspiring, strong, smart female out there to show girls growing up today they can do anything. So proud.

2. Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Closet


Um, drool. I would die. I think this is the pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen, when it comes to closets. Check out the rest of the images here: Look Inside Khloé Kardashian’s Amazing Fitness Closet.

3. Speaking of fitness gear…


Last night I showed up for my kickboxing class an hour early because I had one of Those Days and I was totally mixed up about the time class started. I had to battle the urge to just go home and sink into my couch, so (thanks to the recommendation from my gym buddy P!) I went to a nearby shopping area to mosey around until it was time to head to class and kickbox Thursday in the face. I wandered into a Nike Outlet and found these new trainers (um, my pinkie toes are about to bust through my current training sneakers any minute now, I’m past due for a new pair) and I found these bad boys on sale. I got them for $34.96 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I just about fell over when I was at the cash register. I know that I’m basically an unofficial spokeswoman for Lululemon, which is ridiculously priced (but so, so gooood!) but DUDE! You can totally find good workout stuff for not that expensive, you just have to look around.

Semi-related: I need this tank top in my life. 😉

nice-butt-graphic-tankIt matches the shoes, okay?? 😀

Psssst – Everything is 20% off on, so you can buy the above tank top here on sale.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I saw this on The Dancing Runner‘s own list of favorites months back, and my sister told me it was pretty funny a few months back as well, so I mentally noted it. I didn’t take the leap to watch it until recently (I’m always way behind on these things). OH. EM. GEE. This show is HILARIOUS! It’s so cute, and you all definitely need to watch this. It’s about a woman starting life anew in New York City, after spending the last 15 years in an underground bunker where she was held by a Doomsday cult leader (that sentence makes this show sound unreasonably dark, but it is the exact opposite). The show itself is overflowing with originality and with a spot-on performance from Ellie Kemper, it is as odd as it is hysterical. It’s a must-see, and so fun to watch – you can find it on Netflix. I’m also now a huge Ellie Kemper fan – girlfriend is hilar.

5. Tonight’s Blue Moon


Tonight will mark the second full moon in July! Usually there are 12 full moons in a calendar year but this year we will have 13, woot woot! We won’t have another blue moon until January 2018, so get out there and soak in it tonight. To get the most out of it, check out this video on observing the moon by here.


The Blue Moon pre-game picture I snapped at 5:14 am while I was brushing my teeth before heading to the gym. 😉 Obviously, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but LOOK HOW BRIGHT IT IS!

6. U.S. Department of the Interior’s Instagram Account


Do yourself a favor and go follow @usinterior. SO. BEAUTIFUL. New obsession.

7. Your comments on Work/Booyah Balance.


I loved, loved, LOVED reading your comments on the Work/Booyah Balance post! I was delighted that some of my tips and ideas for staying active while working full time resonated with you guys, and I truly enjoyed learning your own tips and ideas to stay active and healthy. I feel that Bubbles and Booyah is the most fun when its interactive, which leads me to a new idea completely inspired by YOU. I’d love it if you would share your own work/booyah balance photos or ideas on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (or send them to me directly!). These snapshots can be anything: meal prep, working out, making a B&B recipe, being active – get creative!! These are just a few ideas, but I would love to see what you guys come up with. Use the hashtag #TeamBooyah and tag me, and I will re-post a few each day either on social media, or as a round up in next week’s Friday Faves. I’m planning on doing a big post/round-up during the last week in August, so keep ’em coming til then! I’m really stoked about this, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! To tag me:

Instagram: @bubblesandbooyah

Twitter: @bubblesbooyah

Happy snapping!!

I hope you guys have a stellar weekend! Mom and Dad Booyah are coming to visit me, and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city and showing off my favorite spots! What are you guys up to this weekend?? Tell me in the comments!!

With warmth,


Friday Faaaaves!

Every time I write “Friday Faves” in that little white box at the top of the screen, I just think of it being said in my head in the same tone as, “Flava Flaaaaav!!!”


I just thought you should all know that. 😉

Well, it’s finally here: happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a busy, busy week in Booyahville, and I am glad we finally made it to the weekend! 🙂 Here are the things that I’ve been feeling this week:

1. This Women’s Running cover:


Omg, STAHP. There is a woman on the cover of a fitness magazine who has gorgeous curves and isn’t a 6 foot tall model with 12% body fat? So much YES! I love this. Running is for every body, at any time. The model featured, Erica Schenk, has been a runner for the past 10 years and seeing her run across the cover looking so strong, confident and fierce just gave me a warm booyah feeling. There is an unfortunate side to the fitness world which stresses that athletes have to look a certain way, but we as actual human beings come in all different shapes and sizes. And remarkably, all of us can run just fine. It’s nice that a fitness glossy has looked beyond that one-size-fits-all attitude and represented women of all shapes and sizes, especially given that women accounted for nearly two-thirds of the 18.8 million U.S. race finishers in 2014.

2. Sunscreen

You guys all know that I’m a fair redhead, and seeing that this Saturday is going to be a BEACH DAYYY (yasss!), sunscreen is a MUST!! Wear sunscreen! ALWAYS! I have two favorite kinds, and according to Consumer Reports (because I’m a nerd and I must fact check all my important purchases, such as sunscreen that is supposed to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and your overall health) both of them are excellent buys:

albaAlba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen Sport, SPF 45 is good for use during sports activities for those with normal to dry skin; it is water-resistant and includes titanium dioxide for decent UVA protection, along with synthetic sunscreen ingredients. Since it’s Alba brand, it contains no parabens, phthalates or animal testing, and has 100% vegetarian ingredients. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cruelty-free product.


NO-AD Sport SPF 50 is a definite Booyah Go-To, and it received an excellent rating from Consumer Reports: “Excellent in overall performance. A recommended sunscreen that is excellent for UVA and UVB protection. Slight amount of plastic aroma (like a beach ball), which is sometimes associated with fragrance free products. Very slight residual.” Since I got the super-awesome life quality of fact-checking every important purchase I make from my parents, I’ve basically been using this sunscreen from the beginning of time. The best part is that it only costs about $10 for 16 ounces, so that big bottle will last me more than one weekend in the sun. 🙂 Slather up, friends!

PS: If you’d like to see some more of my beach essentials, check out my Spring Break Packing Must-Haves post.

3. Kan Jam


Guys, if you don’t know what Kan Jam is, you need to check yo’self. It’s basically the most fun lawn game EVER. And even though I’m kind of horrible at it, it’s really, really fun. Here is how you play:


Pretty straightforward, right? This info-graphic makes it 389% easier to understand than me explaining the rules in words (this is a Friday, after all). I scooped a set up on Amazon Prime Day, in an impulsive #treatyoself moment. I could not be more excited, this bad boy is coming to the beach with me this weekend! 😀

4. SoyBoy Tofu


Guys, I’ve found the best pre-baked tofu EVER. And it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s made in Rochester, NY and you can buy it at Wegmans. ❤ ❤ ❤

Norman Holland and Andrew Schecter at Northern Soy (the brains behind SoyBoy) started their small venture promoting a vegetarian lifestyle back in 1976. To this day, they remain independently owned and are still focused on making products that are environmentally friendly. Not only do they continue to promote organic agriculture, they still are vegetarians (hooray!) and all of their products contain no preservatives, nothing artificial, are made with LOCAL organic soybeans, contain no GMOs, and are vegan and kosher. And, on top of that, all of their baked tofu flavors that I have tried are UNREAL delicious (so far I’ve tried Tofu Lin, Caribbean Tofu and Italian Tofu) instead of crumbly and liquid-y, with an unappetizing texture and not enough flavor (I’m looking at you, Nasoya). When I get too busy to marinate and bake my own tofu every week, I’m pumped that there is a healthy and delicious alternative I can buy that is good for the environment and me. And that Caribbean Tofu though is…soooo noms.

5. Trainwreck


I saw this movie last night and it was pretty funny! The first half was uproarious, and I couldn’t stop laughing, and the second half was more of the “romance” portion of this romantic comedy. Amy Schumer is pretty hilarious, with a no bullshit, honest humor, and I was concerned that she was getting overexposed and overplayed *tear :'(*, but the movie was very charming and fun to watch. I was pleasantly surprised – I’d definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it. Also, if you’d like to read a more intelligently written review than I’ve shared here, be sure to check out a fantastic review of Trainwreck on Assholes Watching Movies. 🙂 🙂 🙂

6. R3HAB & NERVO – Ready For The Weekend ft. Ayah Marar

Yup, I’m ready. Now you have a good song to add to your playlists for Sunday Runday 😀

What are you guys up to this weekend?? Anything fun? Tell me all about it in the comments. I’ll be heading to the beach, and have a long run in the books for Sunday. Stokeddddd 😀

Happy Friday, all! ❤

With warmth,