Today I’m grateful to be fortunate enough to be able to explore the wonders of nature with my family (especially in warm, sunny Florida in January!).

What are you grateful for today/this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below!! πŸ˜€

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Wishing you lots of warmth today.

With love,

L ❀

Booyah Bootcamp!

Many of you have read my post about theΒ Booyah JarΒ last week and were wondering how my fitness journey was going on vacation. Well, I let my 10 month old nephew pick my exercises today, and was rewarded with a great core workout!! Here is what my nephew picked:

I nominated my sister to be my official B & B blog photographer in order to capture Booyah Bootcamp in action!


Side Plank, each side for 30 seconds.


V-Ups – I added a twist to kick it up a notch πŸ˜‰


Reverse burpees – if you don’t know what they are, they are basically a burpee with the normal jump, and then you tuck into a ball and roll backwards (instead of a push-up). They are toughhh but are a great core workout! And kind of fun (in a twisted way). πŸ˜›


Weeeeee!!! Frog Jumps – one of my favorite ways to BLAST my legs. πŸ˜€


Woooohooo, mid-launch on the frog jumps!

Let me tell you – it ain’t bad doing Booyah Bootcamp by the pool in Florida (even though it’s overcast and humid today, it’s 75F!! I’ll take it because I know I won’t be wearing shorts and tank in Boston for a long time!). After going through the exercises three times with a rest in between (prob should have done 4 but I was really just feeling 3 – I think I can get a special vaca dispensation), I went for a quick 3.3 mile run on the beach for cardio and called it a day. Now I’m ready to shop with my mom, sister and nephew while we get a few thunderstorms rolling through this afternoon. I hope you all are having wonderful days today!! Sending warmth your way (there isn’t much for sunshine at the moment).

With warmth,
L πŸ˜€

Good morning from Florida!

Hi all!! I’m just here to write a quick hi from Florida and wish you all a great Monday! I’m writing to you all from the lanai – it’s already 70 F here (wooohoo!). This morning I went on a sunrise beach walk with my sister and my nephew. It was an absolutely stunning and refreshing way to start my morning. I’ve been running like a maniac here – the sunshine and gulf air have been really motivating, so I’ve been doing a pretty awesome 6+ mile loop every morning. Today I’m taking it easy. At some point today, I’ll be doing a sweet Booyah Bootcamp built from the contents of the Booyah Jar. Check my Instagram feed for what I pull out later!! πŸ™‚ With that I’ll leave you some phots from my walk.



My sister capturing the sunrise with my nephew in the ergo carrier πŸ™‚ My heart melts for that little dude!


Sending all the Florida warmth and sunshine your way!! Especially up North where it is cold and stormy today!! ❀

With warmth,


PS: Today is my half birthday! Approximately ten years ago today, I went to a fraternity party in full birthday regalia and convinced everyone it was my real birthday by shouting “IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYY!” …until my best friend B blew up my spot (and my sister outed me on Facebook – I bet I would have gotten away with it had it not been another girl’s actual birthday, whoops!) Whatevs, I believe these things should be celebrated regardless. So I’ll be wearing my imaginary birthday crown today and whoop-ing it up! I encourage you all to do the same just cuz. it’s Monday, it’s January – why not just add a little extra sparkle to today?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ Happy Monday All!!!

L On-the-Go – Tropical Style!

Well, I’ve finally finished doing my least favorite thing ever – packing!! – all while gabbing with my bestie on the phone and having a full fledged fashion show in my bedroom for way longer than necessary. I even risked setting the jeans avalanche free from the top shelf of my closet while I was digging around trying to find my running visor I stowed up there sometime in August. I do, however, love writing these posts because I usually find them super helpful when reading other people’s packing essentials. I’m heading to Florida for 7 nights and 6 days, and the weather right now is between 70 and 80Β°F (gorgeous). If you’ve read any of my previous posts, my one requirement is that everything must fit into a carry-on approved roller bag (bc I am not into checking bags – I like to stow and go).

photo 2

Here’s What I Packed:

  • 3 cute dresses (one super casual that can double as a swim cover, a maxi and a regular dress)
  • 1 pair of jean shorts
  • A ton of athletic shorts (6 pairs – don’t judge me)
  • 6 pairs of socks/3 headbands
  • 4 short sleeve shirts (one Lulu swiftly that can be worn running)
  • 4 tank tops (that can be worn in real life/layered and while working out) + 3 tanks (that will definitely get sweaty and gross on long runs)
  • 3 bathing suits (bc I’m a female and obv need three different ones)
  • 2 pairs of crops (casual/active wear)
  • 1 pair of skinny jeans + 1 long sleeve shirt + 1 zip up jacket (to worn if it’s cool in morning/evenings, and on the way home)
  • Sports bras
  • 1 cardigan (if it’s cold, or to be layered over tanks/dresses)
  • Water bottle, arm band, gels, inhaler, bodyglide, extra sunnies (all the essentials for long runs)
  • Extra packets of oatmeal for snacks
  • Red Sox hat and running visor (bc I’m a ginger)
  • Various accessories – long necklace, chunky necklace, bracelets
  • Booyah jar (transferred into a Ziploc bag)
  • Chargers for phone and Garmin watch

….And it all fits!

photo 3

Well I’m off to bed. I have an early day tomorrow!

Goodnight all!

L ❀