7 Mile Trail Race Recap


Hey everyone! This Sunday, I ran a 7 mile trail race that was so epic and SO much fun! I did okay for me – I finished in about 1:05, with a pace of 9:21/mile and was in the top 50% of finishers. I was hoping to do a little better than that, but I had two factors working against me: 1. The day before the race, I went on a 4.5 hour, ~35 mile biking adventure with my friend R (whooops!) all over the state of Massachusetts and 2. I was literally running through a forest of ragweed, so my lungs were in serious revolt. Overall, it was awesome, and the post-race party seemed like a grand ol’time, but I had to jet early to watch my Billsies crush the Colts. The Bills Mafia is walking on a cloud today after that win! πŸ™‚


The view at the Buffalo Bills backers bar in Boston. ❀ ❀ ❀ So much Western New York in one space! YAS!

First, let’s start off with my epic bike adventure on Saturday. R and I rode along the a lot of awesome trails: from the Minute Man Commuter Bikeway (a paved path) to the Minute Man Battle Road (loose gravel/sand) to main roads to dirt trails in Bedford. We covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 miles trails over 4.5 hours of biking. Getting off that bike, my legs were feeling pretty wobbly. Obviously, I do not suggest this if you are preparing for a 7 mile race the next day. I spent quality time in compression socks with my legs elevated after that, but there’s really only so much you can do once you’ve burned out your legs the day before a race. It’s almost good practice for me though – steeling yourself with the mental toughness to get through 7 miles on tired legs. Sounds kind of like the self-doubt-crushing mental toughness you’d need during a half marathon, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚


On the Minute Man Battle Road in Concord, MA on our biking adventure.


Another view from the Minute Man Park Battle Road that R and I biked on Saturday.


R and I ate a lunch of PB&J by the Meriam House at the end of Battle Road. It was very picturesque. The only battling we did was squashing our quads, and we slayed those PB&J sandwiches.

Now, let’s get right to the race.

The trail was fairly flat, a majority of it was very rocky so you had to be careful and watch your step – I didn’t want to eat it and bust my sass seven days out from my first of three fall half marathons, so I kept telling myself to slow down. That was the hardest part – putting a lasso on my pace when I was feeling strong, and then dealing with the frustration of feeling like my lungs were letting me down when I was climbing hills or trying to speed up my pace. Regardless of those challenges, I had a blast, and really enjoyed it – it was cool and misty, and felt like a great kick off to fall racing season. With each race, you learn, so I was really glad about some of my race prep that I incorporated into my routine. Everyone is different, so your pre-race ritual may not be the same as mine, but I did a lot of planning ahead. Here are some things I’m glad I planned ahead:Β 

  1. I pre-made my breakfast. I made overnight oats the night before, so I could get up early, grab and go, and eat my oats in the parking lot about an hour before gun time.


    Overnight oats with fresh blueberries and blackberries, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and cinnamon. The perf pre-race breakfast!

  2. I packed a ton of water to bring in the car, for both before and after my race.
  3. I brought a book to read while I waited. I got to the parking lot super early, and instead of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook a million times, I read in my car. It distracted me and allowed me to focus on something other than my pre-race anxiety.
  4. I brought a post-race outfit: jacket, compression sleeves and flip flops to change into after the race. I knew I’d be a) freezing and b) my feet would be sore, so I brought layers to keep me warm, compression sleeves for recovery, and flip flops so I could immediately ditch my shoes. IMG_3663
  5. I packed a post-race PB&J. You never know what will be offered for food after the race (there may be limited vegetarian/vegan options), so it’s always a smart idea to bring your own snacks to refuel.

The best part? The post-race beer/cider, of course.


All the local breweries were there, and I’m really excited to try Downeast Pumpkin Cider for fall – it looked sooooo good (but was only for the Downeast Running Club VIPs – womp)!! All in all, awesome race, I was stoked to run trails instead of roads and I can’t wait to do another trail race. BOOYAH!!! I’m so in love with trail running! ❀

So, what did you guys do this weekend? Anyone else completely burn out their legs? Tell me all about it in the comments. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€Β 

With warmth,


Friday Faves!!

Hooray, it’s here! Happy Friday! This week it has been hot as sin across the country, and I’m so glad the weekend is finally here!! Now we can all go to the beach/lake/river/pool/sprinkler/kiddie pool in your driveway to cool off!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Here’s what I’ve been feeling this week:

1. Dr. Jen Welter


This week, the Arizona Cardinals made history by hiring, as an inside linebackers coach through training camp and the preseason, Dr. Jen Welter. She’s the first known female coach in the NFL. And, she’s a total badass: she was a rugby player at Boston College (hollaaa!), a women’s pro player for 14 seasons and a two-time Team USA gold medalist. She’s previously made history as the first woman in a non-kicking position (running back) in a men’s professional football league. She then went on to become the first woman to coach men’s professional football, for the Texas Revolution.Β And between all of that, she earned a master’s degree in sports psychology and a Ph.D in psychology.

Last year, Welter told Today, β€œI want little girls everywhere to grow up knowing they can do anything, even play football.”

GET IT, JEN. You are an inspiration! Even though my childhood dream to play football like Becky O’Shea in Little Giants did not pan out, I am glad there is an inspiring, strong, smart female out there to show girls growing up today they can do anything. So proud.

2. Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Closet


Um, drool. I would die. I think this is the pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen, when it comes to closets. Check out the rest of the images here: Look Inside KhloΓ© Kardashian’s Amazing Fitness Closet.

3. Speaking of fitness gear…


Last night I showed up for my kickboxing class an hour early because I had one of Those Days and I was totally mixed up about the time class started. I had to battle the urge to just go home and sink into my couch, so (thanks to the recommendation from my gym buddy P!) I went to a nearby shopping area to mosey around until it was time to head to class and kickbox Thursday in the face. I wandered into a Nike Outlet and found these new trainers (um, my pinkie toes are about to bust through my current training sneakers any minute now, I’m past due for a new pair) and I found these bad boys on sale. I got them for $34.96 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I just about fell over when I was at the cash register. I know that I’m basically an unofficial spokeswoman for Lululemon, which is ridiculously priced (but so, so gooood!) but DUDE! You can totally find good workout stuff for not that expensive, you just have to look around.

Semi-related: I need this tank top in my life. πŸ˜‰

nice-butt-graphic-tankIt matches the shoes, okay?? πŸ˜€

Psssst – Everything is 20% off on lookhuman.com, so you can buy the above tank top here on sale.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I saw this on The Dancing Runner‘s own list of favorites months back, and my sister told me it was pretty funny a few months back as well, so I mentally noted it. I didn’t take the leap to watch it until recently (I’m always way behind on these things). OH. EM. GEE. This show is HILARIOUS! It’s so cute, and you all definitely need to watch this. It’s about a woman starting life anew in New York City, after spending the last 15 years in an underground bunker where she was held by a Doomsday cult leader (that sentence makes this show sound unreasonably dark, but it is the exact opposite). The show itself is overflowing with originality and with a spot-on performance from Ellie Kemper, it is as odd as it is hysterical. It’s a must-see, and so fun to watch – you can find it on Netflix. I’m also now a huge Ellie Kemper fan – girlfriend is hilar.

5. Tonight’s Blue Moon


Tonight will mark the second full moon in July! Usually there are 12 full moons in a calendar year but this year we will have 13, woot woot! We won’t have another blue moon until January 2018, so get out there and soak in it tonight. To get the most out of it, check out this video on observing the moon by Astrology.com here.


The Blue Moon pre-game picture I snapped at 5:14 am while I was brushing my teeth before heading to the gym. πŸ˜‰ Obviously, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but LOOK HOW BRIGHT IT IS!

6. U.S. Department of the Interior’s Instagram Account


Do yourself a favor and go follow @usinterior. SO. BEAUTIFUL. New obsession.

7. Your comments on Work/Booyah Balance.


I loved, loved, LOVED reading your comments on the Work/Booyah Balance post! I was delighted that some of my tips and ideas for staying active while working full time resonated with you guys, and I truly enjoyed learning your own tips and ideas to stay active and healthy. I feel that Bubbles and Booyah is the most fun when its interactive, which leads me to a new idea completely inspired by YOU. I’d love it if you would share your own work/booyah balance photos or ideas on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (or send them to me directly!). These snapshots can be anything: meal prep, working out, making a B&B recipe, being active – get creative!! These are just a few ideas, but I would love to see what you guys come up with. Use the hashtag #TeamBooyah and tag me, and I will re-post a few each day either on social media, or as a round up in next week’s Friday Faves. I’m planning on doing a big post/round-up during the last week in August, so keep ’em coming til then! I’m really stoked about this, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! To tag me:

Instagram: @bubblesandbooyah

Twitter: @bubblesbooyah

Happy snapping!!

I hope you guys have a stellar weekend! Mom and Dad Booyah are coming to visit me, and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city and showing off my favorite spots! What are you guys up to this weekend?? Tell me in the comments!!

With warmth,


Work It Out Wednesday – Deck of Booyah Part Deux


Sorry, my post workout fake pushup form was not on fleek this morning. I was wicked tired. πŸ™‚

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Now that I think I’m finally getting the hang of life back in Booyahville, the countdown begins: 1 month until my birthday, so it’s time to get serious. Because I will not NOT be completely jacked on my birthday – not gonna happen! So let’s do this.


R and I were holding court this morning at 5:30 am in the fake grass UFX section of the gym, since our girl A is a sickie (feel better boo!). We started our workout with 2 laps around the gym building, outside (~0.5 mi). It was 62Β°F, fresh air and sunny – the most prime reminder of why we all still live in New England after shoveling 8 feet of snow this winter. Perfection. *ding*

R brought back our Deck of Booyah workout, which is pretty much the best lazy way to do a workout without thinking about it (or, you could go old school Bubbles and Booyah and do a workout with the Booyah Jar). Basically, you assign each suit a specific exercise, and each face card a harder exercise. Then, you do the amount of reps corresponding to the number on each card you pull.

Deck of Booyah Workout

Instruction Recap: For each card pulled, do the exercise associated with each card. For numbered cards, do the number on the card of the associated exercises (i.e. if you pull a 10 of Hearts, you do 10 push-ups; 3 of spades corresponds to 3 squat jumps – get it?). For the face cards, do the associated exercise:

Numbered cards:

  • Spades: Squat Jumps
  • Clubs: Kettlebell swings
  • Hearts: TRX Push-Ups
  • Diamonds: TRX Rows

Face cards:

  • Jacks: 20 Ball Slams
  • Queens: 2 sets of stairs, holding soft medicine ball overhead when going up
  • King: 1 Sled Push with 90 lbs
  • Aces: Repeat the last 3 cards (excluding other Aces)

Everyone does the exercises together, and you take turn pulling cards.

The best part? You can do this as a group competitively or just completely cas (as in “casual”, sometimes these abbrevs I speak with in real life don’t translate well in text), or on your jones. You will get one completely ass kicking workout, and sometimes you might even pull a card like this:


That would be, 7 push ups, 2 sets of stairs with the medicine ball and 1 sled push. Then do it all over again because you just pulled an ace. OY VEYYYYY.

This took us about 50 minutes total, with a few “I’m dying a death and sweat is pouring down my face” water breaks interspersed in there. Overall, a solid workout. Thumbs up high. And, I made it through the entire workout even though my butt is so sore from doing a million lunges yesterday that I feel like someone beat me with a stick.

So, I hope you guys have a great hump day today. Enjoy it! We are halfway to the weekend, hoooooooooray!!!

Wait one more thing:

Weight-Loss-QuotesThere ya go. JUST DO IT swooooooooosh.

With warmth,


NYC Midnight Half Race Recap – Part One


Okay, so we might not be ready to be contestants on the Amazing Race, but B and I basically punched this race in the face. And by punched this race in the face, I mean we a) didn’t die; b) finished and/or crossed the finish line; and c) ate pizza afterwards in Little Italy. Basically, we owned it.

However, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s back up the bus to our ever-important pre-race preparations, so that we can set the stage for the amazingness that occurred during the Midnight Half this past weekend.

How to Prepare for a Midnight Half Marathon:

1. Minimal training. As you may have noticed from my absence on here, life in Booyahville has been slightly-to-medium crazy for a hot minute. Before this race, the last time I went for a long run was on March 29, 2015. Yup, that was the day of the trail half I did in DC. Beyond that I did some slow, casual 5 mile runs when I felt like it/had time. That’s about the scope of my training since April.

2. Drink all the drinks. Since I hadn’t seen/hung out with my Bff Of Life B for longer than a few hours in almost 2 years, the night before our race, it was time to paaaaaaarrrrtttttayyyy! So we drank champs. And cocktails in fancy glasses. And vodka sodas. And then I was That Girl, at the bar, who dropped and shattered a Collins glass on the floor and stood there with like this Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―Β  while my friends casually flicked broken shards of glass from around my flip-flopped feet. Whoops.

3. Sleep for 2-3 hours, max. Since we were out until all hours (Boston girls forget that bars don’t close until 4 am in NYC, so no one is kicking you out or shouting for last call at 1:30 am, which is a far more appropriate time to go to bed the night before a race), only a teeny-tiny bit of sleep occurred the night before. You shut your eyes at 3 am-ish and then open them again at 6:30 am wondering why it is so bright and shhhhh can someone turn the sun down, please. But then you’re awake and thinking, “I need an iced coffee and a New York bagel pronto because the bagel choices in Boston are bleak and nothing is better than a good bagel, period.” Bagels > Sleep.



4. Eat 1/2 of your daily allotment of calories. Who needs to carbo-load when you can just eat one bagel, chug two coffees plus many, many liters of water, and inhale one small but delicious bowl of pasta with petso and veggies before your race? Who has two thumbs and chugged a giant bottle of Gatorade while riding the Subway to the race check in, out of concern that this would not be enough food to power through 13.1 miles? This girl.

5. Walk nine (9) miles around Manhattan the day of your race. In flip flops. Because there are sights to see, and you’re going to see them, half marathon race be dammed. #TotallyWorthIt #NoRagrets


6. Do the opposite of prepare. The race organizer specifically requested that none of the details of the race be posted, so in order to avoid blowing up their spot, here’s what I think I can say about the race. It’s an unsanctioned event that does not have a marked course. There are check-in points that you have to go to in the proper sequence, but you choose your own route in order to do so. So basically, you’re on your own, and it’s up to you to figure it out. Between B and I, we’ve spent a total of 1.7 days in NYC prior to this weekend – that’s it. Additionally, I had never entered Brooklyn, and I had only romped around Manhattan for an afternoon (seriously). So we pretty much had no idea where anything was/etc. And in the true spirit of the Girl Scouts motto “Be prepared,” we started planning our route at 9:30 pm the night of the race. *Wink smile* Clearly, this can only end well.

7. Get one new article of Lululemon to wear, 6 hours before gun time. This last step is the key to speed*, preparation and following the advice of every single running blog out there for race day prep. Buy new shit right before you race, because duh. You’re going to look so cute.

lulu tank

I got this coral tank. Wicked cute.

*Because we all know Lulu/cute running outfits make you faster. Obv. πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for the next post in this three part series: NYC Midnight Half Race Recap. Totally worth it. πŸ˜€

With warmth,


Oh, hiiiii!

A list of things:

1. I’m still alive!! In 2 days my life will return to normal, and it cannot come soon enough. I miss quinoa! And how quiet it is at 5 am when I drive to the gym.

2. I did not look like a stuffed sausage in my RTR dress (see below). Praise the fashion gods.


Boop! Look at those side cutouts! πŸ˜‰



Also I just want to say that 75% of the people at my formal sorority event wore a full length gown. I wore that dress. Welcome to CLUB BOOYAH, BABY!!! Owww owwww! I also killed on the dance floor because my dress was so strechy and I could bust some serious moves without any silk chiffon B.S. getting in the way. Yeaaaah buddy! Also here’s the proof:


3. Western New York is beautiful.


This was taken at a rest stop on I-90 (aka the Thruway). BAM! Look at those clouds. Stunning.

4. Specifically, Rochester. Because it has garbage plates and Abbott’s (neither are vegan, but stay tuned – vegan garbage plates will be coming your way when B&B kitchen reopens). What are these things? Let Huffington Post tell you all about it.


Grilled cheese plate as it is served from H-Hots


My plate with my additions πŸ˜€ Ketchup and Franks, ALWAYS!


Classic plate up top (with lots of meat!) and my little veggie plate.


Abbott’s Chocolate Frozen Custard with rainbow sprinkles (because, duh.).

5. LILACS ARE BLOOMING! My fave shiz ever.


I took this photo with a sh*tty iPhone 4 in 2009. I wish I could send you the smell of the lilacs in my hood blooming over the internet. THEY SMELL DELIGHTFUL.


There’s a throwback Thursday pic for ya from the Lilac Festival in Rochester in 2009. πŸ˜€

6. Also, these are delicious. And have been feeding me for about a month.


7. Also this stuff:

IMG_1003IMG_1006Thank you Chipotle and Pinky’s Pizza, for getting me through these stressful times and contributing to my Stress Eating Junk Food Syndrome. πŸ˜€ OH WELL. Life goes on!

Who’s excited for the Bubbles and Booyah kitchen to reopen?! *Raises hand* Meeeeee! Recipes will be coming at you on Monday, May 18. EVERYONE SET AN ALARM. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

We are going to get this Booyah poppin’ once again folks. Also, I have definitely lost a bunch of my strength and endurance so I’ll be working right along side you guys to get where I need to be for my back to back half marathons that are happening in 16 days. Oh yeah, there’s that too…

I’m pumped to be back! Missed all of you gorgeous people.

With LOTSA warmth,



Friday Faves!!


Whewwwwwww….I am feeling it today! I went out to a concert last night and I had way too much fun for a school night. Yikes. This week has flown by and I can’t believe Friday is already here! Which means it’s time for my favorite post of the week, woo woo! Although, this week is not your typical Friday Faves – it’s more of a love letter to my BFF. Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend in life, B – BECAUSE IT’S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!! And since we are 458 miles apart, I can’t make her put on a black dress and a fleece, drink two bottles of champagne before going out and dance on a table at every party we go to, all while pointing at her and exclaiming, “It’s her birthday today!!” Oh, and it’s not 2006 anymore. You know – adult life probz. Before I get this bestie love fest started, here are some things you need to know about B:


This is B. She may literally shank me for posting this picture, but it’s worth it.

1. She is pretty much the best dancer in the universe. For real. She has every single Britney Spears dance memorized, can bust out some ballerina moves without spilling her beer, and has been known to dance with inanimate objects (like that TV, ahem). So. Many. Skills.


2. She has the best icy death glare EVER and can slay stop someone in their tracks with her dagger eyes. It comes in handy when you encounter the major tools in life.


3. She will straight up tell you like it is (and is one of two people who I willingly accept when they point out my diva behavior to keep me in check). And she has bff spidey sense/psychic tendencies to know if someone you’re into is going to turn out to be a gigantic douchebag.


4. I could not have made it through University Physics or Multivariable Calculus without her moral support/commiseration. In fact, I don’t know what I would have done if I had not had her sitting beside me in silence in the lib(rary), drawing out chemistry reaction mechanisms and derivatives, until we got the 15 minute warning (and despite the fact that they turned the heat off after 9 pm).


5. She knows me inside and out, and we just GET each other. Like on another level. Back in the day, we could have full convos by only exchanging facial expressions, these days we have full texting convos with only emojis and perfectly understand what the other one is thinking. I have never laughed harder with anyone (like the kind of laughter where tears are ruining your perfect mascara day and you stomach hurts). There is no one I would rather watch Law and Order or The Real Housewives with, in our own separate beds on our own separate TVs, and yell/have full conversations through our shared wall about how dramatic NeNe is being. Since our current distance apart prevents that, now we just dissect and thoroughly discuss the Lululemon uploads over the phone and FaceTime while we are doing random tasks (like, I’m packing my gym bag and she’s running gels in the lab). And even though she Facebook divorced me once, I will love her ALWAYS. Because she’s the best!!!!

high five

6. All of these things are true:

21 Things You Know Only When You’ve Been Best Friends for 10 Years



Some additional things to note on this very special day:

This video, which sums up most of 2006 :

And this one too:

Also, this beautiful friendship is sponsored by:

jays j. rochemistry

I hope that you guys all give your besties a huge hug today in honor of the magical friendship of L + B. I love you B!!!


Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all have a super dope weekend and have a great day today! ❀

With warmth,




I have no idea who these people are but they are certainly not us.

L’s Spring Running Essentials


I thought my feet were lookin’ cuter than my face last night after running 7 miles πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Last night after work I had an amazing, mega decompressing sunset run. It was fantastic. And while I was running free around town, breathing all the spring in deeply, I thought of how joyful spring running is. The snow is gone, the temperatures are finally heating up, and you really appreciate the freedom of being outside (it’s still sunny after work!) after being cooped up all winter long. It’s my favorite time of year for running. Thus, I thought I’d throw together a short list of all my spring running essentials. Here we go!

1. A Legit Spring Jacket


This breathable, lightweight hooded jacket is designed to maximize airflow while keeping you dry during foul weather runs (after the winter we had in Boston, there is no way a downpour will keep me inside). To amp up this waterproof shell’s airflow, designers installed a cinch cord around the hips that allows the jacket to suck air into two big, closeable wind gills up front, then force it up and out big, fixed openings on the back. It’s the closest anyone has ever come to solving the chronic breathability dilemma for waterproof running shells – because nothing is grosser that running in your own sweat that is condensed on the inside of your running jacket (ewwwww). Since you can zip those front airflow pockets closed, it’s also a good wind blocker on cold morning runs. And you can use it for all kinds of things: road running, trail running, hiking, camping, adventuring, shopping on Newbury Street in a rainstorm.

AND, (happy surprise) it’s on sale!!! You can find it 50% off at REI, The North Face Stormy Trail Jacket, right here. Boom.

2. Really Nice Running Socks


My mom got me a pair of these running socks, and they are perfect for warmer weather spring runs. My feet get too hot and sweaty in the thicker wool socks I usually reserve for cold winter runs, and these ones are thin, but wick sweat like a boss. I love them! They also have extra compression around the arch to help support your feet. And, they come in wicked cute spring colors. So dope. Everyone needs a pair.

Also, until you really start racking up the miles, you don’t realize how much of a difference nice running socks make in your long runs. I use my everyday athletic socks (you know – the ones I bought from Target! πŸ˜‰ ) for my early morning workouts (like bootcamp and spin), and save my few pairs of nice running socks for my longer weekend and evening runs – it has made a difference in the amount of blisters my poor feet get. So necessary!!

Feetures Running Socks


luluIf you’ve read B&B ever, you will know my love for Lululemon by now. I am obsessed with their Speed Shorts (they’ve made my Friday Faves before). I can’t resist the cute spring-y colors that they are coming out with, and even if it’s freezing outside, I will wear shorts and compression sleeves just because I can, dammit. Finally! My legs can see the sun!! πŸ˜€

Lululemon Speed Shorts in Blue Tropics

4. A Rad Playlist

I cannot run on the road without music. Like cannot. Mainly because this is what I am doing in my head as I’m running:


I’ve previously posted a few of my long run playlists, you can check them out here.

A few of my new fave songs (besides the best song ever, Uptown Funk):

  • Rocksteady – The Bloody Beetroots
  • Cool (feat. Roy English) – Alesso
  • Intoxicated – Martin Solveig & GTA
  • Pay No Mind (feat. Passion Pit) – Madeon
  • Don’t Look Down (feat. Usher) – Martin Garrix

Wooooo! Who’s ready for a running dance party?!

5. Solid Running Fuel

picky bars

I first wrote about these at the very beginning of Bubbles and Booyah’s existence. I still purchase these, and they are still awesome. If I know I’m going for an after work run, I’ll stash one in my lunch and eat it about an hour or so before my feet will be hitting the pavement. They help me power through my evening runs when I’m tired from my day and starving for dinner without ruining my appetite for whatever super excellent creation I’m whipping up that evening. And HELLO, they come in a flavor called Peanut Butter Booyah. HOW can you even resist that?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


I hope you all have happy spring runs!! Woohooo!! Spring is here! ❀ ❀ ❀

With warmth,