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Oh hi there. I’m L, just a gal living in the Boston area in grad school in the middle of nowhere trying to stay fit and fabulous. Here is where I share my health-focused and fashion-obsessed life journey.

As you may be able to easily imagine, my life as a grad student does not involve fashion, fitness or food – my primary interests outside of food chemistry. Prior to B & B, my free time was spent ravenously reading Man Repeller and WhoWhatWear to get my daily dose of Vitamin F (fashion). While training for my first sprint triathlon in the spring/summer of 2013, having no idea what I was doing, I turned to fitness and food blogs to provide guidance and input for my training routine and creative ways to get extra protein in my vegetarian diet. I was hooked.

My interest was re-fueled as I began training for my first half marathon, which I competed in on October 19, 2014 (see my recap: Boo-FREAKIN-yah!). Although this time I wanted my voice to be heard as well: are there no health-conscious vegetarian fashionista runners out there? I posted images of my pre-training breakfasts and plant-based concoctions as inspiration to friends and family on social media: Look, this is what I’m eating today! I did my best to share the corresponding recipes, but those Instagram comment boxes seemed fairly limiting. I was humbled when inundated by recipe requests and positive feedback: more, more! Thus, the idea for Bubbles and Booyah was born: a catch-all blog discussing fashion, fitness and (vegetarian) food, affirmative and enlivening to the best of my ability.

This blog was (finally!) conceived after many, many nights (/years) of my own internal deliberation. In early October 2014, I took the leap and decided to create this fun space to share what’s going on in my little corner of the world. I figured, why not just share this magical knowledge of randomness with the world all in one place? Well, why not? So here it is: you’ll find my recipes, fitness adventures, style tips and general life musings. Enjoy. And have fun. 😉

– L.

Also important to note: I’m currently training for my the Spartan Sprint in Fenway November 13! 🙂

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