A little stress at work is not always wrong

The key is balance …

Many times work is one of the main causes of stress, and the consequences that this can have on our health are well known However, according to a recent study, a little work stress does not hurt. Here we tell you why.

Headache, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, stomach discomfort, depression, discomfort in the muscles and / or back and bad mood. Do you have or have you had any of these symptoms or do you know someone who has them? Possibly it is the so-called stress.

Did you know that one of the main causes that causes it is related to demanding work conditions?

For that reason, the ideal would be to be able to choose a job that is not very stressful, that does not take away the sleep or generate a lot of tension, although a study carried out by Healthy Companies International  describes a different hypothesis.

Based on a telephone survey conducted with nearly 500 employees in the United States, the researchers found that a little stress could be positive for work. Half of the workers consider that the levels of work stress are at their proper point and a third of them state that there is almost no stress in their work environment, while only one in three employees feel that there is too much stress on their site of work.

Thus, this study suggests that for most people working with a little stress is necessary. But be careful! This does not mean that you can sustain an accelerated life, full of responsibilities and pressures. On the contrary, there are many investigations that show the harmful effects that stress can generate, especially if it is maintained for a long time, since it can cause chronic or permanent diseases, including heart problems , especially in women .

Therefore, the key is to find the right balance 0 – as in other areas of life – between the tasks or responsibilities that can represent a professional challenge in front of the excess of them, which can really transform our life into a torment.

Imagine that you have been promoted at work and you are very happy with your new position but that keeps you awake and you no longer sleep as before, is it tension or enthusiasm? To differentiate when your work is stressful or challenging, you can consider this definition of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): “the challenge energizes us psychologically and physically and motivates us to learn new skills and to master our work . When we meet a challenge, we feel relaxed and satisfied. ”

This is exactly the opposite of the symptoms that stress can cause, among which are:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks ,
  • Confusion and haste;
  • Irritability and melancholy;
  • Stomach problems;
  • Headaches and / or chest pains;
  • Respiratory problems or asthma;
  • Irritations on the skin;
  • Need to drink and / or overeat, as well as to smoke or use drugs, and
  • Sadness or depression .

After reading this article, perhaps you can detect what the situation is like in your work, do you feel comfortable and face new challenges or are you tired and increasingly unmotivated? If the answer is this last option or if you want to avoid it, here are some suggestions you can implement to control or prevent stress:

  • Remember that nobody is perfect and that we all have a capacity limit. Learn to recognize it and avoid overloading tasks and responsibilities. Where possible, delegate functions to other colleagues or employees.
  • Try to rest well and learn to relax. Doing breathing exercises can help at some stressful time, but it is also good that you take the time necessary to perform activities that calm you and are pleasurable. Some just have a good relaxing bath, others prefer to read a book or watch an entertaining movie, what do you prefer?
  • Exercise regularly (but be careful not to do it compulsively). Practicing a sport or doing some physical activity such as yoga or walking can also help you manage stress.
  • Try to eat healthy. Sometimes it is easier to order fast food but it is known that these are high in calories and not very nutritious. It is preferable that you take prepared food to work or look for a restaurant that offers a menu with more healthier foods.

Finally, avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Although it may seem that they relieve emotional stress, actually depending on them causes more stress because they affect the body’s natural ability to recover.

If in spite of all this you can not avoid the symptoms of stress or if you feel that they are already affecting your health or your way of relating to others, seek help as soon as possible to find the most effective way to return to a more calm and healthy

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