Crushing Workouts Left and Right


This post is brought to you by overnight muesli with fresh berries from my office desk 🙂 

Happy Monday, Booyahs! I can tell you right now that it’s the start to a great week. I am *finally* starting to get into the swing of things with my workouts – I am sticking to it with rewarding results. I have been on a mega Amanda Bisk Fresh Body Fit Mind kick recently – I’ve been doing her 20 minute circuits twice a day on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (although, since I am incapable of not being super intense, I usually make them 27 – 30 minutes). Amanda is a former Australian Olympic pole vaulter who came up with this program as a way to share her workouts once she stopped competing. You don’t need any equipment, just space to jump around, a killer playlist and a ready-to-get-sweaty attitude. I really enjoy it; it breaks up my workout into two do-able chunks, and by the time you get to the PM workout, you’ve forgotten how hard you worked (and how much @$$ you kicked) in the morning so you’re able to do it all over again and feel amazing/slightly dead afterwards.

My downstairs neighbors probably think I am having a Kill Bill-level fight to the death when I’m doing burpees at 5:30 am, but so far I’ve gotten no complaints so I’m hoping the carpeting (and my yoga mat) are muffling the sound of all of that body slamming. This weekend, I stuck with my workout both days, and went above and beyond for the PM workout full of sprints last night (pre Super Bowl party, of course!):


I was supposed to do 5 x 30m sprints with 5 squats in between each sprint…no big deal, right? That’s just under 100 feet per sprint. So, I was like, I’ll do 10 rounds instead because I’m the High Priestess of Booyah! For whatever reason, I took off my logical thinking helmet when I went to the indoor track on campus and was like, “Oh – one time around the track is one sprint!” because in my head I had moved the decimal place over from 875 feet (the actual distance of one loop on the track) to 87.5 feet (the imaginary distance in my head that makes no sense, if you’re using your brain). Well, my first full out sprint around the track allowed me to quickly realize that it was beyond my capabilities, so I downgraded my one entire loop of sprinting the track to only do three-quarters of one loop. After three rounds of that, I downgraded again to sprinting halfway around the track for the remaining seven sprints. About midway through the most intense sprint workout of my life, I ran by the sign telling me that one loop = 875 feet, but by that point I was already committed and just kept it up.

That was A LOT of sprints. I was bright red and sweaty for an hour after my workout. SO. FRIGGIN. INTENSE. If I’ve done my math correctly, I sprinted for roughly 1533.45 meters total, instead of 150 meters total. Hot damn. Let me just say that, my adductors (where the front/inside of your leg connects to your pelvis) tells me that I definitely sprinted for over 1500 meters. All the stretching in all of the land will be happening in my apartment later tonight.

Other exciting things: I went to Trader Joe’s on Sunday where Bubbles & Booyah headquarters is now located (i.e. my new hometown) and had the ultimate supermarket sweep! They have the best frozen food vegan options, all for super cheap! I got a bunch of stuff for meals this week, and I’m excited to try it out:


For my lab’s happy hour last Thursday (hosted by yours truly), we did a burrito/taco bar and it was the ultimate spread. I highly recommend putting together a burrito bar potluck for your next gathering, with each person bringing a component to add – it turned out to be AMAZING:


Also, this just made my day:


YAS, Leia!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week this week! Get after it today, it will be totally worth it.

With warmth,








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