Weekly Update


Hi All!

Well, any hopes that I had of writing and testing a new recipe this week were quickly eliminated based on how busy my week was last week! At the beginning of the week, I volunteered at a Wine Quality workshop, which focused on identifying and resolving defects in winemaking. Also known as: smelling and tasting a lot of wine in between my classes.


On Thursday, I hosted my first ever happy hour/game night gathering at my new place, and invited my lab group to partake. We played The Game of Things, basically a Target rip-off of Cards Against Humanity, where you fill in the blank instead of put down another card. All of my lab group ended up bringing different kinds of dips as a dish to pass at our Happy Hour, which was PHENOM. I made the Artichoke Dip recipe from the new Thug Kitchen: Party Grub cookbook. It was pretty flippin’ delicious. I highly recommend checking it out.


Training this week was minimal. Between wine consumption and loads of work/school commitments, I did not get nearly enough gym time in this week. I feel myself falling farther and farther behind in my training, losing muscle and strength, and I get completely frustrated. I spent so much time and effort getting to where I was, and it is so hard to be in a place where I feel a little lost with my training program. Luckily, Sarah to the rescue – hopefully I can work on a long-distance trainer/trainee relationship with her because she is the absolute BEST. Personally, I am not the best at going from a very structured workout/training schedule to being completely on my own to make up my own workouts and training routines. This ish is HARD. However, Miss Booyah is not a sit on her hands kind of girl, so I’m writing down some goals for this week and attempting a new approach at getting my workouts in. The gym on campus opens at 6:30 am. I have class at 8 am. We are going to see just how fast I can workout, stretch and chug a protein shake as I run/walk to my 8 am Dairy class (Yes, I get to take Dairy in which we learn all about milk chemistry, making dairy products, lactation biology, all the good stuff. Maybe it will help me come up with a bomb idea of how to make the best faux vegan cheese ever.) We shall see how it works. Wish me luck! What do you guys do to stay on top of your workouts? I’m totally open to trying as many approaches as possible in order to find one that works for me. 

I hope that you all had an awesome weekend, and have a super BOOYAH week this week!

With warmth,


6 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. I had the same problem in grad school. I found a couple classes I liked at the campus gym and made every effort to be there. When the instructors see you there regularly and you miss a class, the next time you go they ask where you were (in a friendly way). So you have to become accountable and show up! Once it becomes your routine, you won’t want to ever miss a class. Best of luck.


    • Thanks, Kelly! That is so helpful. There are some awesome classes at the fitness center, and I’ve been trying them out. What a great way to stay committed! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it. ❤


  2. I sincerely hope you get to where you want to be with your training routine! However, I have to admit it is nice knowing I’m not the only one who falls off the wagon every now and then. This life business is hard…and crazy busy; balancing it all is a gift! Good luck, you can do it!


    • Thanks, dude! That vote of confidence means so much to me. It really is difficult sometimes to get your rear in gear and get after it, but I started off my week by fully committing to getting a work out in! I woke up at the crack of dawn and did a quick circuit, although my neighbors below me probably thought I was killing someone when I was doing burpees and listing to EDM very quietly at 6 am (ohhh well!). You are definitely not alone – everyone has their moments when balancing all of the things in life is incredibly challenging; it’s really worthwhile to remember when you’re giving yourself a hard time. And your comment definitely helped me remember that, and to let it go and forgive myself when I’m struggling. So, for that – thank you. I always love hearing from you, hope your Monday is off to a great start!


  3. Love hearing your updates! I knew you would jump into socializing and trying new things! I bet you already have a great group of friends. Your gym friends back here miss you!! Thinking of you. Looking forward to hearing more adventures.


    • Thanks Michelle! I’m so glad that you’re still my number 1 blog reader. Miss you so much! I’m finally feeling like I’m getting into the swing of things here – it’s so hard to get into a workout routine without my fave girls (and Scott…and Campbell) but it’s all coming together. The other students in my program are all so awesome – they were super welcoming and friendly, it’s like I basically walked straight into a group of friends when I started my program. It’s so nice to have a fun group to hang out with. I hope all is well with you, sending you so much love! xoxoxox ❤


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