Well, hello there.

I am still alive.

In the past month, I’ve quit my job, moved out of Boston, moved to a new state and started graduate school at a top school to get my Masters in Food Science (we are getting serious up in here about food chemistry, people). It has been a huge change to say the least, and it’s taken me some time to get settled, find my sneakers (and pots and pans) and get back into it. Here are some changes you will be seeing around here:

  1. No more fancy gym. I will be working out with the 19 year old undergrads at my campus’s very impressive and million (billion?) dollar gym, and I will be coming up with all of my workouts by myself. So far, this has ended up with mixed results: from feeling like I barely worked out when I left the gym, to pushing myself so hard that I can’t lift my arms above my head to wash my hair the next day. Hopefully my workouts will get more consistent as time goes on, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. Also, all of you guys will be my new gym buddies since my gym group of Booyah Babes remain in Boston. 😦
  2. Sunday Training Log Update. My parents got me an awesome training journal, as I am taking on the hardest race ever coming up in May. It’s a trail half marathon that climbs straight up a mountain for 8 miles and then goes back down. (Side note: Holy hell, what have I done?) Regardless, I’ve been logging my workouts in this sweet training journal and I will share them with you here at the end of the week.
  3. I am cooking on a budget! I am pretty much living on a graduate student stipend, which is like someone taking your paycheck and taking a zero off the end of it. So, I will be saving saffron and cardamom for special occasions. Every time I see my bank account I just remind myself it’s for the greater good, and I will be able to purchase new Lulu again someday. *sigh*

Okay, now that we got through the semi-painful aspects of becoming a graduate student, here are the exciting ones:

  1. I’m studying wine! Yup, I’m stoked.
  2. Since I’m in the food science department, everyone is pretty much firmly divided into two groups: the people who could care less about food, and the people who are literally obsessed with food and all they want to do is make delicious things and do experiments in their kitchen. Guess which group I’m in? 😉 This will make for some exciting inspiration!
  3. I now live in the woods! Hello, trail runs, hikes and all of the outdoor things. (Side note: it’s very quiet and very dark here. Still getting used to it.) ❤
  4. Learning about food chemistry is probably the most interesting shiz ever, and hopefully I can share some of what I learn and tell you guys some seriously cool stuff about food. Booyah.

So, there’s all of that. We’ve gone over why I don’t do resolutions before, and I’m still in that boat (summary: you don’t need a special day to start taking good care of yourself, just do it now). But with all of these changes happening, I am focusing on living less out of habit and more out of intent. We are fueling happiness in 2016, folks. Buckle up!

With warmth (and a whoooole lot of food chemistry),




28 thoughts on “Well, hello there.

    • Thanks! I’m really excited to expand my chemistry knowledge to include food. It definitely should be interesting. And I really like that – what is important is right now. Cheers to that! Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    • Hi Aileen! It’s great to see your name pop up. I think what I missed most from my falling off the wagon of blogging was the awesome back and forth conversations between the other bloggers – I missed you! Thank you for the congratulations, and I can’t wait to see what’s up in Morsels and Moonshine’s world! 😀 xoxoxox


  1. Hey L! We’re so glad that you’re back! It sounds like things have been pretty crazy but definitely on the up and up! Your small sacrifices will pay off. Congrats on getting into grad school. Food science is ace! You’ll love it. Boo to those that could care less about food. We’re so envious; we wish that we could live in the woods too! Best of luck with your new journey- we look forward to hearing all about it! 🙂 x


    • YAY! Hello guys! I’ve missed you! Thank you so much for the kind words and sentiments – it really means a lot to me! I’ll let you all know how it is to live in the woods – so far, so good! It’s much quieter running outside. I really appreciate your support and motivation – you guys are the BEST!!! xoxoxox, L

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    • Yay! Thanks!!! I’m sad to be a retired Masshole (although I still drive like one), but I’m about 3 hours closer to our home base, which will make traveling home for the holidays a piece of cake. I can’t wait to hear about everything that has been going on with you, and share my adventures in the middle o’nowhere. xoxoxox ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Hi Debbie! I’m so glad to be back too! Thanks so much for you kind words and comment – I really appreciate it. Like I told Aileen above, it’s the connections and friendships I made between the other bloggers that I missed the most. It’s one big happy family on here. I cannot tell you enough how much it means to me! ❤ xoxoxoxo

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  2. Whoa! Big, exciting changes! Boston will certainly miss you (I am taking the liberty to speak for the entire city here, but feel confident in my representation), but it sounds like you left to do some awesome stuff! Best of luck! 🙂


    • Hahahaha!! THANKS! I miss Boston too 😦 But I am definitely excited to be here learning all about the foods. Thanks for you kind words and support – I look forward to hearing what’s been up in your world. And, I’ll get my fill of Boston-ness when I read your blog 🙂

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  3. Sounds so exciting!!! Congrats! If it’s not a little bit scary, it’s not worth doing! Best of luck! I’m looking forward to your posts about what you’ve learned about food!


  4. Aw yea! Sounds like you’ve had a really solid start to a new part of your journey! I wish you the best of luck with everything and can’t wait to hear more about your food chemistry wisdom 🙂 And trust me, I feel ya on the being a grad student front – it really sucks sometimes lol


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