What’s up, buttercup?

Oh haiiii, I’m still here. I know it’s been a bit since you’ve all heard from me – lots and lots of things are going on here in Booyahville, like a (very exciting!) big life change that is in the works. Hooray! Until the big reveal, you’ll just have to hang on to your hats and hear what’s been up.

  1. I made my Spanish Style Lentils recipe last night and it was AMAZE. ❀IMG_4466
  2. All of this travel, stress and lots of work happenings has semi-derailed my normally/reasonably healthy eating habits. AKA, I’ve been in Kirby mode inhaling everything in my path (my pants are a liiiiitle tight, and not in a cute way). Even with the amount of exercise I do, I don’t really need to eat dessert after every meal. πŸ˜‰ kirbyI’ve been logging my food into MyFitnessPal app on my phone to get back on track and it has been a love/hate relationship. Some days are really easy, other days I think about food all.day.long. Life is hard when you’re cutting calories. The upside? It motivates me to run more because then I can eat more!*
  3. My third and final half marathon of this fall racing season is upon us in FOUR days! I can’t believe it is already November. To be honest though, I have mentally checked out from racing. Because of my busy fall schedule, I feel that I haven’t gotten enough training in to really compete and try and beat my PR (my intention when I signed up for these races). So, just like a lot of things in life, I’ve decided to let it go and just have FUN. That’s what running is all about, isn’t it? #whatevermode
  4. Last week, I was eating an inordinate amount of spaghetti squash. If you want to see some awesome spaghetti squash recipes I’ve posted previously, check out my post here. IMG_4479
  5. I’m really looking forward to be done with racing season, so I can have a social life without it revolving around my training runs, and not be afraid to drink a glass of Malbec with dinner because I have to get up at 5 am and give it 100% at the gym the next morning. I miss my friends! πŸ™‚

*Confession: Initially, I was slightly embarrassed to share in a very public forum that I’ve been eating all of the things in the universe. Then I realized: this is real life. This happens! One of my major “booyah missions” shall we say, is to be HONEST. No one is perfect all of the time. There are days I skip workouts (part of my problem). There are days I eat three servings of dessert (also sometimes my problem). There are days that your runs really suck and you feel the dramatic urge to crawl into bed and watch the Real Housewives instead of lifting your head up high and going to work like an adult. But that’s life! It happens. And when it does you have two choices: give up, or pull yourself up by the bootstraps, get over it, and do what needs to be done to get back on track. I choose Option B. πŸ˜€

I hope that you all have been enjoying fall, living it up and running like the wind. πŸ™‚

With warmth,



5 thoughts on “What’s up, buttercup?

  1. That is life! And sometimes it is WORTH it πŸ˜€ there is no point in constantly denying ourselves if we love pudding (said as someone currently cutting calories and dreaming of a big chocolate cookie…)


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