Bubbles and Booyah Turns 1!


Hooray! My baby has turned one year old! I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. Wow! Just over a year ago on October 5, I created this fun space in order to share my veg recipes, half marathon training highs and lows, and active lifestyle with the world. And here we are! With over 1,000 followers and over 30,000 views later, I count B & B a success. It brings me joy to hear when friends, family and my readers tell me that they tried a recipe/workout/tip that I’ve shared – that is why I am here! It is your comments and feedback that make this whole thing fun and inspiring: you, my dear readers, are my inspiration when I put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard). Just like you, my life is busy – I have a job that clocks in over 40 hours a week most of the time, plus an hour of training almost every day, so I wanted to share and create recipes that are easy, flavorful, filling, nutritious and a piece of cake to pull off after a 10 hour day. I also wanted to share my own personal experiences as I strive to maintain an active lifestyle and train for upcoming races, to show that you that you can be healthy without being monomaniacal, and incorporate nourishing plant-based food, fitness, mindfulness, laughter, joy and a little bit of bubbly into your daily routine without feeling like a workout and calorie counting obsessed robot. Because life is about having fun, yes?

Over the past year I’ve learned a lot. The feeling of trying to maintain a balance is not going to go away. Some days, you will wake up and feel perfectly at peace and like life is peaches; other days you will wake up in a mental rain cloud struggling to get your shiz together. That is what life is: ups and downs, highs and lows, PRs and struggle buses. And while it may be difficult sometimes to keep that balance in check, it is reassuring to know that we are all striving to find our balance, and if we keep it up together, support and encourage one another, we will get through the hardest of hard times together, and hopefully laugh about it along the way.

So, I would like to thank you, dear readers, for sticking it out with me. Your comments and encouragement when I’m in the middle of training, pre/post race and when I’m having a rough day mean the world to me. I highly value your feedback on the recipes, fitness routines and “Dear Diary” entries I post. You make me laugh, smile and sometimes secretly get a little misty-eyed and touched (but don’t tell anyone – that will ruin my image). Basically, I love you guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Here’s to many, many more years of deliciousness/ridiculousness/fun coming your way.
With so much warmth,


PS: To celebrate my one year birthday, last night I made the first recipe I ever posted on B&B: Stuffed Carnival Squash Stuffed with Maple Dijon Quinoa. DAMN, that shiz is still flippin’ delicious. I substituted green onions for leeks, and added 1/2 cup of dried sprouted lentils to the stuffing mixture. If you want to celebrate my blog-o-versary with me, you should make this recipe too because it’s really got-DANG delicious. 😛

Top view of stuffed squash

34 thoughts on “Bubbles and Booyah Turns 1!

  1. Congratulations on your first Blog-iversary! Great recipes, humor and thoughtful posts. Will enjoy continuing to follow you on your journey. ❤️❤️


  2. The best part about that recipe was that you made it while on FaceTime entertaining an 18m old during his dinner! It was my fave cooking show ever. “Happy bloggy” ~ your nephew


  3. Happy Birthday! I made a similar dish last night before I read your post. I think I’m going to replicate it (well, almost!) tonight! Sounds delish! My IBS says no to beans so I plan on using ground turkey instead! YUM!


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