Friday Faves!

First of all, I just scrolled down and saw my countdown to the Rochester Half Marathon: UM HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, it’s in 16 days!! I’m not ready! I don’t even have my Lululemon outfit picked out yet! *Internal Freakout*

Also, I have a few comments re: this week.

  1. Where did September come from? I feel like yesterday it was June.
  2. Also, how is it already Friday?
  3. What even just happened right now.

I can’t believe that it’s already Labor Day weekend! What!

Okay, let’s hop right into my faves this week, since everything else in life is happening at warp speed. πŸ™‚

1. NOT my fave


As editor/writer/general muser/ya main betch on Bubbles and Booyah, I have to add an editorial remark. Last week, I included Athleta’s Sonar Capris in my Friday Faves. This was in error. These pants ARE in fact super cute, compressive, have useful pockets and reflective accents. They seem as if they are perfect. Until, that is, you bend over to do the see-thru check: they are completely sheer! I tried on both my normal size and a size larger, and holy full moon batman, you can literally count the cheetah print spots on your undies when you bend over. Not okay. At first I thought, “Aw man! These are so cute and compressive though – maybe just for running?” But then I thought, “Um, what if I have to tie my shoe? What if I drop my energy gel and have to bend over and pick it up?” Running is hard enough without flashing your buns for the world to see. Yikes. So please, proceed with caution. I have wide hips, so maybe this is a specifically “L” problem, but make sure you bend and snap in the dressing room when you’re trying them on.

2. NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System


Let me preface this by first letting you know a little bit about Booyah’s kitchen capabilities. I have a really nice (if ancient) food processor, a workhorse Cuisinart blender with mini food processor attachment, and an immersion blender. I’ve got a lot of tools at my fingertips (I’m lucky to have a cuisine-loving Mom and Grandmother who have passed down/gifted me some really nice gadgets). For the past year, I’ve been spoiled using a friend’s NutriBullet mixer to quickly and easily make thick shakes and smoothies post-run and post-workout, without whipping out my whole blender set up. The greatest appeal of the NutriBullet is the powerful motor, which can crush frozen fruit and soy milk into vegan “nice” cream in the amount of time it takes to count to ten, and the small size – easy to store, easy to pull out of the cabinet, easy to clean. I like the fact that it only has the mixing cup attachments; I already have a pretty solid blender so I don’t need another full blender set up (plus, if I’m going to buy a full-sized blender, it’s totally going to be a Vitamix, hello). When I found myself sans NutriBullet, I pulled out my good ol’ trustworthy blender to mix a smoothie. The results were not promising: I had really become used to the speed and power behind the Bullet. It didn’t take very long of being NutriBullet-less to start keeping my eyes open for deals. And I found one – I scooped one up at JCPenney’s for less than $99 with a coupon. You can find that deal here: NutriBullet at JCPenney’s. You can use the code PARADE4U to get 15% off – YAS!

Also sidenote: I can definitely tell the power difference between the 600 and the 900 models of the NutriBullet – the extra $20 you’d spend on the 900 is totally worth it, in my opinion.

3. EcoVessel Boulder Insulated Water Bottle

eco vessel

Okay, this one is kind of cheating. I included this brand of water bottles way back in the day in one of my Friday Faves, but they’ve added some new bottles and new features! AND, they are on sale. So obviously I had to get one. This one has a tea/fruit/ice strainer, so it is much more amenable for hot liquids, in my opinion. The strainer is very easy to use, so I am more able to toss in some chunks of lemon, cucumber, raspberries – whatever is rolling around in my fridge to flavor my water. I still like that you can take the top completely off and really get in there to clean it – it’s one insulated water bottle that I’m not afraid to add smoothies or adult beverages to. And there are tons of cute colors! I obv got the purple one. You can get 20% off by using the code LABORDAY2015. Find the water bottles here: EcoVessel Boulder Water Bottle.

4. Patagonia NanoPuff Jacket


I have been eyeing this jacket all season long. It’s the perfect take along on any trip, during any season, as it compresses into its chest pocket (and even has a loop to clip it onto your pack with a carabiner during hikes or travel). This jacket is filled with PrimaLoft ONE synthetic insulation which traps heat, even when wet. The outer shell is lightweight ripstop recycled polyester with Deluge DWR finish to shed moisture. All of this adds up to a very light 11.1 oz – basically a no brainer. Now, I just have to figure out what color to get. πŸ™‚

Well, that about sums it up for all my faves this week. I’m looking forward to the holiday weekend – I’ve got training, relaxing, and the beach on my docket. What are you guys up to this weekend? How are you celebrating Labor Day? Tell me all about it in the comments.

With warmth,


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