Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! I am in high spirits today. I had a stellar training session with Sarah and the girls in my small group this morning, and feel ready to BOOYAH through this whole week. Yahoo!


I whipped up one of my summer faves: Mexican Quinoa and Tempeh Salad. I used fresh corn, tomatoes and a bell pepper from the farmer’s market, and organic beans. It was absolutely delicious. If you missed that recipe, you can check it out here.

Saturday aka Sweaturday

I got up early and hit the gym! I made myself an epic breakfast of iced coffee and overnight muesli with fresh peaches and red tart cherries.


L’s Pre-workout Overnight Muesli

Booyah Tip: You can make iced coffee at home by brewing (or French Press-ing, as I did) your coffee the night before, allowing to cool to room temperature and then transferring into a sealed container and placing in the fridge overnight. Voila: iced coffee! Make sure you add a little extra grounds because it gets watered down as the ice melts.


I make an entire French press worth of coffee, which perfectly fits in a 32 ounce Mason jar – that way, I can have half for breakfast and half for later in the day (or if I’m not needing it, I can have the rest on Sunday!) It’s so simple, but saves $$$ and is better than hittin’ up Starbucks every weekend.

Back to back spinning and Body Pump is great practice for endurance and helps me train my mind to overcome feeling tired and to push through a workout (I seriously tap into that when I’m racing to keep pushing myself forward). I rewarded myself with a giant L’s Purple Power Smoothie to refuel post-training.


Then, I organized my pantry and discovered I have a serious quinoa problem (which you may have gathered from my recipes):


I organized all my grains. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. 🙂

It started to cloud up, so I went to run errands and eventually made my way down to Newbury St and checked out all the fall stuff at Lulu:


I ❤ Boston. So much.


I went to an epic dinner at Fuji Sushi at Assembly Square in Somerville (after stalking the braiser I am obsessed with at the Le Creuset outlet). It was the perfect dinner for a steamy Saturday.


Then, I finished it all off with vegan ice cream from J.P. Licks. Aaaaaamzing.


Chocolate Fudge soy ice cream and Chunky Peanut Butter hemp ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone (which are vegan, hooray!)

Sunday aka BEACH DAYYY!!!

Returning to my natural habitat

The most important thing is that I didn’t get sunburned, probably because I ate my lunch like this:


Yup, that’s a tupperware of Mexican Quinoa and Tempeh Salad on my lap. And yeah, those are American Eagle PJ pants circa 2004 and an OAR T-shirt from 2009. Also known as the official uniform for the President of the Cool Kids Club.

I am sunscreen obsessor (not a word, but…you know what I mean). I set a timer on my phone so I can diligently re-apply sunscreen every 80 minutes. Protecting your skin is no joke! Also, I used so much NO-AD sunscreen this weekend, I should basically add them to my investment portfolio. (Side note: I used to care so much about looking cool that I would not take care of my skin as well as I should have. Mistake. Your skin is going to be with you for your entire life, so you better be nice to it. So who cares if you have to wear old PJ pants in public because someone jacked your sun umbrella in an extreme showing of Not Cool and you need to take a break from the sun? Not I! Being cool means taking good care of yourself.)



Not a single sunburn! BEST FEELING EVER! 😀

After the beach, I made a Vegan BLT (or TLT) for dinner, with some farm fresh corn. It was a seriously fantastic weekend. Every time I go to the beach, it’s like I hit an internal reset button. I got to the beach very early, and almost no one was in the water. I took a quiet moment, and allowed myself to float in the bay, the only sound I listened to were the waves rolling by. It is as if the mental quiet that surrounded me slowly pushed my internal compass back to center, and I felt immense calm come over me. As I was laying in bed last night reflecting on my weekend, I felt absolutely serene and at peace. It sometimes feels as if you are operating at 100 mph throughout the week, it’s always a good idea to take a mental step back, breathe it all in and appreciate all the small tiny components that add the sparkle to your day. I am determined to carry this calm with me this week, and I hope that you all are able to find your calm and tap into it as needed this week.

Happy Monday!

With warmth,


5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. OMG I’m obsessed too I also set a timer to re-apply my sunscreen, my sister thought I was Crazy when we were last at the beach!
    Your Mexican quinoa looks awesome I must try it! Xo


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