Friday Faaaaaves!


Happy Friday, everyone! Last night I hung out with the ever fabulous C, a friend I met through my sis and bro-in-law who just moved to the area (and by area, I mean literally two streets away from me, we could string together two cans and play telephone, so basically the universe is telling us we are meant to have a great summer hanging out together – woot!). Clearly, I had take C on a micro tour of some of my fave spots, so right out of the gate I brought her to Christopher’s in Cambridge and got burgers (vegan for me and Southwest for her – NOMS):


My vegan veggie burger at Christopher’s Cambridge. We even got to sit outside! It was a perfect day weather-wise in Boston yesterday. πŸ˜€

And then we tromped over to Davis Square for a delicious cocktail and lots of people watching (literally everyone was on a first date and it was uber amusing to observe their dating behavior):


Our cocktails at Saloon in Davis Square. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

All in all, a great start to the weekend! Now, as for my faves:

1. The Nalge.


How has this NEVER made it on my list of Friday Faves?! I have no idea. If you met me from the years 2000 – 2010, I was def toting a Nalgene bottle with me. And if you’re cool, you’d know to properly refer to a Nalgene bottle as a “Nalge” – the L method of abbrev-ing just about every word known to man. These are the OG of water bottles, and you must have one! Perfect for when lightweight matters (hiking, camping, lugging your junk to the beach in a tote bag, going to a party with your pre-made cocktail in your purse), these bad boys usually make up the lion’s share of my portable water bottle avalanche when I open that certain cabinet in my kitchen. Sad for me (and my normally large but now dwindling Nalge collection), I recently started toting these everywhere and abandoning them. So, if we are really good friends and you live within a 5 mile radius, you probably have one rolling around in the back of your car (Kad), forgotten on your kitchen counter (Eeyore) or underneath your couch (who knows- but there’s a 67% chance that it’s pink). Thus, I have to replenish and will be going to EMS tonight to get one. πŸ™‚

2. Cocomama Honey Quinoa Cereal


This pre-cooked, soy/dairy/gluten free and vegetarian (I’d say vegan but the honey! I always forget) quinoa cereal was a life saver this week! My sister introduced me to this when she snuck a pack into my lunch for me to eat on one of the Monday mornings I drove from her home in Southern Connecticut straight to work in Massachusetts (it’s a nice 2.5 hour commute against traffic). I was saving this packet of cereal for a “rainy day” (you know, one where I shoot myself in the foot and am too lazy to assemble my Overnight Oats that literally takes about 5 minutes the night before) and I was not disappointed. You heat this bad boy up for 20 seconds in the microwave and BAM – you have a delicious, filling and flavorful breakfast at your fingertips. It was so good that I bought the rest of the flavors to try. And interestingly enough, it introduced me toΒ kaΓ±iwa (another high-protein Peruvian food similar to quinoa), which I had never heard of and am chomping at the bit to incorporate into future recipes – stay tuned. πŸ™‚

3. Lightlife Tempeh Fakin’ Bacon


I have yet to try this (have any of you tried it?) but I am SO, SO, SOOOO excited about this!!! No offense to Morning Star Farms, but their fake bacon is diiiiiisgusting and I just can’t hang with it. I found this at Whole Foods this past week when I went to “get a few things” and spent $158.67 (including a probably $37 prepared foods salad from their salad bar – no regrets), and immediately threw three packages of this into my cart in a fit of optimism. The last delicious fake bacon I ate was when my co-worker Jan made an out-of-this-world Eggplant Bacon in his dehydrator, but I have neither the counter space or patience to get on his level with the faux bacon scene. I’m really hoping this is as good as my expectations because I cannot wait to make the most bangin’ vegan BLT (TLT?) this weekend. Yasssss Queeeeeeen.

4. This Jumpsuit


K so I love jumpsuits but literally own 0, so I’m dying to get this to wear and I’m so excited about it. I’m normally not that trendy but it’s less than $100, looks super cute and I love the bright blue color!!! DYINGGG.

Also, just think of the intense dance party you can have when your pants and shirt are ATTACHED to one another. Boooo-YAH!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

PS: Do any of you have jumpsuits??

Nasty Gal Jeslina Jumpsuit, $88

5. Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Facial Serum


I’d like to thank the Academy, and this face serum, for causing someone to improperly identify me as 22 years old this past weekend (in fairness to them, they may not have been sober). Thank you, Kate Somerville for plumping my fine lines, and totally making it worth paying the outrageous price tag – based solely on the fact that some rando thought I had just graduated from college. That made my life. Bravo!

(Seriously though, I’ve used this product for a few years now and I swear by it. Stay out of the sun, drink water and put retinol on your face at night – BOOM. You’ll have great skin.)

Soooooo…what are you guys up to this weekend??Β I’ll be heading up (waaaaaaay up!) to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a full-day hike with my cousin and his super rad girlfriend tomorrow and then seeing my sister for her b-day!! Tell me what you’re up in the comments!

I hope that you guys all have a fabulous day and an even better weekend!!! Happy Friday, all! πŸ˜€

With warmth,


19 thoughts on “Friday Faaaaaves!

    • Hahaha!! I am just extremely vain, Jay and have worried too much about my skin since I was allowed to read Vogue. The older I get, the more I follow my mom’s mantra: “I’ve earned every single one of those lines!” πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ In reality, who cares. I just want my skin to be healthy!


  1. I make my own “bacon” out of plain tempeh using liquid smoke. Put it on a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and sriracha (vegan) Just Mayo and you have yourself an amazing TLT πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!!


  2. Yeah at the end of the year you should have a Friday Faves All Stars, where the best of the best get Medals/places? (you know what I mean). And Nalge better be there, for all the time it’s spent with you!


  3. That blue is my jam! LOVE. I have one jumpsuit – shorts, black, with some little ruffly things along a button down tank top, but I have to relinquish it to the Salvation Army because it shrunk a little bit, and, well, there can possibly sometimes be a camel toe situation. So, it needs to be gone from my closet.


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