NYC Midnight Half Marathon – Part Three

I’ve been very successful at making lists recently, so I think I’m just going to continue this trend from Part One. Then I’ll be able to tell you exactly how to celebrate post-half marathon, and you can just go down this list and check shiz off as you complete each activity. So, what aaaare you supposed to do post-half?

(Missed it? Read how it all went down here: Part Deux).

1. SLEEEEEEP. Post-race and post-pizza, B and I went back to our Airbnb, showered in record time, and collapsed in bed. As soon as I was horizontal, I only answered B with “Mmhmm”s and fell asleep in less than 15 seconds of my head hitting the pillow. I was basically a corpse, and did not move from 3:36 am until 10:50 am. Also I do not recall the last time I slept past 7 am, so that truly was a feat on my part. Amazeballs.

2. Let your inner fat kid run free. B and I have high level experience with pleasing our inner fatties – in college, we would routinely each buy a large side of home fries and down them by alternating dunking them into ranch and Frank’s Red Hot. This = life (as well as the best hangover food, ever). So, it really was no surprise when we decided to eat two breakfasts: one at Steeplechase en route to brunch and actual brunch at Tom’s, both in Brooklyn.


Breakfast #1 at Steeplechase

At Steeplechase (whose iced coffee is bomb, BTW), we each got a breakfast pastry to sustain us as we walked two miles through Prospect Park to Tom’s. PS: Thanks Miguel for picking us up (mad face).


Tromping through Prospect Park towards Second Breakfast.

At Tom’s, which is apparently the best breakfast place in Brooklyn according to our gracious hosts, Diggy delivered YET AGAIN (even the Russian judges give you a 10/10, Diggy). Brunch was amazing, satisfying and delicious: exactly what I needed to refuel post-race. Also, B got a Waffle Sundae, and she’s my breakfast hero. If you are in Brooklyn, or go near Brooklyn, do yourself a favor and get brunch here. You won’t be disappointed. Plus they feed your french fries while you wait in line.


Breakfast #2 at Tom’s


I couldn’t fit all the food we ordered into one pic/B wins at breakfast.

3. Go outside – preferably to a park. Like Prospect Park. Blobbing outside is far superior to blobbing on your couch watching Netflix the day after a race, so get your bum outside, sit down, get hit in the torso by a Frisbee (thanks again, Miguel!), sit next to your BFF, put your phone into a solo cup so everyone can hear your jams and play this:

Yup. Fave new song.


Miguel + Sunny skies. And my forehead. Can you handle these picture taking skillz right na?


Omg we all have matching sunnies. πŸ˜€

4. BUBBLES! Go buy yourself a bottle (or two) of brut rose that comes in an all silver bottle, such as:


Whatever that was, it was amazing. Now, drinking alcohol in parks is not allowed, but I’m not going to tell anyone what’s in your solo cup. We cool like that. Cheers to bubbles!


So that, my friends, is how you celebrate after you punch a half marathon in the face. Get it.

With warmth,


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