NYC Midnight Half Race Recap – Part One


Okay, so we might not be ready to be contestants on the Amazing Race, but B and I basically punched this race in the face. And by punched this race in the face, I mean we a) didn’t die; b) finished and/or crossed the finish line; and c) ate pizza afterwards in Little Italy. Basically, we owned it.

However, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Let’s back up the bus to our ever-important pre-race preparations, so that we can set the stage for the amazingness that occurred during the Midnight Half this past weekend.

How to Prepare for a Midnight Half Marathon:

1. Minimal training. As you may have noticed from my absence on here, life in Booyahville has been slightly-to-medium crazy for a hot minute. Before this race, the last time I went for a long run was on March 29, 2015. Yup, that was the day of the trail half I did in DC. Beyond that I did some slow, casual 5 mile runs when I felt like it/had time. That’s about the scope of my training since April.

2. Drink all the drinks. Since I hadn’t seen/hung out with my Bff Of Life B for longer than a few hours in almost 2 years, the night before our race, it was time to paaaaaaarrrrtttttayyyy! So we drank champs. And cocktails in fancy glasses. And vodka sodas. And then I was That Girl, at the bar, who dropped and shattered a Collins glass on the floor and stood there with like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  while my friends casually flicked broken shards of glass from around my flip-flopped feet. Whoops.

3. Sleep for 2-3 hours, max. Since we were out until all hours (Boston girls forget that bars don’t close until 4 am in NYC, so no one is kicking you out or shouting for last call at 1:30 am, which is a far more appropriate time to go to bed the night before a race), only a teeny-tiny bit of sleep occurred the night before. You shut your eyes at 3 am-ish and then open them again at 6:30 am wondering why it is so bright and shhhhh can someone turn the sun down, please. But then you’re awake and thinking, “I need an iced coffee and a New York bagel pronto because the bagel choices in Boston are bleak and nothing is better than a good bagel, period.” Bagels > Sleep.



4. Eat 1/2 of your daily allotment of calories. Who needs to carbo-load when you can just eat one bagel, chug two coffees plus many, many liters of water, and inhale one small but delicious bowl of pasta with petso and veggies before your race? Who has two thumbs and chugged a giant bottle of Gatorade while riding the Subway to the race check in, out of concern that this would not be enough food to power through 13.1 miles? This girl.

5. Walk nine (9) miles around Manhattan the day of your race. In flip flops. Because there are sights to see, and you’re going to see them, half marathon race be dammed. #TotallyWorthIt #NoRagrets


6. Do the opposite of prepare. The race organizer specifically requested that none of the details of the race be posted, so in order to avoid blowing up their spot, here’s what I think I can say about the race. It’s an unsanctioned event that does not have a marked course. There are check-in points that you have to go to in the proper sequence, but you choose your own route in order to do so. So basically, you’re on your own, and it’s up to you to figure it out. Between B and I, we’ve spent a total of 1.7 days in NYC prior to this weekend – that’s it. Additionally, I had never entered Brooklyn, and I had only romped around Manhattan for an afternoon (seriously). So we pretty much had no idea where anything was/etc. And in the true spirit of the Girl Scouts motto “Be prepared,” we started planning our route at 9:30 pm the night of the race. *Wink smile* Clearly, this can only end well.

7. Get one new article of Lululemon to wear, 6 hours before gun time. This last step is the key to speed*, preparation and following the advice of every single running blog out there for race day prep. Buy new shit right before you race, because duh. You’re going to look so cute.

lulu tank

I got this coral tank. Wicked cute.

*Because we all know Lulu/cute running outfits make you faster. Obv. 😉

Stay tuned for the next post in this three part series: NYC Midnight Half Race Recap. Totally worth it. 😀

With warmth,


13 thoughts on “NYC Midnight Half Race Recap – Part One

    • YAY!!! I’m so happy to hear you loved that risotto – it is def one of my fave dishes! So yummy! Also, this whole weekend was hilarious – I couldn’t wait to share!!! I knew all my running bloggy friends would appreciate it the debauchery 😀

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  1. We didn’t even need that personal trainer’s info that we found at Lark! “I can get you in shape in no time” flyer. psssssh.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of the recap…even if I already know the spoilers 🙂


  2. hahah. sounds like a recipe for success. ha
    that bagel looks delicious. I’m stealing that idea.!!


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