NYC Midnight Half Packing List


Hi everyone and Happy Friday! In lieu of Friday Faves, I wanted to share my packing essentials for my upcoming weekend NYC trip. I always find these packing lists helpful when others share them, so I wanted to spread the wealth. I’ll also be posting my OOTD pics on my Instagram account @bubblesandbooyah, so you’ll be able to see how what I packed translates into actual outfits. I’m staying 3 nights and 3 days in New York, and the weather is varying between sunny and 80°F (26°C) today to 61°F (16°C) and rainy on Monday.


Here’s what I packed:

  • Yellow patterned cardigan sweater (from Targ-ay, a million years ago!)
  • Brightly colored raincoat (seen previously on my post L’s Spring Running Essentials)
  • 2 Summer-y dresses, in jersey (easily fold-able and can be dressed up/down)
  • Free To Be Wild Bra from Lulu (also a throwback Friday Fave)
  • Flowy Free People top (for going out/being casual)
  • Jean shorts
  • Lounge/brunch outfit: Athleta tank top, Lulu wunder under crops
  • Race outfit (x 2, because I couldn’t decide): 2 shorts / 2 tanks / 1 sports bra / 2 pairs of legit running socks
  • Racing sneakers
  • Jazzy flat sandals
  • PJ’s
  • Lots of accessories: 2 long necklaces, a stack of wrap bracelets, fun rings and dangly earrings
  • Race essentials: gels, iPhone arm band, inhaler, portable water bottle, headphones

All of that stuff PLUS my toiletries/makeup fit into my fave travel backpack from Lulu. Also, since I can never travel without food, I packed a few packets of oatmeal, Justin’s nut butter packets and a protein bar. BAM. I’m a packing monster!


I am SUPER STOKED to see my BFF Britt and for this race/our adventure to complete this race. We may be slow, and tie for last place, but we will have 10,000 times more fun than anyone else, no doubt.

Here’s some more info on the Midnight Half organized by the Orchard Street Runners:

Wish us good luck! We will DEF need it.

With warmth,


xoxox ❤

4 thoughts on “NYC Midnight Half Packing List

  1. I have no idea how you pack so light. Like, I see the list and the picture, but that never pans out like that for me – even though I always start with the best intentions. Good luck on the race!!


    • Thanks dude! I guess it comes with practice. I’ve had to travel a bunch for work over the past few years, you just get good at thinking, “Am I realllyyyyy going to wear that?” It’s definitely tough when you’re going to do something fun and want multiple choices for outfits. However, I think I could only fit all that stuff in a backpack because it’s (smaller in fabric) summer clothes!!

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