The Return of Work It Out Wednesdays

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to Work It Out Wednesday, where I share my weekly gal workout. This week’s workout was inspired by our friend Stephen, who totally ditched us/our early morning workouts to move to Florida, where he joined a Crossfit gym. He texted us this workout which we immediately Booyah-ified and made it EVEN BETTER. We miss you Stephen! COME BACK!


All you need is a deck of cards, a good attitude and be mentally prepared to get your ass KICKED!


Deck of Booyah Workout

For each card pulled, do the exercise associated with each card. For numbered cards, do the number on the card of the associated exercises (i.e. if you pull a 10 of Hearts, you do 10 push-ups; 3 of spades corresponds to 3 squats – get it?). For the face cards, do the associated exercise:

Numbered cards:

  • Spades: Squats
  • Clubs: Sit-Ups
  • Hearts: Push-Ups
  • Diamonds: Ball Slams

Face cards:

  • Jacks: 10 Burpees
  • Queens: 2 sets of stairs
  • King: 1 Sled Push
  • Aces: Repeat the last 3 cards (excluding other Aces)

Everyone does the exercises together, and you take turn pulling cards. You can do it for time in small groups (if you’re feeling super competitive), but it was 5:45 am and we were just feeling casual (hello, I haven’t been here in awhile, I’ve gotta ease back into it). Complete the whole deck and you’ve got yourself one hell of a workout. This took us about 45-ish minutes, after we warmed up by jogging around the basketball court for 5ish minutes.


Thank you to my hand models/workout buddies A & R for the dramatic card pulling photo. πŸ˜‰

Not only was this SUPER fun, but it was a mindless way to get through a workout by making it into a game, kind of like the Booyah Jar. Also, we are totally doing this next week but assigning different exercises to each card – so pumped!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Now, for a little personal note: I’ve been finding it super difficult to get back into the swing of things after I took some time off to concentrate on a different area of my life. What got me out of bed this morning? Seeing a variation of this quote while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday:

If-you-dont-like-something__quotes-by-Maya-Angelou-85That’s right – if you aren’t happy (I was beating myself up for getting really behind on my workouts and losing strength, only half-assed training for my half, and not eating well because I wasn’t cooking), then do something to change it. Yesterday I went grocery shopping even though I was tired/lazy/grumpy, and whipped up a super simple but healthy and delicious dish (I’ll share with you all tomorrow), and finally had a decent meal for the first time in a month. And, I got out of bed this morning at 5 am, despite that fact that it was extremely comfortable and cozy and I would have sawed my right hand off to sleep in until 6 am. I realized halfway through my workout why I did this to myself – I felt good. I was doing this for me, and I felt better about life (yay endorphins!). Pat on the back, L – you’ll get there. Just remember: you’re never too far away from the ability to change something you don’t like about your life. YOU have the power to fix it. So just goddamn do it instead of moping around about how much you hate it. I am in the process of doing that right now, and even though it kind of sucks, at least I’m moving forward. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *end of my diary entry*

I missed you guys! I’m back damn it! Get ready for much more BOOYAH!

With warmth,


xoxoxo ❀

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