Friday Faves!!


Whewwwwwww….I am feeling it today! I went out to a concert last night and I had way too much fun for a school night. Yikes. This week has flown by and I can’t believe Friday is already here! Which means it’s time for my favorite post of the week, woo woo! Although, this week is not your typical Friday Faves – it’s more of a love letter to my BFF. Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend in life, B – BECAUSE IT’S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!! And since we are 458 miles apart, I can’t make her put on a black dress and a fleece, drink two bottles of champagne before going out and dance on a table at every party we go to, all while pointing at her and exclaiming, “It’s her birthday today!!” Oh, and it’s not 2006 anymore. You know – adult life probz. Before I get this bestie love fest started, here are some things you need to know about B:


This is B. She may literally shank me for posting this picture, but it’s worth it.

1. She is pretty much the best dancer in the universe. For real. She has every single Britney Spears dance memorized, can bust out some ballerina moves without spilling her beer, and has been known to dance with inanimate objects (like that TV, ahem). So. Many. Skills.


2. She has the best icy death glare EVER and can slay stop someone in their tracks with her dagger eyes. It comes in handy when you encounter the major tools in life.


3. She will straight up tell you like it is (and is one of two people who I willingly accept when they point out my diva behavior to keep me in check). And she has bff spidey sense/psychic tendencies to know if someone you’re into is going to turn out to be a gigantic douchebag.


4. I could not have made it through University Physics or Multivariable Calculus without her moral support/commiseration. In fact, I don’t know what I would have done if I had not had her sitting beside me in silence in the lib(rary), drawing out chemistry reaction mechanisms and derivatives, until we got the 15 minute warning (and despite the fact that they turned the heat off after 9 pm).


5. She knows me inside and out, and we just GET each other. Like on another level. Back in the day, we could have full convos by only exchanging facial expressions, these days we have full texting convos with only emojis and perfectly understand what the other one is thinking. I have never laughed harder with anyone (like the kind of laughter where tears are ruining your perfect mascara day and you stomach hurts). There is no one I would rather watch Law and Order or The Real Housewives with, in our own separate beds on our own separate TVs, and yell/have full conversations through our shared wall about how dramatic NeNe is being. Since our current distance apart prevents that, now we just dissect and thoroughly discuss the Lululemon uploads over the phone and FaceTime while we are doing random tasks (like, I’m packing my gym bag and she’s running gels in the lab). And even though she Facebook divorced me once, I will love her ALWAYS. Because she’s the best!!!!

high five

6. All of these things are true:

21 Things You Know Only When You’ve Been Best Friends for 10 Years



Some additional things to note on this very special day:

This video, which sums up most of 2006 :

And this one too:

Also, this beautiful friendship is sponsored by:

jays j. rochemistry

I hope that you guys all give your besties a huge hug today in honor of the magical friendship of L + B. I love you B!!!


Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all have a super dope weekend and have a great day today! ❀

With warmth,




I have no idea who these people are but they are certainly not us.

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