L’s Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

15 seconds.

If I finished 15 seconds faster, I would have snagged a podium spot for my age group.

What. The. F***.

The thing that really bothers me is that, when I started the race, I was holding back. I was running with my friend because I didn’t really know what to expect. Screw that, I should have just taken off right outta the gate. Lesson learned: always run a race like you’re trying to snag that podium spot. Or, you’ll end up feeling like me – Mayor of Race Regret City over here.

Let’s see how the Real Housewives feel about that:



Wait one more…

Are-you-fucking-kidding-me-GIF_1Yep. That about sums it up.

However, since I’ve been MIA all week, let’s back up the bus.

1. I totally fell off the vegan wagon while I was in DC for the weekend (again). I ate pizza Friday night, and eggs Saturday morning in the name of carbo-loading (a good justification is always needed for these situations) and I have no regrets.


IMG_0068Wine is a carb, right?? πŸ˜‰

2. The night before the race I whipped up a batch of Vegan Linguine alla Puttanesca and it was BOMB. You can find the recipe here.


3. I specifically removed my “in case of emergency” cold weather running gear before I left to make room for a pair of cute shoes in my suitcase. Mistake.


It was f***ing cold. My hands were totally messed up the rest of the day because of how little circulation they got. I survived though. Because I’m tough as nails, duh.

4. For breakfast on race day, I ate a bowl of Evoke Athlete Fuel muesli. If you want to know why I love them so hard right now, read about it in last week’s Friday Faves.



Yum. I topped it off with Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter – soooo gooood.

5. Here’s my super cute race day outfit.


I basically wore a Lululemon store. All Sport Bra in blue camo (camo obv bc I’m on a mission), Cool Racerback tank, double layer of long sleeve swiftlys, Trail Bound 7/8 tight and my new super dope Saucony Peregrine 4 Trail Running Shoes.

It was fantastic – everything ended up being just right, despite the unexpected cold temps. I’m glad I was indecisive and packed two swiflys because I couldn’t pick which one I wanted to wear – the double layer kept me warm for the first two miles until my internal furnace reached normal operating temperatures.

6. I drank my first FULL BEER in 14 years post-race to celebrate (the last full beer I drank was a Molson double label* underage in a parking lot in Upstate New York). If you’re new to B & B, or you just don’t know me that well, that is a big deal – I am a strictly wine and spirit kinda gal. If I am out at a bar, and you see me holding a beer, that means I am in MAJ TROUB and I need to be shipped home IMMEDIATELY. However, I liked it! It was delicious! Minus the fact that I was so cold I was shaking, and was drinking an ice cold beer, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s only taken me 14 years, but I can still become a beer drinker YET. Why the hell not.


Even B couldn’t believe it.



*7. What’s a Molson double label?

molsonThey were a staple in Western/Upstate New York back in the day, when I was a delinquent underage drinker. Because where I grew up is basically a high-five away from The Great White North (i.e. Canada). Now you know *ding*.

My favorite one was “Trust me, I’m a Scientist.” <— this still applies in my real life.

My second favorite was “The boots stay on.” <— no comment. πŸ˜‰

8. OMG stop talking about all this random shiz. What about the actual race, L?

The actual race was AMAZING. I’m totally in LOVE with trail racing!!!!!! I spent the majority of it running on single track all by myself (sometimes singing, sometimes cursing, sometimes just enjoying the view), and I didn’t EVEN FALL. I did see lots of wipe-outs, though – it was muddy in the second half. I had a near miss when I came upon a steep decline with lots of momentum and literally slid on my shoes (still upright!) while screaming like a 10 year old girl (probably sounded like someone was getting murdered in the woods), and then had to try to control my breathing while laughing hysterically, thinking I was alone, until I heard, “Well that was pretty epic!” and turned around to find a guy with an ear to ear grin on his face. At least someone saw that, and got to enjoy it besides me. Haha. Captain of the Klutz Team over here. What’s up.

Even though I missed the podium by 15 seconds, I still gave it my all up til the final minute and sprinted the last bit in all the way to the finish. Obv, I wish I had started sprinting earlier, but for my first trail race, I’ll take it and stop grumbling. πŸ™‚

All in all, it was super rad. I loved it. I will now proceed to do all the trail races I can get my hands on, wooohooo!!

How was everyone’s week?? I missed you guys a lot! What are you up to this weekend? Tell me all about everything I missed and what you’re up to this weekend in the comments.

With warmth,



23 thoughts on “L’s Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. First of all, stop staying “if only”!!! That will do you no good. In a month, you won’t care about podiuming (it’s a word…) you will only remember how freakin’ rad trail racing is. Second of all, I am so glad you loved it!! I love love love trail Running. Third of all, Nee Belgium is bomb. It’s from right here In my backyard (more or less) and they are so my favorite brewery- for a first beer in years, you had a perfect one. πŸ‘


  2. Agh I know how you feel about not pushing yourself enough and then regretting it afterwards! I got 4th in my age group last year for a triathlon, mostly I think because I was holding myself back in the beginning to conserve energy. It’s still amazing that you did the race πŸ™‚ Also the food looks incredible. Looks like a lovely weekend and way to go!


  3. No regrets you done AMAZING!! Well Done!! LoL’ing at your mud slide.. I took a nose dive in my first ever half marathon last month still can’t talk about it without laughing lol xx


  4. I thinks the real issue is that you only JUST drank your first whole beer in forever. It is common knowledge that trail racing victory is a result of 1.) hard work 2.) pain tolerance 3.) lots of beer. Trust me, I’m a dietitian. It’s science πŸ˜‰. At any rate, awesome job and next time just kill it! Nobody really knows what to expect on the trails anyway, that’s what makes it so awesome!!


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