Happy Spring/Friday Faves, wooooooo!


Yay! It’s finally Friday. We made it, yet again. I def thought it was Friday when I woke up yesterday, so I’m especially glad it’s finally here. And it’s the first day of SPRING! WOOHOO! Here’s what I’ve been feeling this week:

1. Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance


You must watch this. Los Angeles choreographer Carson Dean posted this video of him dancing on a treadmill to Uptown Funk (pretty much the best song on the radio right now, and when we hear it during gal workouts, we almost always take a break from burpees and take a moment to get funkyyy) on Saturday, and it went viral immediately (justifiably so). LOVING IT!


2. MiH Marrrakesh Jeans


Trend alert for SS15: the flares are back! Good thing, because I never actually stopped wearing them from the early 00’s. πŸ˜‰ Ok, let’s be honest, I am wearing some right now (and I love MiH denim – I got my first pair in Bath when I was on holiday in the UK!). This season’s flares are updated with a slightly higher rise, less distressed look, with maj homage to the 70’s rockers (Mom, we all know you were an original) in true haute hippie fashion (YES! That is basically my scene, all the time). So, skinny devotees, get on the vibe with Joni, Janis and Patti and try them out – your calves will thank you for the breathing room (plus you don’t have to do that wiggle dance to get them on in the morning). I am eying up this pair from MiH, which seem like they are perfectly straddling the line between flare and too much (my fave place to be with denim/life) and I am picturing all the cute peasant-y blouses that will top them off. In order to elevate this style, trying wearing them with a heel, and add a belt at the waist (if higher rise) to accentuate your curves (play up that booty, girl!). The key to flawless flare fit is having them hemmed to the perfect length for you (as a shrimp, I keep my tailor in business). I promise that you will see every magazine editor and fashion blogger photographed in them this spring for their casual-turned-polished look – they are the “new” boyfriend jeans. Peace and love, baby!

3. Tru Organic Vodka

page-TruStraightVodkaI had a cocktail made with Tru this week (on St. Patty’s!) and it was delicious. When I sampled it, I found it to be really smooth and clean, with a well rounded finish. It tastes pretty delicious neat (as in – you won’t make a face when you take the first sip), so you can totally get your Carrie Bradshaw on and have a Tru martini today at Happy Hour and actually enjoy it. And it’s made with organic wheat, which begs the question: why stop being green when it comes to your spirit selection? Also, even their packaging is green and sustainable – they use 25% less glass than conventional bottles – and every component is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable. Can you believe it gets better? They plant a tree for every bottle sold to replenish the forest. As the bartender joked, “Every time a bottle of Tru is sold, they give a bottle to a child in Africa.” Bottoms up!

4. Lululemon Trail Bound 7/8 Tight

lulu trail bound

Thanks, Lulu for coming out with these super cute trail running crops two weeks before my first ever trail half marathon. Clearly, I would not fall victim to “new race day outfit” prob I frequently suffer from and use to justify my new run gear purchases. Yeah…these babies are coming in the mail today (I’ve been tracking them on FedEx like a Lifetime movie-level stalker). These tights have durable side panels on the legs to prevent snagging while you run through brush, a higher rise (yay) and SO MANY POCKETS (double yay!). They have the highly coveted (at least by B and myself) side pockets to put your phone/iPod while your run (I much prefer the side pocket to hold my phone over the arm band any day) and a back zippered “Block-It Pocket” on the waistband (so if you go to get a latte immediately post-run, your Emergency $20 won’t be damp with sweat – hey, it happens to the best of us). Which reminds me of this: 23 Signs Your Lululemon Addiction Is Out OfΒ Control. My Little sister from my sorority posted this on my Facebook page with the message “Hahahahaha….this is SOOOO you” – ok Little, you got me. It’s a problem. I know. But damn it I LOVE lulu!

photo 1

From my first half, Exhibit A: All Lulu.

5. I Want You to Know (feat. Selena Gomez) – Zedd

zedd-selena-gomez-i-want-you-to-knowOk, so I almost hate to admit that I love this song, but I loooove this song! I heard it and immediately added it to my Half Marathon training playlist, and I’m just really digging it. Good beats, catchy lyrics – you’ll be singing along like a 14 year-old into your hairbrush in no time. You can check out the song here.

6. 108.6 inches


Congrats Boston, we broke the all-time seasonal snowfall record on Sunday! For all of you that followed along with B & B this winter, you will know about my initial love of the snow (Western New York born and raised, baby!) and then eventual disdain, along with everyone else in Boston Metro. So, let’s take a moment to relive some of the winter highlights that we will hopefully never have to live through again:


This was real life.


The Boston Yeti and The Snowst (Snow Ghost) of 2015


People were literally building igloos in their front yards.

Okay, I never want to look through those stock photos (Google Image keyword “Boston Snow”) of this past winter or I just may end up with snow induced PTSD. Let’s do that again NEVER, shall we? πŸ˜› BYE FELICIA WINTER.

I hope that you guys have a wonderful Friday today and have a kick ass weekend! I will be going to a funk show tonight, doing my usual Sweaturday/Sunday long run and hitting up my nephew’s first birthday party (SO pumped)!! Wooohooo! The excitement level is a 10. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ What are you guys up to this weekend??

With SPRING warmth,

L ❀


15 thoughts on “Happy Spring/Friday Faves, wooooooo!

  1. My (cut) tulips are starting to open, so I’m focusing on them instead of the big piles of snow outside and welcoming spring. Depending on where my pain levels are at, I wouldl ike nothing more than to spend the weekend outdoors, with my pups (I have 4, all high energy). And maybe a little champagne in the hot tub under the stars if I’m good πŸ™‚
    Happy weekend!


  2. yikes.!! That much snow.!! crazy. Those Trail capris looks soo comfy and nice.
    This weekend I am working Saturday and SUnday, so enjoy your weekend for me please.!! πŸ™‚


  3. FINALLY most of my pants will make sense again! I never gave up on flares. Good to know I will be considered fashionable again. πŸ™‚ I need to watch that treadmill video seeing as I am in complete love with that song right now. Best one on my playlist!


  4. I’ve watched that treadmill dance like 20 times it’s so amazing! Not gonna lie, I was the only one in my apartment’s exercise room the other day and I tried to do some “dancing” and almost died. Disclaimer: leave it to the professionals. πŸ˜‰


  5. If my legs muscles don’t quit growing I’ll be pushed outta all my skinnys! Ok, but those boot cut look nice although I’m not a fan of higher waists. Being 6’0 I never have to worry about flare fitting perfectly πŸ˜›
    I have a half marathon Sunday =)


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