I’m sorry, but did YOU run a 5K as a rainbow this weekend?

This weekend was beyond epic – so many fun things happened! I sweated, I cocktailed, I ran a 5K as a rainbow and I made some pretty bangin’ food – success on all levels. Boom.



Cheers! It’s the weekend!

When you get up at 5 am all week, Friday nights are reserved for eating leftovers, Netflix-ing and going to bed at 9 pm. This Friday was no different; I had Tahini-Lemon Quinoa with Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower leftovers for dins, ate part of my super dark Taza chocolate bar and watched season 3 of House of Cards (all the while pausing every few minutes to explain something to my friend who had never seen it – yeah, I tried to tell her just to watch the whole thing from the beginning but she didn’t care. Mmmmkay dude!). I was in bed by 9 pm. It was glorious. For the wiiiiin!

Saturday (Happy Pi Day! Yes, I am a nerd.)

photo 1


I was up bright and early, ready for Sweaturday! It had been a few weeks since I had seen my gym ladies (the ones I refer to as the Real Housewives of Medford, in a loving way) and I was amped up. Every class needs to have a Woo Girl to get people GOIN’ on Saturday morning at 8 am – it was me (there were many “Wooooo!”s that happened. Sorry not sorry). Sarah taught an amazing spin class, I felt super strong and ready to GET AT those sprints and hills (even though I had a very sore week), and I felt unstoppable afterwards. Sometimes all you need is a good meal and a dead-to-the-world night of sleep to really crush your workout. Bam!

photo 2

I am the Plank Master.

Next up, I got to meet my BLOG CRUSH (insert emoji with the heart-shaped eyes): Briana at Quitters Never Win (if you have not checked out her blog yet, you better get on over there because you are missing out in a big way). She and I grabbed brunch at Rosebud Diner in Somerville, MA and it was SO fun!! She is just as charming and funny in person, and we had a really wonderful time talking about everything from current life to our AOL screen names circa 1996 over brunch cocktails. Hooray!


Spinach and Kale Omelet at Rosebud – YUM! Obviously not vegan. I’m taking a vegan break on the weekends, I just can’t hack it, mkay?

THEN, I grabbed dinner and drinks with my gym ladies at Legal on the Mystic (the newest iteration of Legal Seafoods at Assembly Square in Somerville) – obviously not a great spot for vegan or even vegetarian-friendly fare; when I told the server I was currently vegan he responded with, “Well, we don’t really have a vegan friendly menu.” So basically – sorry, you’re screwed. When I asked about vegetarian options he responded with, “Oh great! So you can eat all of the seafood…” I had to kindly correct him that vegetarians don’t eat seafood or fish, only pescetarians do (don’t get me started on a rant over here about people bastardizing these terms and using them incorrectly so they lose their meaning – GRRR). Regardless, I was there for the company and the cocktails, so I ended up eating a mediocre salad (surprise!) for dinner. The company more than made up for the “meh” fare, and my cocktail was delicious. It turned into a marathon gab session (we were there for almost four hours! Mainly because our server forgot about us for about an hour at the end) and we really had a truly fabulous time. There were two great “it’s a small world” moments when our group from the gym saw two other women (in separate parties) from the gym that we all know – it was the spot to be on Saturday night! πŸ™‚

photo 1 (2)

The cocktail situation at Legal on the Mystic Saturday night. πŸ˜‰


I woke up as a Girl with a Plan on Sunday morning, and headed straight to the grocery store at 7:30 am (It was a ghost town; I felt like I was shopping in my own private Stop N’Shop – so fantastic). Mission: whip together a crock-pot stew to eat for dinner after the race (when I would likely be a few drinks deep and supremely tempted to order take out instead of cook something healthy) and prep all my food for Monday so I could put on PJs and watch Netflix instead of doing meal prep post-race. I successfully started up a delicious vegan Ethiopian Lentil Stew, prepped my overnight oats and salad for Monday’s lunch, picked Monday’s gym outfit and laid it out, and mostly packed my gym bag before the race (score one for Team L). Let me tell you – if you have time to crock-pot something before a race, it is the most GLORIOUS feeling ever to walk in the door and be able to ladle some stew right out and eat immediately when you are starving – but we will get to that in a minute.

HOORAY! It’s finally arrived – theΒ RΓ‘s na hΓ‰ireann 5K in Davis Square, my favorite race of the year! I love St. Patty’s Day, especially because I become L McBooyah and tell everyone I’m Irish (the perks of being a redhead, even though the amount of Irish blood in my body is equivalent to one eyelash) – it is always just such a fun time and everyone in the Boston area is LOVING IT. It seems as if the stars aligned for the race; my gym buddy R was down and out with an awful sinus situation (feel better, my boo!) and my Little Little sister from my sorority was hacking up a lung (my poor lil biddies), and I was running late after all this post-race prep, so I was fulling expecting to run this 5K as a loner and then try and wade through the masses to find other people I knew, but alas – there were other plans for me. R told me to watch out for her friends K and S, who were dressed up as a leprechaun and a pot of gold, respectively and, I quote, “Look out for K and S in the rainbow!” The rainbow? Okay fine. As I raced up to the back of the pack huddled around the start line less than four minutes before gun time, I finally figured out what she meant when she said to look for the rainbow:


THIS rainbow.

Yeah. BASICALLY AMAZING. K was the Martha Stewart that crafted this rainbow situation (maj props), and they had been looking for a last minute stand-in for R; S said, “We were trying to find someone to take R’s spot who was running alone and didn’t seem too creepy, since we were concerned the costume would fall apart without a third person” when I just appeared. Aka, the stars aligning. I joined them in the ranks of the rainbow, and that’s just about when the fun started (I hope that laughing while running with your arms pinned to your side burns extra calories because we were cracking up for at least the first 1.5 miles – it was amazing). As we ran, I was fortunate enough to spot and call out to a hungover-looking dude who was running solo to capture the following picture of the rainbow in action:



YES. YES. So much YES. We finished with interlocked raised hands, and if that is not the cover photo for next year’s race, I am going to be sorely disappointed. The Rainbow had to de-layer and celebrate our victory, so we went to The Painted Burro to a) take a victory shot and b) wait for the long line outside The Burren to die down so we (that would be, The Rainbow as a single unit) could spend the remainder of the afternoon fake Irish jigging. Yup.


The Rainbow at The Painted Burro post-race

So, we did. We got cheers when we entered the bar, and I can say with almost 100% certainty that we were responsible for starting the massive, hours-long dance party in the back room of The Burren. If you ever want to make new friends/meet new people, grab two of your besties and dress up as a rainbow, because everyone wanted a) to join our dance party inside The Rainbow and b) buy The Rainbow drinks and c) take pictures of/with The Rainbow (I feel like we may have photo bombed everyone who was at that bar during the hours we were there).


Everyone and their mom in The Burren wanted to dance inside the rainbow – it was GLORIOUS.

When I got home, I further celebrated by eating two bowls of Ethiopian stew, an entire frozen vegan pizza (bc obv that stew was not enough), an coconut milk nice cream bar and at least 3 Nalgenes full of water to replenish after the buckets of sweat I lost (98% was lost during the post-race dance party – it was VERY steamy inside The Burren with all the post-race bodies packed in there drinking Guiness).


Yup, I ate that.

All-in-all, It was MAJ. I hope that you guys had just as fun of a weekend! What did you guys do this weekend?? Tell me all about it in the comments!!

With warmth and rainbows,

L McBooyah


24 thoughts on “I’m sorry, but did YOU run a 5K as a rainbow this weekend?

  1. omg. haha. that is beyond amazing. I defenitly don’t know anyone who has run a race as a rainbow. lol. major props. and that omelet looks soo good πŸ™‚


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  3. love this post!! also, love that sports bra in your plank!! (the free to be wild??? which has been on my to-buy list forever)

    side note, i am OBSESSED with my new nike legendary tights!!!! so glad you recommended them, obviously need them in every color now.

    i hope you have a great st patty’s day!!!


    • Yes good eye – that is the free to be wild! I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to wear it in real life (vs. gym life) this summer!! πŸ˜€

      YAYYYYY! I’m so glad you’re loving them!! I can’t wait for the new spring colors to come out!

      I hope you’re having a great St. Patty’s Day too!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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