Three Things Tuesday

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Cheers, darlings! To the weekend! And to college friends visiting from out of town! πŸ˜€

To recap this entire weekend would take eons, 10,000s of words and lots of time that is not available to me (that Spring Forward one hour coupled with getting what feels like 4 hours of sleep Fri – Sun has really taken its toll on ol’ L over here) , so I am going to re-cap my three favorite things I did this weekend! Woohoo! It’ll give you a little insight on some great spots to check out, should you ever wander into my hood. πŸ˜‰

1. Meadhall in Kendall Square, Cambridge

meadhallThis place is so dope, and the beer selection is incredible (and there’s mead!). The bartenders all know their stuff (and they all have beards – hipster level through the roof), and even my non-beer self got down with a recommended local vodka that was DELICIOUS. I tried Beauport vodka, which is distilled in Gloucester, MA (say it with me: “GLAH-stuh”). It was clean, fresh and impressively smooth, and I will def be paying the Ryan and Wood Distillery a little visit soon for a tour (they are the first distillery on the North Shore since the repeal of prohibition – pretty sick!). The interior space is gigantic, with a huge, centrally placed oval-shaped bar that I grabbed a much-coveted spot at with my running buddy J, her bf and their friends from high school, with all my friends from college standing around nearby. During post-work weekday hours, this place gets slammed (as in don’t expect a seat at the bar or even a standing spot near it), as you are in prime Biotech territory. On Saturday night, it was busy but not insane – pretty much the perfect spot to grab a few craft beers with a large group, where everyone will be happy and impressed with the selection. Even I was impressed with the selection of local spirits – rock on! πŸ™‚


Wall o’beers at Meadhall

2. Beat HΓ΄tel in Harvard Square, Cambridge


This is hands down one of my favorite spots in the Boston area. It’s a little bit of a hidden gem, as it is smack in the middle of Harvard Square but on the ground level hidden under The Gap, making it feel a little off the beaten path. It is a bar and brasserie that is (in their own words) “inspired by the hippie and beat movements of the mid-twentieth century” that features live music (almost always), stellar drinks and eclectic yet super delicious food. The hip-yet-intimate atmosphere makes you feel a little like Alan Ginsberg will walk out the hemp-curtained bathroom at any minute and sit down on a bar stool next to you (true story – I met him once, and he told me my hair was groovy, which made me feel impossibly cool). The walls are covered with sweet, brightly colored murals behind the banquette seating, and sparkling light fixtures that I want to put in my apartment; the overall vibe makes my restless, free spirit and inner flower child feel right at home. Top all of that off with the amazing food, and you’ve got yourself a clear winner. I went to Sunday brunch there, where they featured live bluegrass (great, good vibe-y music that perfectly complimented my Earth Bowl and glass of Chandon). I ordered a Bowl Azteca, with adobo-spiced quinoa, tomatillo salsa, fresh corn, green beans, avocado, fresh spinach and crispy fried tofu triangles; I was not disappointed – it was amazing, as I expected.

photo 2

Bowl Azteca from Sunday Brunch at Beat – YUM! πŸ˜€

3. Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall


It was Harpoon Fest on Saturday, and the faint aroma of beer still hung in the air as I wound my way through the deserted tents to the Harpoon brewery entrance on Sunday evening. The fact that it was less than an hour until last call did not dampen the energy in Harpoon’s Beer Hall – the benches were packed, and the Sunday Funday merriment was in full effect. My friends and I packed ourselves into a spot with a great view of the Boston skyline and started ordering some bevs. I ordered a cider (see my previous non-beer-ness above) and my friends of course ordered some of the many excellent Harpoon selections (including more than enough beer flights for the entire hall). The best part, however, were the freshly baked Bavarian-style pretzels – NOMS. They come out hot from the oven and with your choice of two dipping sauces (I went directly for the mustard, which has a serious kick to it). What more could you want from a place that serves only beer and pretzels? It’s the perfect spot to stop in and grab a frosty bev, hang with your friends and mellow out on a Sunday afternoon. πŸ˜€

photo 3

Beer, Cider and Pretzels on Sunday Funday at Harpoon

I hope that you guys all had a fabulous weekend as well, and I hope you got more sleep than I did. What did you guys do this weekend?? Tell me all about it in the comments! I wanna hear!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

With warmth,


11 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Meadhall is pretty sweet! There was a brief time when they didn’t offer any mead, despite their name, and it made me sad. But like you said, the mead is back so all is well! πŸ™‚


    • Dude, that is so busted that they didn’t offer mead! I would have been sad too. Luckily I missed that brief period of time and got to sip my friend J’s mead, which was very delicious. Yummmm. πŸ™‚ I’m glad it’s back!


  2. I need to check out Meadhall, I work so close but haven’t made the trip yet!! You should check out Commonwealth (if you haven’t). They have a super expensive ‘market’ area, but their cocktails and food are SO so good!!


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