Work It Out Wednesday (aka RIP Hamstrings)

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Wooo! It’s hump day! And even better – I had my small group training class this morning where we completely blasted our hammies. I’m just going to say it: my butt is so sore right now!! Thanks to the fabulous Sarah (who ya know, happens to be our trainer/generally amazing), we will be taking the elevator all day today. I feel like I had it coming after posting Self’s 50 Shades of Glutes workout in my Friday Faves. Sarah had us do this fantastically intense hamstring circuit, and I’ve shared it here. I’ve also added two more rounds that are a modified version of some of the other exercises we did in class (also why lifting my arms above my head right now is not recommended). I wanted to share my favorite parts of the circuit we did today so that you can all go do it and then bask in the soreness that is my current situation.  Mamma Mia. Here we go:

The Blonde Bombshell’s* Wednesday Workout

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes

Round One: Sarah’s Hamstring Smasher

Repeat each exercise twice: One minute of one exercise, rest 15 seconds, repeat same exercise for one minute. Then move on to the next exercise.

  • TRX hamstring curls (aka the TRX Torture Chamber)
  • Hamstring curls on stability ball (one side :30 seconds, other side :30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell swings (with heavy kettlebell)

After completing the circuit, do the following cardio for :30 seconds each: (1) High knees; (2) Butt kicks; (3) Grapevine (twice, with each side leading); (4) Sprints. Yeah. Yikes.

Round Two: Build Up Those Shoulder Boulders

Repeat each round three times for (1) One minute; (2) 45 seconds; (3) 30 seconds, with a quick cardio segment in between.

  • Battle Ropes (/dumbbell upper cuts if you don’t have those at your gym)
  • Plank
  • Burpees

Round Three: Squat Party

Repeat each round three times for (1) One minute; (2) 45 seconds; (3) 30 seconds, with a quick cardio segment in between.

  • Squat with two heavy kettlebells, one in each hand, touching them all the way to the floor each time
  • Squat with two heavy kettlebells, one in each hand, alternating each side, putting one down and picking them up
  • Figure 8’s with one Kettlebell, moving it around your legs while in a squat position

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Stretch and drink water!! 😀

*The Blond Bombshell = Sarah.

Also, yesterday was Mardi Gras!! I kind of forgot until I went to grab food with a friend, and then had the realization at the pub when I saw all of the fun Mardi Gras themed items on the menu (which was a happy surprise – who doesn’t love Mardi Gras?!). So obviously, I had to have a hurricane to celebrate. I also meant to live it up and get a grilled cheese for dinner (but forgot and ordered a vegan veggie burger & fries instead since that’s what I was really feelin’) because Lent means the second coming of Veganuary – my sister and I have gone vegan for Lent for the past few years. I lived it up instead by spliting the last two (non-vegan) cupcakes I got from Georgetown Cupcakes on my day off with a friend (there’s still one vegan cupcake sitting at home waiting for me – yessssss). I realized that, in the 18 days I’ve been just a regular ol’veg, the only times I’ve actually eaten something non-vegan was when I ate a) gingersnap cookies that my friend made on a snow day; b) two bites of cheese my friend wanted to share; c) oysters for Galentine’s Day (yeah — that’s going to be a whoooooole post in and of itself, but basically I eat oysters sometimes); d) those cupcakes. I feel like once you get into the vegan groove, it just becomes second nature! Forty days without dairy or eggs should be a semi-challenge no brainer. However, my Catholic guilt is telling me to give up chocolate or swearing – i.e. something that would actually be challenging, but my heart is saying, “F*** no, L! Going vegan will do” (….I’m waiting for the lightning bolt to strike me down). Here’s to the next 40 days of going vegan for Lent! *Clink!* And, happy belated Mardi Gras – did you guys do anything grand?? Tell me all about it in the comments! 😀 😀

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Happy Mardi Gras! Cheers-ing you from afar with my Hurricane last night. 😉

Hope you all are having an absolutely hamstring-smashing day today. 😉

With warmth,



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