Sweet, dude! More snow! L’s Run Recap.

photo 2

Pre-run selfie! This hat makes me look like an elf and I’m loving it.

…Jk. Kinda. Okay, I’m kinda mad about it. I’m watching the snow continue to fall outside my window as Boston gets its 4th and 5th feet of snow today. I’m thinking of everyone who has to drive, shovel their car/driveway/sidewalk out (here you will get ticketed if you don’t shovel your sidewalk within 2 hours of the snow stopping), and all the guys doing snow removal for their third consecutive week 24 hours a day. Crazy, crazy. Even when I lived in Western New York, I don’t remember getting this much snow in such a short period of time. It’s pretty unreal.

However, since I *was* raised in WNY, Little Miss Stubborn Pants (that would be me, btw) decided to go for a 10+ mile run in 4″ or so of snow for Sunday Long Run Day at the beginning of this 3 day storm. Oh yeah, and on tired legs that lifted the day before (obviously the best way to train for a half marathon is to torture your body in cruel and unusual “I’m allergic to rest days” ways). What could go wrong?

photo 1

This is about the time I thought my Boss Level was a 10 but really it was about to be a 3.


Spoiler alert: If you’ve read this blog before, you know that every time I have an “I’m allergic to rest days” moment, it comes back to bite me in the ass in some magical way. Here, there is no exception.

Good news: I ran the 10 miles, mostly without stopping (except when I saw my friends on the trail and stopped to chat at mile 2.2).

Bad news: After mile 2.5 the trail was no longer plowed and I was slogging it through 4″ of semi-fresh, semi-packed down with foot prints and cross country ski trails snow. After mile 5 my left foot was soaked (through my sneaks and two pairs of socks) from the slush. At mile 7 I detached my YakTrax from my sneaks and carried them, and in doing so, soaked through my gloves immediately. At mile 9 some d***head wagged his finger at me and PULLED OVER on Mass Ave (a usually very busy, 4 lane, main-artery kinda road in Boston/Cambridge) to instruct me to run on the sidewalk, despite the fact that there was a) zero traffic; b) 75% of the sidewalks weren’t shoveled; c) I was following the rules of the road, running facing traffic in a plethora of visibility gear (blinking arm band, reflective bright yellow pinney over my otherwise all black outfit). I wanted to wag a different finger back at him, but decided to be the bigger person and told him that he should worry about his driving before immediately putting my earbuds back in and going on my way down Mass Ave. Really dude? Move along, buddy *waves hand to shoo him away*.

Worst news: It took me a few minutes post-run, after I removed my sneaks and pounded some water, before I realized something was seriously wrong with my right foot. I couldn’t put any weight on it and pointing my toes was excruciating. Well, sh*t. Lucky for me, one of my best friends of life who I’ve known since I was 3 years old (when our friendship was solidified by simultaneously dumping our Barbie Pool – aka a Tupperware bin full of water – all over the floor in her older brother’s room. Basically any time I got into serious trouble, it was with her. Love you, L!) is a physical therapist in California. She’s on the left coast, so I sent her photo evidence and answered about 50 questions before she gave me some exercises and homework to do (ice, Advil, foam rolling my calves and rolling my foot with a tennis ball). I took that as a sign that the rest of my Sunday Funday should be spent with my foot elevated eating food and watching Sons of Anarchy. Yup.

photo 3

Post-run selfie: #iwannadie. But that smoothie was EPIC as sin!


Lucky news: After icing/elevating/Advil, the ball of my foot was not nearly so swollen, and after a few hours I could put weight on it and point my toes without uttering every single curse word I’ve ever learned. Foam rolling and massaging my foot with a tennis ball made life even better, and so in an epic moment of FOMO (Mom – that means “Fear Of Missing Out”), I actually got up this morning at 5 am and went to the gym. Where we were doing treadmill work for the first half of class (of course) – sprinting at 9 mph for eternity and then resting for -4 seconds (at least that’s what it felt like). Even after all that, my foot is still feeling prettyyyy gooood, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this was my one stern warning from the Running Gods and now I actually have to take it easy until my race (which is in 13 days). Also, bff L texted me this morning to warn me against not running for a few days (oops) and to continue rolling for the next week or two as a precautionary measure (dude, I know – I’m a bad patient). But this time, I think I’ll listen (Mom and Dad, I heard you last night – I won’t run! I swear on Chanel). I may have to bury my sneakers in the 5 feet of snow outside so I’m not tempted. They are just sitting there, in the hall, looking at me.

photo 5

There they are…giving me some serious side eye.

Okay, okay – I won’t do it. I can resist the sneaker side eye. I hope you guys are all safe and sound, and warm and healthy today. All my Boston peeps – stay warm! Also let me know if you need help shoveling because the WNY Shovel Squad may be available to come help you out (seriously though, I think a bunch of people in my small group training class are going to pile in a car armed with snow pants and shovels, drive around* and Good Samaritan shovel random cars out later on. Gotta kill those shoulders!).

How was everyone’s weekend?? Did you get b****ed out by a rando on Mass Ave too?? Tell me all about it in the comments.

With warmth (for real),

L ❀

PS: This is what the roads looked like this morning when I left the gym:

photo 4


*K, that might not actually happen because the roads are seriously horrific. But if it does, you’ll be the first to know. πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “Sweet, dude! More snow! L’s Run Recap.

  1. Way to get it done in the snow, badass! You wouldn’t catch me out there. On Saturday, it was nearly 60 degrees and sunny here. It made my 16-mile trail run positively Disney-like. I do not envy you the many feet of snow. If it doesn’t snow here for the rest of the winter, I’ll be ecstatic. On the other hand, if it does snow, I’ll be devastated.


  2. First of all, high five for going out in the snow! I went running outside yesterday and def had a couple near graceful sliding falls, but caught myself just in time. (probably looking like a crazy goose flapping my arms all over the place) And I feel your pain w. the wet shoes/socks. THERE IS NO WORSE FEELING IN THE WORLD!


    • YEAH!! The wet feet. WHYYY! Wet socks are the worstttttt. I’m sure I look like a goose sometimes too, but I usually can’t recover and eat it with amazing sound effects. I feel ya. High five right back to you for getting it done in the snow!! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your poor foot! I hope you can stay put long enough to heal, Miss Stubborn Pants. πŸ˜‰ I would kill for snow in Cali. Ok I wouldn’t literally kill… maybe just maim. πŸ˜‰ We have been so dry here, I haven’t been snowboarding in 3 years. 😦 Feel better soon!


  4. Ugh, that guy wagging his finger at you and being ridiculous would have pissed me off SO much. Kudos for being the bigger person! A friend of mine had someone stop and scream at her to “walk on the f***ing sidewalk” the other day, even though the sidewalks weren’t clear at all. People can be so charming.


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