She’s baaaaack! Friday Faves.


First off – a gigantic THANK YOU and *hugs* to all of you who reached out to me during this difficult time. Your kind words and thoughtful messages meant more to me than you’ll ever know. I appreciate that – you guys rule. Well, it’s back into the swing of things for me, with the record breaking 40.5 inches of snow on the ground in Boston making me feel right at home when I landed from Western New York mid-way through the week. Let’s move right along to my favorite things this week, shall we??

1. Moosewood Cookbook


Not only is the author from my hometown, and the restaurant is close to where I’m from, but I totally stole this 1970’s classic cookbook from my Mom (it’s one of the originals and I’m sure it has seen some sh*t in its day). Something about being half Italian and grief makes me want to cook enough food for my imaginary family of eight. The recipes are not ground breaking or earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but seeing the hand written pages covered in cooking smudges is like reading recipe cards from an old family friend. Some of the recipes can be kind of bland, but the hummus recipe is fabulous, and there are tons of amazing soups and great veggie dishes (obv there has to be something epic there – the cookbook has never been out of print for 40 years). I’m excited to crack this baby open this weekend and explore what Mollie Katzen and company made so popular in the 70s. It’s one of my kitchen staples: full of classic, easy vegetarian recipes with wide appeal.

2. Yogitoes Skidless Mat Towel


Not sure how I would make it through 90 minutes of hot vinyasa without this mat towel. First of all, we’ve already covered how I’m a super sweaty Italian (also my sorority little sister said to me, “Dude, you ARE really sweaty!” after we went to yoga together – it’s the truth! When I sweat, I sweaaaaaaat. No shame in my game here!) and I basically just need a towel on my mat that will catch all the sweat so I’m not pigeon-ing in a puddle. Second of all, how the EFF can anyone stay on their mat when it’s 90°F?! I tried it and I slid riiiiiiiight off – into the person next to me, who hasn’t put their mat next to me since (What, buddy? You didn’t want a 5’4 sweaty redhead slamming into you while you’re trying to get zen on?). Third of all, this mat has little silicone grippy dots on the bottom, so you can literally put it on just about every surface (I mean, unless you’re going to spray PAM all over your wooden floors and try to do yoga on that) so it makes it TRAVELABLE! And it’s just a glorified towel, so you can stuff it into your carry-on without lugging a ridiculous 5.8lbs/2.65 kg Lulu mat in a checked bag, as I did once (yeah, I also went shopping on this 10 day excursion that combined a work trip with a bachelorette weekend and on the plane ride home my checked bag weighed 76 lbs/34.5 kg – #lifeprobs). Yeah, so – this shiz is the best. I’m so pumped to get my OM on this weekend, after last weekend – I need it! Also, it is cold as balls out and hot yoga sounds phenom right about now.

3. Matcha


Basically green tea on crack, matcha allows you to reap the benefits of green tea in a wider variety of ways. Well, what the hell is it? Matcha is green tea from the Camellia sinensis, but it a very fine powdered version, and unlike other teas derived from Camellia sinensis, it hasn’t been fermented (Ok, ok, we aren’t all tea experts – it’s the stuff that gives green tea ice cream, mochi and soba noodles their flavor and color). Moreover, it’s made from tea leaves grown in the shade so that the leaves achieve a dark green color, with the whole process giving matcha its pretty dope amino acid profile, including L-Theanine. The preparation of matcha is a big deal in Japan and takes a long time, if you’re interested, check out the Wikipedia article (you can judge me for including that, but I found it informative! I’m not an expert and don’t want to pretend to be, but basically this shiz is full of good stuff! Plus it’s YUMMY!). I recently got some (from Amazon – shocker, I know) and started adding a small amount (small because the difficulty of preparation/harvesting is reflected in the price) to smoothies, and am excited to experiment with adding matcha to cocktails, sweets and breakfast recipes. Stokedddd. It’s just SO GOOD too. Yum.

4. L.L. Bean Baxter State Parka

LL bean coat

Umm….this coat is the best. When you’re from Western New York, you don’t just f&%$ around with cold weather gear. At the beginning of December, a friend of mine (who is FROM New England, mind you) complained about how much she hates our beautiful New England winter. In order to really get to the root of the issue, we dove right in and dissected these feelings. Well, why does she hate winter? Because she hates being cold. And when we found out that part of her winter gear included a 15 year old fleece from Wal-Mart, we decided to help update her winter wardrobe (after hooking her up with Sorel boots – please see number 5 below), I basically convinced her that this parka was a life necessity when you live in the Northeast. I lent it to her for a one mile walk through bitter cold and gusty winds, and her response was, “No wonder you like winter! This sh*t is so WARM!!” Dude, duh. This parka is good for -45°F (please don’t miss that negative sign, that would be 45°F BELOW zero, or -42°C) and is basically a life buffer in the cold. When I have snow pants, thick gloves and a legit hat on, I can’t even wear this for any winter activities unless it’s below 0°F because I get too hot. It’s perfect for bundling if you’re tromping through the wicked cold in Boston (like today, when it was a balmy 3°F when I got up this morning). You’re def going to be looking very Eskimo chic, but it does the job (uh, and you could buy 2 of these for the price of 1 Patagucci parka). “Look at that f***in character!” (pronounced cair-hac-tah) the locals might say, but I’m from basically the Great White North and I’m warm as hell. Suck it. This coat RULES! Also, PLEASE do yourself a favor and click that link so you can hear that glory of the native Bostonian accent.


Damn right, Willy Wonka.

5. Sorel Tofino Boots


These. Are. The. Best. The end. 😉

Anyway, I hope you all stay warm this weekend, wherever you may be. Looks like Boston is going to get what everyone here really, really wants – more snow! I’ve been watching the forecast bopping between 8 – 10 inches and 16 – 24 inches of snow expected from the weekend storm that is headed our way, and (don’t tell anyone) but I’m not mad about it. You have no control over it, why be upset? You’ve gotta embrace the snow. If I learned one thing growing up where it snows 100+ inches every winter, it’s that. Oh, and – if you want some great winter running gear, check out my previous Friday Faves posts.

Everyone have a great weekend! I’m thinking long, snowy run and cooking up a storm. 😀 What are you guys up to? Give me all the deets in the comments, because I love it.

With warmth,

L ❤

PS: Lotus was SO sick last weekend! Here is a phot (there’s a video on my Instagram @bubblesandbooyah, too!).


37 thoughts on “She’s baaaaack! Friday Faves.

      • Thank you!! 🙂 Please know, all the links within the posts are a mess right now. I have to get all my content up before some of it can be addressed. This has been a monster undertaking. 500+ posts on the old blog!! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That Bean coat looks amazing! My winter coat has done a great job these past several years but it may be time for an upgrade… thanks for the recommendation!

    I for one *am* mad about the impending snow, because our snowblower broke, we have no friends with plows, and the piles around our driveway are so high that I literally can’t reach to add more snow to them, so I feel like it’s justified at the moment! 😉


    • Dude, that is ROUGH. Want me to come help you guys shovel on Monday? Lol 😛 I’m sorry to hear about your snow blower, and I feel the feels on the not being able to put the snow anywhere else – it’s a little ridic. You are definitely allowed to be mad.

      That Bean coat IS the best! And it’s not as expensive as North Face or Patagonia, or whatever other outdoor brand we all love, and it’s SUPER warm. I hope you check it out! I’ve had mine for several years now and it’s done a great job keeping me warm. 😀

      Good luck with the snow, and hope you have a great weekend!!

      ❤ L


      • Haha, no one should have to be subjected to that torture! Thanks for the offer though 😉 Hope you have a great weekend too!


  2. I love Mollie Katzen too! I have the Moosewood cookbook, and also “The Enchanted Broccoli Forest”–which I will admit, I bought for the name and haven’t made any recipes from. 🙂 Even still, Mollie is pretty much the vegetarian O.G.


    • Um, yesssss! Mollie totally is the OG of veg. I have that cookbook too, somewhere. On my shelf I have three other Mollie Katzen cookbooks (Moosewood: The New Classics, Moosewood Sunday Dinners, Mollie’s Vegetable Heaven) and I really love them all! So good. I haven’t made any recipes from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest either, but if I ever come out with a cookbook, I’m totally calling her up and asking her to help me think of a dope title. 😀


  3. I love the Sorel boots. I have some, different style, but having to walk in them every day, I’ve found that they run on the backs of my ankles because they’re not shaped right for my leg 😦 Hopefully they break in, as they are able to walk on ice and through puddles and they’re pretty damn cute.


    • Yessss! I need to try out some more exciting recipes that incorporate it besides just straight up matcha latte. What else do you put yours in? The matcha I bought from Amazon comes with a PDF cookbook but some of those recipes I’m not so sure about. Any real life suggestions are much appreciated! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love matcha so much, I used to do the tea ceremony classes when I lived in Japan but haven’t been able to get my hands on some since I left! You’ve convinced me that I need some in my life!


    • You def dooooo! 😀 Enjoy it! Also, I know how expensive it can be, so I just ordered some off Amazon and it wasn’t toooooo bad. I’m not a super intense aficionado (aka I don’t know the “good” kind to get or anything), so that one works for me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sweeet! Western/Central NY state is where it’s at! I always kind of lump Central and Western together, because it’s all pretty much the same. Same attitude, same scenery, same kind of people. Love it. ❤ ❤ ❤ And thanks, that means a lot to me. 🙂


  5. I also have “The Enchanted Broccoli Forest,” and while I haven’t made a ton of recipes from it, I just love the style of her cookbooks– the font, the illustrations. It makes you feel like you’re cooking using old family recipes.


  6. Good to hear you’re on the upswing. I recently started practicing yoga, only in the comfot of my own home for now – still have not yet encountered all this sweat I hear about….


    • T, it gets serious in there. Also, Mr. California, I’m sure there are like 25 yoga studios near you – you should go check it out! In all seriousness, I am not very stretchy and after going to a warm (not bikram, the 100F one, where I would die) yoga class it feels great! It’s such an amazing complement to any active lifestyle – running, cycling, gym-ing, lifting, whatevs. It rules. Even when you kind of suck at it, and sweat like a 300 lbs sumo wrestler.


  7. Welcome back! Hope you’re doing well. Gosh I haven’t seen the Moosewood cookbook in forever! What a classic. And those boots look amazing. Might have to upgrade – my current boots have seen a couple seasons worth of Boston blizzards and with the additional snow coming down yesterday, today, and tomorrow . . . I think I need to invest in a new pair! Thanks for sharing!


    • I felt the same about Moosewood and then was thinking about it when I went home, and kind of rediscovered it! It’s a good one. The Sorel boots are prime – I’ve had my pair for a few years since I’ve moved to Boston and they are so clutch in the Nor’easters. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I like the ones with the super tall sides because then you can literally slog through anything to shovel or dig your car out, or walk to the T on the unshoveled sidewalks. Sometimes you can get great deals off season! Good luck on your hunt! 😀 And thanks – that means a lot to me! I appreciate the kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

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