Friday Faves, yo!

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! It doesn’t even feel like it because Juno disrupted my work week. But it’s here! Woohooo!!! And that means, it’s time for my favorite post: Friday Faves! Here is what I’m all about this week:

1. Funny Workout Tanks


These sassy workout tanks really make me LOL. Working out is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? I got an EVEN BETTER one but I’m going to make you all wait in eager anticipation, until the rest of my order comes in and my Tuesday early-AM workout crew can all wear them together and be matching while we’re dying doing burpees and mountain climbers (photo evidence to come). Yessssssssss! πŸ˜€

2. YakTrax Run Ice Cleats

yak trax

After reading tons of reviews on the wide varieties of ice cleats available for running, I chose these ones because of my specific needs. They perform really well on icy surfaces and snow covered plowed roads, not as great in deep snow or several inches of fresh powder over ice (and you definitely would not want to wear them on bare pavement). I usually run on snowy roads, plowed trails and sidewalks, so these seemed like the perfect choice for encountering ice in these conditions. Honestly, if it’s just fresh snow not more than a few inches deep, I’ll just run in my sneakers because I usually can get good enough traction in my Brooks Ghost 7’s. My long run last weekend was pretty slippery, and as I love to get up at the crack of dawn and hit the trails before they get busy, I am the first one to see the snow and ice. I’ve wiped out more times than I can count by being stubborn and heading out even when the conditions were sketchy, so I finally decided it was high time to take the safety level up a notch and stop gambling with the potential for injury. I am excited to try these out again this weekend! πŸ˜€

3. Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp


I just got this headlamp as my new and improved running safety feature number 2 (plus I plan on running the NYC Midnight Half this summer with my bff B and will probably need it then as well). I bought the basic version with LED lights (Petzl has really intense active, performance and specialized headlamps in addition to this one). Again, I did my research and found that even this “paired down” version was still great for running at night. I am fairly new to the night illumination running scene (mainly because I’m an idiot – don’t be like me and think you don’t need it!) and this makes a HUGE difference. It’s adjustable and fits on my head without slipping (my major concern was how annoying it would be sitting on my head, but you don’t even notice it once you get going – and I’m sure I’ll get used to it as I use it more often). These are the kinds of things that make me excited to get up and go for a run, whether it be at the crack of dawn or after work when it’s already dark outside. I’m sure that it will be stellar in the summers for camping/hiking/whatever as well. I’m pretty pumped about this! It really makes a big difference in nighttime runs. And dude, it’s purple. I mean – c’mon. It’s actually even cute!

4. Earthly Body Lip Balm

earthly body

I recently discovered this lip balm by Earthly Body and I’m obsessed. This lip balm is 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free,Β  paraben-free and hemp oil based. Even PETA likes this company, which seems basically impossible (you can put down your cans of red paint now!). The best part about this product is that it actually works GREAT. And smells amazing too! I am a big fan of natural, cruelty-free beauty products and do my best to purchase those and support smaller businesses, but if it doesn’t work better than what I can get at the drugstore, I’m not going to use it (sorry, but real talk). I love discovering new brands that work as well (or even better) than the big name brands, and this one def fits the bill. Last week, I told you guys how my super sensitive redhead skin turns into the Sahara in the winter, and my lips are no exception. Not anymore! This lip balm is so dope.

5. This.


I’m not going to an EDM show tonight, but I AM going to a concert, so take out “DJ” and replace with “band” and this meme would be 100% accurate. So pumped.

What do you guys have planned for this weekend? Tell me all about it Le Comments.

Hope you all have stellar weekends!

With warmth,

L ❀

14 thoughts on “Friday Faves, yo!

  1. Be safe out there L!! There is no way I am running outside in the ‘burgh right now, our sidewalks are in icy, snowy, slippery mess! Hot yoga only ’til at least April! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!!!


    • I know, it’s a still little bit of a death trap here too which is why I invested in the cold weather running gear (and cross my fingers when I head out for a run in supremely inclement weather). I always slow waaaaaaaay down when it’s slippery and only crank it on cleared pavement. I LOVE hot yoga, it’s my jam too! I usually try to go once or twice a week, and it makes such a difference in the mind/body situation. So mellow, and so bendy! Love, love, love! ❀ Hope you have a great weekend too, Jenny!

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  2. DUDE, I need those ice cleats, i didnt know those existed! awesome! The headlamp too, so many times I have tripped running at night. Ok the tanks too….I want everything!!!!!


  3. I have that exact headlamp! I’ve used it overnight at a few ultras and for such a little basic thing, it worked just as well as some folks’ fancy dancy models. No real plans down here, just a good weekend for catching up on errands and miles! And blogs!


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