Snowy Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, all! Boston is in a panic today because of the looming blizzard (as a Western New Yorker myself, I just let all that crazy roll off my back). Yesterday I went to the grocery store after my long run and there were no parking spots, shopping carts, bananas OR tofu! Wtf. (My exact thought was “Ughhhhh…my legs are so sore. I do not want to deal with this.” But I sucked it up, and got all the things I needed for the week, and it was all relatively painless. Patience is a virtue). Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up the bus to Friday.

Friday night I had a luxuriously mellow evening. I also discovered Sons of Anarchy – um, hello Jax Teller. (If that reference is lost on you, I’m referring to the very attractive Charlie Hunnam who plays the tough and sensitive bad boy protagonist). Nothing that exciting happened. I was loving it.


photo 3

My Saturday morning breakfast: overnight museli with pomegranate, coconut and almond butter. Amaze balls.

Ah, Saturday. Usually Saturday sits in the place of glory as my favorite day of the week, but this one was not okay. My usual small group class had a make-up class on Saturday morning, before the back-to-back Spin/Body Pump craziness that is my usual Sweaturday jam. I put my cute gym outfit on, I ate my overnight oats I had prepped the night before, I even woke up extra early to brush the snow off the Marshmallow mobile.

photo 2

Saturday morning snow

As I was happily mid-brush (Wow! This snow is pretty!), I slipped on ice that was hidden under the few inches of freshly fallen snow. As I attempted to steady myself from falling on my ass, I stepped back on my right leg and somehow tweaked the spot on the back of my leg where your hamstring meets your glute. &%#@! I’m less than a month away from my half. I limped back upstairs to my apartment (with lots of cursing – don’t worry Mom I won’t share here), stuck a frozen bag of peas under my bum and starting sending out the S.O.S text messages to my trainer and gym buddies who were expecting me. I was so mad. At myself, for not being careful and paying attention to where I was stepping, and just rushing to get to class. I iced it for awhile and recovered my composure, and started to think this out. Stretching. Stretching would be good. I gave myself a little pep talk, “L. This is going to be okay. We’re going to stretch this out, and it’s going to feel better. The end.” I half dragged, half limped to a 90 minute hot Vinyasa class in the snow an hour or so after my internal pep talk.

photo 1

This is what you wear to Hot Yoga when you have to trudge through the snow. So many layers!

Buckets of sweat and lots of Ujjyai breaths later, I was already feeling better. After class, I approached the instructor and told him my predicament. “This hurts, right here,” I said, pointing to my right butt cheek. “Would you mind giving me a few poses to really stretch it? Impatient Annie over here slipped on some ice and pulled it funny this morning rushing to get to the gym.” He smiled and gave me an extra 15 minutes of stretching and showed me how to massage the muscle where it was feeling sore. I felt MUCH better. He also left me with this nugget of wisdom, “Maybe you should take a day off and rest. I think your body is talking to you. You need to listen.” Lesson learned: be patient, aware, and take rest when you need it. I’m not going to lie – this is a really difficult thing for me. Daily exercise, for me, is for mental clarity over all else (i.e. the physical benefits, like how you feel like a rockstar of life, and how smokin’ you look, etc). Running and exercising help me to clear my mind as I start my day, and my spirit feels like it sparkles a little brighter when I accomplish something physical in the morning right out of the gate. It is difficult for me to listen to my sore muscles and take a day off. Then, something like this happens and I am forced to take a day off.

So, I channeled my inner crunchy self, and listened to my body. First thought, “I need bread. Warm, fresh bread.” I bought a loaf of bread from my favorite bakery and ate the whole damn thing (…Over the course of the day, so don’t get your judge-y pants all in a twist – and it was a small bâtard, not a whole round loaf. That makes it okay, right?). Second thought, “I need chocolate. Super dark, 85% cacao, melt in your mouth, vegan chocolate.” So I ate dark chocolate. And rested. All day. I did not attempt a short run, I did not collect $200, I did not pass “Go”.  I did not even go for a walk. I kept that leg elevated all day and sent positive, healing vibes straight to my right butt cheek. And you know what? I felt better.

Sunday Runday – aka the time I *almost* pooped my pants running 12 miles.

photo 4

In my pre-run bliss of not knowing lay ahead of me.

If I said I was too embarrassed to write this, I would be lying. After I walked in the door from my run and this situation was over (and no Lulu running pants were harmed), the first thing I did was call my best friend, and then my sister, and told them this story, as I laughed so hard, tears were streaming down my face. Here’s a little back story. When B and I were training for our sprint triathlon, we read somewhere on a “Tips” list that you should run with a plastic bag with an extra set of clothes in case you had an accident. An accident?! Like when could you not control that?! We found this hilarious and played out what to do with the plastic bag of clothes during your race. Do you carry it in your hand? Do you put it in a backpack? Anyway, that’s when I first heard of that (also it was the first thing B brought up when I told her my story, when she stopped laughing so hard she could speak again), I did not believe it could happen. The instance of long distance runners (how do I put this delicately?) not making it to the port-a-potty in time was confirmed when a friend told me she made her girlfriend a sign for her first marathon (as a joke!) that read, “E, DON’T POOP YOUR PANTS” which is hilarious, and I started to realize, an actual thing (Oh, and FYI: E didn’t poop her pants during the marathon). I never had any experience with this until my 12 miler yesterday. I’ll spare you the details and just say, at Mile 8, things were not cool. Lucky for me, I was running through a town center where there was cafe that I sprinted straight into, and straight into the restroom, to the bewilderment of the Sunday brunch crowd.

photo 5

Sunday was the perfect winter run day! The sun was shining and the trails were mine! Except…you know.

I did not think I was going to make it the remaining 4 miles home, but I did it! To add insult to injury, other bad things happened to compound my digestive issues: my phone started dying (which I then put on airplane mode to conserve battery for the tunes), I mistakenly paused my run at mile 6.25 on the Nike+ app trying to change the song so it stopped recording my pace, and at mile 10 I stopped caring where I was running and my feet were SOAKED from the slush. But I freakin’ did it. I made it. And even though I’m omitting the more colorful details of this story, I know you all are a bunch of imaginative folks that can fill in the gaps. Think: lots of swearing. Anyway – now you know, bad things can happen to anyone (even/especially to the people that make light of these situations which, had there not be a restroom where it was, may have ended up differently). But you just have to laugh at it, because life is too damn short to be embarrassed. Plus, that shiz is funny.


I made it! And no Lulu running pants were harmed.

So…what did YOU guys do this weekend?? Tell me your life story in the comments.

Happy Monday all! Stay safe in the snow today, if you’re getting hit with that Nor’easter! I hope you guys have a great day and don’t poop your pants. 😛 😉

With warmth,

L ❤

31 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend Recap

    • Hi Katie! They are Brooks Ghost 7 sneakers – I love them! Brooks usually work best if your feet are a little on the wide side – however, I wear these with super thick socks and an insert, and they work for me (my feet are pretty narrow, and I usually wear New Balance sneaks for that reason). They feel like you are running on pillows and have pretty good traction (hence, why I wore them in the snow). The sole is very cushioned which feels GREAT and is also why I alternate them with my racing New Balance sneakers that aren’t super cushioned. I’m a neutral pronator, so you think you fit in with all that stuff, give them a shot! Here’s a link:

      Also that ombre color was what totally sold me on them. Loving ittttttt! Good luck shoe shopping!

      PS: It is totally worth it to go to a running store that knows their sh*t, because I had an experienced dude help me pick out both my pairs of running shoes and inserts, and it changed the way I ran (less pain, more speed). Amazing. I went to Fleet Feet Sports near my parents in New York, not sure if there are any where you are, but definitely see who’s an expert in your area. So worth it. Hope that helps!! 😀


  1. Here in CT everyone is going crazy over the snow too. Went to the store at 6 am, found the parking lot half full, and there were NO lettuces, tomatoes, or bread. Luckily I had extra of those at home; but STILL could’ve used more. And, only one Almond Milk left – and yes, I did take it! People are insane. This was my usual shopping, nothing crazy for the incoming blizzard. Only spent $58.00, so I guess I did good. Making a Spinach Garlic soup today. If we lose power I can warm it on the wood stove. Good luck! 🙂


    • I went into a Stop N’ Shop that has a Dunkin’ Donuts attached to it this morning at 7:20 am, and it was INSANE. When I walked in, I was like “Is this real life?!” because there were 10 people in front of me to get coffee when there are usually 0 and no other cars in the parking lot. I even photobombed some guy who was taking a picture of the last sad-looking shopping cart that was left. Crazy, crazy. I’ll be sure to sled on over to your place tonight for dinns – that Spinach Garlic soup sounds AMAZING! Good luck with all the snow, and more importantly – the psychos that are out there buying out all the produce at the grocery store. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. haha oh man, I’m still giggling at this. It could definitely happen to anyone! And I think the (well placed mile 8) café def has a spot in #gratituesday 😉


  3. Digestive issues while running are the worst. I literally had to call my boyfriend to have him come get me during a run once.
    Those pictures are making me nostalgic. I used to run on that path all the time when I lived in Somerville!


  4. Oh no! I hope your hammy/glute pull isn’t a bad one and that it feels better ASAP! Hidden ice is tricky, and why I totally wuss out during the winter and don’t run outside. Your Sunday predicament nearly happened to me too… during one of my first workouts with my run club. In the center of town. I learned my lesson: never eat yogurt right before going out for a run!


    • Thanks dude! I’m definitely feeling better today, just sore from my run! I appreciate that! The ice is not your friend – I’ve wiped out more times than I can count (but have luckily walked away unharmed). And LOL! At least we all ended up okay 😀 Hope you have a great day today!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love reading about your running adventures and that you love to do hot yoga too! It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do (when I can afford it) and actually is one of the only reasons I’ll willingly get up at 5:30am to go to class.
    With all that being said, your blog is one of my must-reads now, so I would like to nominate your blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. You can find out what this all means by following this link:


    • Thank you, C!! You are such a sweetheart! I so appreciate that, and I’m so glad you enjoy it! 😀
      PS: Hot yoga is le best. I always do feel like a rung-out washcloth/Gumby afterwards, and it is FANTASTIC 😉 Have you tried looking on Groupon or Living Social for deals? I have a friend who is basically getting a month of unlimited yoga for $50 because she found two deals for two weeks of unlimited for $25 from two different studios in the area. Check it out! You can scoop up some good ones sometimes! 🙂 I hope you have a great Monday, chica! 😀


  6. HA! I will def watch for the bodily functions when I get to the 7+ mile runs! I was down and out with a sore throat and killer cold this weekend so I haven’t had cardio in nearly a week and its killing me! Going today, and OMG I CANT WAIT!


  7. I figure you haven’t really LIVED until you’ve felt the panicked adrenaline rush of realizing that you’re gonna GO, and it may very well end up being a far more public experience than is socially acceptable! Not that I’m speaking from (multiple) experience… 😉 Hope the weather doesn’t keep you down for long; and I’ll remember not to complain too much about my SC “cold”!


    • LOL! Touche, Hilary! And thanks – I’ll survive, I’m used to the snow as I grew up in the land of lake effect, Western New York (some of these New Englanders I am worried about though 😉 ). Stay warm and cozy down there in SC! 😀


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  9. I almost didn’t make it once on a long run 🙂 I was considering the woods but kept going and just made it to the library in time. Love the daily exercise description too. It’s tough to take time off but sometimes it’s the thing to do.


    • Hahaha! It really is a prob, isn’t it? I’m glad you made it! 😛 I def am the driver of the struggle bus when it comes to rest days. I’m glad to know there is someone out there who can relate. Thanks for swinging by, Dave! Hope you’re having a great day.


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