L’s Get Your Booty Movin’ WOD

Good morning all! I just had a kick ass early morning workout with my gym buddy R and her roomie S and we #killedit. Dude, it is COLD outside, and what better way to warm up than hit the gym and get your sweat on? Today’s focus was on arms and abs (I love working my core!) and is so simple that you can do it right at home – no crazy weird equipment required. πŸ˜€

photo 1

R, S and I killing it at Round 1. Thanks M for the photo!!

Last week, R and I decided to work on two areas we want to improve at the beginning of our Tuesday workout each week. We both want to improve the height of our box jumps, and the amount of weight we can push on the sled. So, after warming up, we used the soft boxes and gradually stacked them up (don’t worry Mom, they have Velcro to enable stacking safely) and practiced our jumps. I was able to jump on one I previously missed last week, with the help of jumping from a two-inch “booster” box. Sometimes it’s baby steps, but you have to believe you will get there. I am coming for you, double stack! I even have the bruises on my shins from my attempts this morning. Giving up does not belong in our vocabulary, amiright?!

I highly encourage you guys to pick one thing you’d like to improve on (whatever that may be – more push-ups, faster sprint times, increasing your squat weight, running one mile without stopping or holding a plank for 30 seconds – whatever! It can be as big or as small as you’d like, because it’s your goal, not anyone else’s). Try it at the beginning on your workout – even if it’s just one day a week, like R and I are doing, and see if you can just chip away at it each week and see where you end up. I bet you’ll end up a lot farther along that you think. Sometimes it takes having laser focus on just one thing to help motivate us out of bed in the morning, or to put those sneakers on after work. Who knows how long it’s going to take me to be able to get up on that double stack of boxes but I WILL do it. You’ve got to believe in yourself, and all that you’re capable of. You got this!!

photo 3

Here we are still killing at Round 1: L on the tricep dips, S on the overhead press squats and R slayingggg the lay down push-ups. We rock.

L’s Get Your Booty Movin’ WOD (PS: WOD = Workout Of the Day)

Warm up: Jog for 5 minutes

Repeat each round three times for (1) One minute; (2) 45 seconds; (3) 30 seconds, with a quick cardio segment in between

Round One: Arm Blaster

  • Tricep dips
  • Medicine ball squat & press
  • Lay down push-ups

In-between each round cardio: (1) Sprints; (2) Stairs; (3) Sprints

Rest, drink some water/listen to the 6:10am Second Date Update on 96.9 FM and catch your breath before going to the next round.

Round Two: Abs Smasher

  • Ab bikes
  • Russian twists with medicine ball
  • V-Ups

In between each round cardio: Mountain Climbers (all three rounds)

One Final Blast Before Cool Down: Sprints and lunges for as long as you want. We sprinted half court on our gym’s basketball court and did lunges to half court and back, just for a little extra focus on the stems.

Cool Down: Walk until your heart rate slows. Stretch and drink water!! πŸ˜€

So just to clarify: you do each round three times. The first time, you do each of the activities in the round for one minute, then you do your cardio, then you repeat the activities in the round for 45 seconds, then cardio, then 30 seconds for each, etc. Once you’re done with Round One, move on to Round Two! πŸ™‚

photo 2

This pic is obv blurry because we were moving so fast.

I feel like my butt was sufficiently kicked this morning and am ready to zoom through my day!! I can’t wait to eat a heaping serving of the Green Goddess Bowl I made this weekend for lunch! I hope that you guys have found some inspiration for getting out there and out of your workout comfort zone today. And, seriously think about that one personal goal – my shins are a little sore from smashing into the upper edge of that box, but they have steeled my determination to keep chipping away at it (those bruises are going to look HOT in my bikini in Florida!). It’s nice to have just one goal to really focus on. We’re totally going to kill it (eventually).

Sending you lots of booyah today! Happy Tuesday All!

With warmth,

L πŸ˜€

photo 4

This gigantic LL Bean parka is normally reserved for the Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo, NY to watch the Bills. However, it was 12 F when I woke up to go to the gym at 5 am and so I deemed it completely necessary. Sending you lots of warmth from the frigid Northeast today!! πŸ˜€

PS: Also to note – I’m a scientist, not a certified trainer. I come up with these workouts for fun and to suit my own needs. I love hearing what other people are doing, and gathering inspiration from their routines. It’s great to mix it up and get some new ideas for my own workouts. I love sharing my fitness journey with you guys for your own inspiration – but please before any crazy attempts are made, if you’re new at this whole working out thing, make sure you’re getting the appropriate training from a certified trainer/doctor’s ok if necessary so you don’t hurt yourself, mk?? I care about you guys and don’t want you to get hurt! We all are new at some point, and when I first started out on my fitness journey, my form was GOD AWFUL until my trainer taught me the appropriate form (and continues to fix, realign and helps me to improve today). So, make sure you have someone (who knows what the F they are doing) show you the ropes.

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    • Omg I know, it is freezing outside! Brrrr! I love running outside too, in just about any temperature (I grew up in WNY and like to think I’m immune to blizzard/frigid conditions) but 17F is pretty cold. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you felt inspired! We had a blast doing this circuit this morning. Enjoy!! πŸ˜€

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