Friday Faaaaves!

photo-1It’s Friday! It’s Friday! And even better, it’s the last Friday before Christmas. Thus, this edition of Friday Faves will combine my fave ever gifts to give (and get).

1. A really nice bottle of booze.


Aka, the namesake of this blog. But obvs pick one YOU like – bourbon, gin, scotch, champs, Merlot – you name it. It’s never a bad idea. 😉

2. A super sexy cozy flannel.


Make sure you find a hunky Lumbersexual man to give it to. Or just keep it for yourself. Because the 90’s are NEVER over.

3. A race!


Race registration fees add up over time (tell me about it, especially when you **need** a new cute running outfit for each one), and it’s the perf gift to give to those you love. You can train together and celebrate afterwards as well (maybs you can even crack open that bubbly you got in celebration)! 😀

4.  A gift certificate to the spa.

spaBecause, let’s face it, we are all busy and prob have something better to spend $100 on than getting wrapped up like a burrito after a rub down. But it’s amazing, stress-relieving and just gosh-dang INDULGENT. And that, my friends, is a perfect gift (unless you’re insanely ticklish like I am, it’s pretty amazing to get a full body rub down, or pedi, or facial – whatever you’re into).

5. A super delicious meal.


Cook for your people. Crack open a bottle of wine. Put your phones away and sit around the table and LAUGH. Savor the meal slowly over candlelight. Enjoy life.  It’s the little things. We (it’s a royal “we” –  I’m including all of you in this but it’s a very serious L prob) don’t make time for these things. Life is busy, we are busy, but it makes you (/me) enjoy life so much more when you take your time to appreciate those little things with the people you really, really care about. That’s what it’s all about.

Here are just a few delicious ideas to get your creative cooking juices flowin’…

Yummm…I just got SO hungry looking through the recipes I’ve posted!! Is it lunch time yet? 😛

I hope you guys are all feeling inspired, warm, fuzzy and holiday-ish on the inside now. I certainly am! I am ready for the weekend. It’s a long run weekend, and I’m ready to bundle up and get my lil rear out there running along the trails. LOVING. IT.


With love,


xo ❤

PS: Did I say Happy Friday yet?! HAPPY FRIDAY, MY B&B LOVES! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀


Doesn’t Boston look so pretty dressed up for the holidays? I’m just not over it yet. 😉

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