L on the go – part deux!

Whew! Man it’s hard to get my blog on when I’m running around like a crazy person and adjusting to a different time zone. Anywho, I succeeded in exercising this morning (my first full day here!) and ran a semi-slow/semi-pathetic 4 miles at 5:30 am this morning in downtown Albuquerque. In the dark at least, New Mexico seems pretty awesome. πŸ˜€

In actual blog news, I’d like to share part two of my packing list: the carry on! I packed this baby to the gills yesterday morning before heading here, and I’m proud to report that I successfully fit everything in there AND (bonus!) my bag still fit all the way under my seat – woohoo!

I got this awesome printed Lulu backpack on sale in CT with my sister. She always finds the best Lu on sale and it must have rubbed off on me that day bc this bag is SICK. It literally has a billion pockets and fits all your sh*t.


Here’s what I packed.
Laptop (to keep in contact with all you lovelies, although I’m blogging this from my phone during a talk – shh don’t tell) πŸ˜‰
Wireless mouse (I love this thing)
Book (second one in my ancient Egypt series by Wilbur smith – it’s AMAZINGGG!)
Wallet (no brainer)
Phone charger (just in case you have a moment to juice up in the airport)
2 magazines (Glamour from Dec and Jan bc I’ve been wicked busy and haven’t even opened the December issue)
Wet wipes (no germs for me! I wipe down all surfaces I touch on the plane – along with those of my colleagues, I don’t want those germs either. So I’m talking armrests, tray table front and back, etc. Yes, I’m certifiably nuts).
Hand sanitizer ( see reasons listed above)
Advil (altitude sickness is not gonna win)
Hair elastics (always need those)
Snacks!! (Nuts and a builders bar in addition to the lunch I packed and also stowed in here)
Liquids (hair products, perfume and eye make up remover – My essentials.)
Vinyasa scarf
S’well reusable water bottle

And that’s it. Fight the urge people, to not fall victim to over packing.

I hope this helps in your holiday travels, I’m sending you love from the beautiful southwest today!!



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