L on the go!

Here we go again, another work travel adventure. This time I’m heading to New Mexico (super stoked, I’ve never been!). I’m currently writing to all of you beauts from the Logan Airport amongst all the business commuters. I thought I’d share another packing list, since we are getting close to prime time holiday travel, it may help your packing needs!! Here we go.

What’s being packed:
Three casual shirts (one is a run shirt but cute enough to be worn in real life, thanks Lululemon!)
One pair of skinny jeans
Workout clothes (two tanks, one long sleeve, one pant and one crop, two sports bras, a headband, ear warmer and running gloves for both in the gym and outside workouts)
Business attire (a pencil skirt, two blouses, a dress, a nice pair of slacks, a cardigan)
Fun outfit (sweater dress)
Travel home outfit (slouchy sweater, leggings, tank)
Shoes (sneakers, TOMS flats, high heels)
Two pairs of tights (& plenty of undergarment unmentionables)
Food!! (4 packs of vegan oatmeal, 4 kind bars, 4 chia bars, 4 CLIF builders bars – who knows what kind of food will be available?)

All of that fits right into my small, roller bag that is a carry on (along with a few toiletries) with room to spare. I always do my best to choose things that can be mixed and matched. I do my best to fight the urge to overpack (an affliction I frequently suffer from). I always bring mix and match workout gear so I have the option to go for runs outside and do some weight training in the gym – I don’t like to be limited. It’s high elevation (for little sea level, asthmatic moi) so I don’t have high expectations for long runs but is like to challenge myself to at least two runs, even if they are short. πŸ˜‰

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I usually find my veg options pretty lackluster on travel. I’ve packed my own lunch to eat on the plane (two apples, best baked tofu, and the last serving of the butternut and kale I made last week). I always bring a bunch of things I can eat: kind and chia bars for quick snacks, oatmeal for breakfast/if I’m starving and can make using the coffee machine in my room, and builders bars just in case I’m way below the amount if protein I need for the day. It always makes me feel better to a) have snacks and b) know I won’t starve! πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for my carry-on travel essentials in the next post. πŸ˜€

Hope you all had a great weekend! I’ll be posting my weekend recap sometime this week. It was a good time (to say the least!).



15 thoughts on “L on the go!

    • Hahaha! I do the same. All the travel for work that I’ve done over the last few years have helped to break that habit – it is not fun hauling all your jazz across multiple airports/time zones. I hope this packing list has helped to organize your own for your next trip! πŸ˜€

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  1. Great advice. I am an over packer as well, but am trying to learn. Your advice on snacks to take are great. I’m starting to do that as well. I went on a work trip to Texas this fall, where we ate every single meal out. I eat out normally once a week or less. I was so sick at the end that I couldn’t eat for two days and lost several pounds. It was terrible!


    • I really don’t like eating all my meals out either. I am totally over it by the end of the week, too! I usually pack “dry” snacks (like oatmeal, bars, squeeze packs of nut butter, even bread!) in my suitcase in ziploc baggies, so I don’t have to spend $20 buying them in the airport. I usually even pack nuts/trail mix/dried fruit in small snack bags, as well, in addition to the lunch/breakfast I pack to eat on the plane! That way, once you get there, you can go to a grocery store and grab a small thing of milk (for me it’s non-dairy, since I’m lactose intolerant and have vegan tendencies) and fresh fruit (which tends not to travel well). It makes a huge difference when you eat fresh, whole foods as opposed to all the rich food you get when you eat out. πŸ™‚ I am sorry to hear you got so sick at the end! Hopefully a few of these insider tips help you out for your next trip. It was definitely a live and learn experience for me, too. I feel your pain. πŸ™‚


  2. I tend to over pack if I plan too far ahead and fall victim to the ‘what if’ scenario…5 identical black T shirts?? I always repack the night before and remind myself that I can always buy what’s needed if I fall short! Have a great trip, love to hear what food discoveries you make.


    • Oh MAN I TOTALLY DO THE SAME! Hahaha. I usually have to pack and edit as well. It’s rough. But it’s so much better when you’re not lugging around a 76 lbs suitcase (this legit happened to me – I had my yoga mat and entire life in that suitcase – it was also the same suitcase that my sis and bro-in-law brought overseas for a two week excursion and fit both of their stuff in it, hahaha!! Whoooops!). It’s hard to remember that you can mix and match and get more creative when you have less options, and then you feel like a jet set runway model when it works out. πŸ˜‰ And thank you! I feel like a maj loser photographing all of my food like the ultimate hipster, but I can’t wait to show you guys what I ate! YUMS! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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  3. I’m an overpacker too. I always fear that I won’t have the perfect outfit for the weather. I’ve learned to start a few days in advance and then “edit” myself as the departure date gets closer. I also try to watch the weather to better gauge what I need to pack. Happy and safe travels!

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    • I came up with a system for my mom (she suffers from the same probs) when she was packing for Florida in the winter (we live in the Northeast) where I had her write down each day’s weather on a post it and then lay all her outfits out, and write down on each date what she was planning on wearing. It seems like a lot of work, but that way you really only pack what you need and save a lot of time later on picking out your outfit! It really does help. I do the same editing as well, but sometimes I just call my sister and list what I’ve packed and she edits for me “You do not need four pairs of skinny jeans for five days!” or “You do NOT need seven pairs of shoes for three days!” It helps to have a sister that brings you back to reality (i.e. no one is carrying that bag for you, you will be lugging it later and shoulder pressing it into the overhead compartment yourself).


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