Churros + Cocktails = Girls Night Out Success

With all of the running around, meal prep-ing and working out, all while having a career (and family), it’s important to take a step back and take a day (or night) off. I am notoriously bad at this, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone (I’m looking at you). One of the greatest perks of working out consistently (especially, I find, at the crack of dawn) is that your boot camp/spin/circuit training classmates (and trainers, and locker room regulars!) become your workout family. You get to know them, when you see them day in and day out: who’s planning their wedding, who is training for a marathon, who just welcomed a granddaughter, etc. It’s nice to have friendly faces to look forward to seeing in the morning, day after day (dude, it’s hard to get up at 5 am everyday, so anything exciting to get you out of bed helps). If you’re really lucky, they become your friends in “real life.”

I count myself especially lucky because two of my gym buddies and I planned a pretty stellar Girl’s Night Out last night. For me, it’s a little therapeutic to disrupt my military-precision execution of cooking dinner/meal prep for tomorrow/gym bag packing/bedtime routine. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, man.

We chose Painted Burro (in Somerville, MA) as our destination for the evening: everyone was pumped for margs and tacos, olé! Drinks were in order, I chose one my faves: a mojito (surprise, surprise), R chose a Spiced Pear Collins (Citadelle Gin, pear puree, rosemary & clove simple, lemon, prosecco) and A chose a Passionfruit Mojito (Privateer rum, passionfruit, lime, fresh mint). Needless to say, they were delicious.

photo 1They were perfectly complimented by fresh salsa and guacamole.

photo 2

The pics don’t do it justice, but that guac was BOMB! Compliments to R, and her future in hand modeling: “Wouldn’t it be great to have a job where you didn’t have to wear makeup?” Yes, R, it would. #KillingIt

Next up, tacos! I was the only veg in the group, and I ordered a grilled squash taco (fire roasted tomato salsa, basil purée, cotija) and “cholo” corn cob (basically street corn with garlic mojo mayo, cotija cheese, cayenne). R and A got meat tacos. R had Chorizo de la Casa (sunny side egg & papas, chipotle mayo) and Crispy Salmon Special (savoy cabbage & jalapeno slaw, lime-cilantro mayo). A had Pork Carnitas (crispy pork, spiced pumpkin mole, honey crisp apple salsa, mexican crema, cotija) and Short Rib Ropa Vieja “Double Stack” (crunchy & soft tortillas, tres quesos, roasted poblano, tomato, red onion). They were all fantastic. 😉

photo 3

L’s Squash Taco and “Cholo” Corn Cob

photo 4

A’s tacos: Pork Carnitas & Short Rib Ropa Vieja “Double Stack”

photo 5

R’s tacos: Crispy Salmon Special & Chorizo de la Casa.

Then came the best part. CHURROS! I looooooooooove me some churros (If you’re wondering , “WTF is a churro, L?”, they are Spanish doughnuts, a fried dough pastry, and they are fantástico). The love affair started at age 12 when my entire family (parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandfather…14 of us all together – that’s a lot of very loud Italian-Americans, we didn’t stick out at all) went to Seville, Spain for Christmas to visit my cousin who was studying abroad there. It was a blast, and it sparked my love of tapas, paella and, obv, churros. In Sevilla, you can buy churros just about anywhere (there are street vendors all over the place) and you get them with con chocolate – a thick, dark and not overly sweet hot chocolate dipping sauce. You dip your churro in there and then (yessss!) drink the rest of it like hot chocolate (um, my mouth is watering while I type this – I have issues). They are damn good. However, I have not yet found a good replicate of that chocolate sauce – until last night. The Painted Burro makes theirs with Taza chocolate (the best chocolate you’ll ever have – it’s local stone ground, organic chocolate. Literally my fave sh*t ever) and it was SMASHING. Oh. Ma. Lord.

photo 1 (2)

Churros con chocolate. Si, por favor!

Combine all of that delicious food with laughter, great stories and sparkling cocktails and you have yourself one winner of an evening. It’s almost like hitting the reset button on your mood, and it’s only Wednesday! Ah, now I’m ready for the rest of my week. 😀

And, the best part is, we all took a day off from our morning workout. I was a little sore from my runs/circuit training earlier this week, but more importantly, mentally needed a break (my last one was some time two weeks ago – yeahhh…) and now I’m ready to take on Hump Day by storm (woop, woop!). I think the hardest part of taking a day off is relieving yourself from the self-imposed guilt (“ugh, I should just get up and go to spin, blah”) but really – everyone needs a day off, be it physically, mentally or both. Balance, people. It’s the hardest part of an active lifestyle (for me at least). We all should allow ourselves to have a break when we work hard everyday and deserve it. So let’s all do that, shall we?

photo 2 (2)

My sad, lonely abandoned gym bag. I’ll be back tomorrow, pookie! I promise.

I hope you guys allow yourself a refreshing, delightful night/day off when you need it. I feel ready to take the world by storm today!

No regrets, ❤ ❤ ❤


15 thoughts on “Churros + Cocktails = Girls Night Out Success

  1. Awesome! I’ve always wondered how the Painted Burro is, but haven’t actually gone yet. It looks pretty good! Especially those churros and cocktails… right up my alley! 😉


  2. so glad you had a night/morning off, you deserve it! i bet your workout today will be extra amazing with all the extra energy 🙂

    also reading your post i had an awesome flash back to your dad showing me all those old pics from your family vacations, and i think the spain trip was one of them!!!! epic facial expressions 😉


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