It’s Friday! It’s Fall! Have an Apple Mojito.

It’s Friday! Hooray!! Time for a cocktail! You worked hard this week, you deserve it. Yes, I’m talking to YOU. Yesterday I went out to grab lunch with some colleagues at a brewery. I’m not a huge beer drinker (yeah, yeah…I know – beer is great, blah blah) and so while everyone else got a beer, I had an apple mojito. Mojito + apple…making my fave summer drink into a fall cocktail? YES PLEASE. I freakin’ LOVE mojitos! If it’s over 70 degrees outside, I get my Havana on and get a Mojito (I am from WNY, so above 70 constitutes tropical). The one I had yesterday was pretty good, but I took the basic idea and ran with it last night. I amped the apple flavor up using local apple cider, muddled some apple along with the lime and mint and a splash of cran for color – yum!! The best part is, if you had a rough day/week/month, there is nothing like muddling the sh*t out of some fruit to make you feel better. Plus then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor (haha, pun intended, I’m such a dork) afterwards with a refreshing, frosty bev. You know you want to give it a whirl… πŸ˜›


Apple Mojito


  • 1 shot white rum (or two – depending on what your day was like πŸ˜‰ )
  • 1 cup of ice cubes
  • 1 splash simple syrup*
  • 1/4 cup of apple cider (if you want even more apple flav, try a 1/3 cup cider)
  • 1 splash of cranberry juice (if you feel like it)
  • Soda water
  • Muddled apple (1-2 slices), mint (~10 leaves) and lime (1/4 lime)


In a tall glass (like a stolen pint glass from your fave bar), crush the mint leaves, apple and lime with a muddler* (Don’t be shy – really get in there and mash it up!). Add the ice, simple syrup, apple cider, rum and cranberry juice. Top off with soda water. Give all that a quick stir with a girthy straw, garnish with red and green apples slices and serve.

*Simple syrup: It really is simple, I promise. Equal parts sugar and water, heated until the sugar dissolves and cooled.

*In college, we didn’t have a muddler. So I used a thick, rounded handle of a cooking utensil (plastic or wood, NOT metal – it’s really not necessary to have an Urgent Care visit today, is it?).

If you really want to impress your friends/family/hot date/whomever, make a pitcher of this for your next Fall party/function/book club meeting. It’s fun to drink, not too many ingredients and it tastes DAMN GOOD. A pitcher usually contains 64 ounces, so just multiply the ingredients in the recipe above by a factor of 4, and make sure you have extra mint/fruit on hand to muddle because I assure you that everyone will want one.
Happy, happy Friday!! I hope you all have fabulous weekends!
Cheers! (*clink*) πŸ˜€

21 thoughts on “It’s Friday! It’s Fall! Have an Apple Mojito.

  1. Yum! Funny you should mention a stolen pint glass…there was a new restaurant here that put out on there facebook that if you returned one of their hand etched glasses, you would get a free drink just because they were losing SO many.

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