L On-the-Go! Packing Essentials, Part One.

photo 1

What’s in my (Lululemon) bag: laptop, sunnies, scarf, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, Advil, inhaler, gum, headphones, snacks, wallet, gum, chapstick, business cards, book, iPad mini and liquids

I hate packing. I really do. There’s no rational reason behind it because in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not a big deal. I’m heading to Colorado for work/fun and here I’ll share my packing essentials. Due to all the luggage fees, I tend to stuff all the things I need into two carry-on bags. My “purse” or “under the seat” item contains all my immediate essentials for the plane ride. Here’s what I bring!

My “Under the Seat” Carry-on Contains:

  • Laptop/wireless mouse
  • Headphones
  • Sunnies (for the “please don’t talk to me” nap time)
  • Advil (in case of too many bubbles)
  • Wet ones sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer – thanks to my sister, I now carry these in my bag everywhere! I immediately wipe down the surfaces that I touch on the plane (tray table, arm rests, etc) so I will not get sick! Thanks J for turning me into a germ-a-phobe, too.
  • Vinyasa scarf (the best purchase from Lulu ever! I use it as a scarf, obv, but you can unsnap it and use it as a blanket, towel, shawl, etc – the options are endless and it’s come in handy many times over)
  • Gum (for a mouth refresh)
  • Snacks (a must! As a veg, I am always afraid of my protein options so I bring lots of granola/energy bars that are high in the prots: Builder’s bar, bare naked granola bar, Kind bar)
  • Book (this one is about cadaver research so it’s sure to be a deterrent to any chatty seat mates)
  • iPad mini (for the boredom)
  • Liquids, wallet, business cards (self-explanatory)
  • Water bottle! (Not pictured, but I literally bring a refillable water bottle EVERYWHERE)

This airport wifi is a little wonky, so stay tuned for part deux: the roller bag carry-on. πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “L On-the-Go! Packing Essentials, Part One.

  1. You’ll have to tell me how that book is..I am having the HARDEST time getting through my current books…I hate not finishing any… but maybe the prospect of a really good one will help me push trough them!

    ps-have a safe flight!


  2. Your cadaver book may thwart some but in light of recent national heath care related events a face mask does the trick 100% of the time. You may inadvertently be carted of by the CDC for questioning but then you’d have more cool things to write about here on your blog. πŸ˜€


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